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  1. Is sometimes termed 'a BIOS image '. A BIOS might be ref lashed in order to, upgrade ,to a newer version to fix bugs or provide improved performance or to support
  2. except the Apple PIGS which featured an external keyboard. An, upgrade ,kit was sold later to house the motherboard of an Apple PIGS in an Apple Die
  3. Which made Bulgaria the only country in the European Union to receive positive, upgrade ,that year. In January 2010 Moody's followed with an upgrade of its rating
  4. Sector was wasteful in its use of energy, materials,and labor and was slow to, upgrade ,technology, but the country was a major supplier of high-quality machinery
  5. Though it is common for a user to install a separate sound card as an, upgrade , Most sound cards, either built-in or added, have surrounded sound capabilities.
  6. 1959 he asked Tauranga to come to the UK and work with him, initially producing, upgrade ,kits for Sunbeam Rapier and Triumph Herald road cars at his car dealership
  7. In Serbia during air operations in 1999. Versions of the HARM The newest, upgrade ,is a joint venture by the Italian Ministry of Defense and the US Department of
  8. Is not officially supported and has compatibility problems). Later 3rd-party, upgrade , kits allow a maximum of 14 MB http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url? Doit
  9. With a 12-hour battery life. The same year, Apple introduced System 7,a major, upgrade ,to the operating system, which added color to the interface and introduced new
  10. Receive positive upgrade that year. In January 2010 Moody's followed with an, upgrade ,of its rating perspective from" stable" to" positive. " Bulgaria was
  11. Equipment to Armenia over the years, the numbers have never been sufficient to, upgrade ,all ground force formations and many of the lower readiness units still have
  12. Which were similar to the Alaska but with guns. News of the Alaska sled them to, upgrade ,the design, creating the B65. Armed with guns, the B65's would have been the
  13. Funding for the purchase of any additional B-2 bombers. Upgrades A number of, upgrade ,packages were applied to the B-2 during the 21st century. In 2004,Northrop
  14. Program called F-5BR program, the aircraft official designation is F-5M. The, upgrade ,is being carried out by Embrace and EBIT; it includes a new avionics suite, a
  15. On the disk controller that allowed it to store 16 sectors per track. (This, upgrade ,was user-installable on older controllers. ) After the release of DOS 3.3,the
  16. Through the use of a four-colour ribbon mounted on a mechanism (provided in an, upgrade ,kit that replaces the standard black ribbon mechanism after installation) that
  17. Units as their factions' priorities shift. Energy reserves allow the player to, upgrade ,units, maintain facilities, and attempt to win by the Global Energy Market
  18. Manufacturers of the time launched proprietary IC development programs to, upgrade ,their older computer architectures, and eventually produced instruction set
  19. Around 2 % of software. The Blogger Turbo Board was a professionally fitted, upgrade ,whereas the Elector modification was described in an article in Dutch
  20. Corridor. In February 2010,the current state government announced plans to, upgrade ,the Southern Expressway to a dual direction expressway if it was re-elected at
  21. Expansion slot. The Amiga 500 has a" trapdoor" slot on the underside for an, upgrade ,of 512 KB of RAM. The extra RAM is classified as" fast" RAM, but is sometimes
  22. User may allow or motivate the developer to continue to develop, maintain and, upgrade ,the software product. Conversely, the advertisements may be seen by the user as
  23. This Microsoft-authored dialect of BASIC, which was previously available as an, upgrade , supported floating-point arithmetic, and became the standard BASIC dialect on
  24. Video conferencing, or buddy info. It is implemented in Adobe Flash. It is an, upgrade ,to the prior AOL Quick Buddy, which was later available for older systems that
  25. As various Bus. By the end of the 1990s,with the advent of the" Block D ", upgrade , the B-1 boasted a full array of guided and unguided munitions. The B-1B no
  26. Special-case algorithms not generally available to interpreters (e.g., upgrade ,of permutation vector),to achieve a level of performance comparable to that
  27. Repair hangar will be shut. The city's aviation department offered to, upgrade ,repair facilities on condition that the airline maintain at least 700 jobs. On
  28. Caribbean. In the first decade of 21st century it underwent a US$100 million, upgrade ,and expansion. There is also a helicopter shuttle service, which offers air
  29. Ylang-ylang, and a large producer of vanilla. The government is struggling to, upgrade ,education and technical training, to privatize commercial and industrial
  30. Like the F-5,the A-1 is under a FLU (Mid-Life Upgrade) program as well, this, upgrade , giving a high commonality between the avionics of the A-1M (FLU aircraft
  31. And tax. In times of profit, airlines lease new generations of airplanes and, upgrade ,services in response to higher demand. Since 1980,the industry has not earned
  32. The city. The plan involved the construction of freeways, expressways and the, upgrade ,of certain aspects of the public transport system. The then premier Steele Hall
  33. Objective lens; the planetary" discovery" was an artifact of maintenance and, upgrade ,work. The affair has been discussed as part of a broader scientific review. Van
  34. Compatible with the older version, although it may provide an irreversible, upgrade ,capability for the old files. This situation has often been used strategically
  35. Since the National Audit Office, in its November 2006 report on the renewal and, upgrade ,of the West Coast main line, said that the capacity of the trains and the
  36. Pressurize the tanks more rapidly. Beech craft, the tank subcontractor, did not, upgrade ,the thermostat to handle the higher voltage. The temperature sensor could not
  37. To address up to 256 KB of memory. Third-party vendors also produced memory, upgrade ,kits that allowed the Apple III to reach up to 512 KB. Other Apple III built-in
  38. In 2007,Air Force Special Operations Command (ASSOC) initiated a program to, upgrade ,the armament of AC-130s. The test program planned for the 25 mm GAU-12/U and 40
  39. That she was worn out, and in addition, the Turks did not have the means to, upgrade ,the Sultan Yalu Selim (ex Green of the Imperial German Navy). HMS Renown
  40. A paying customer or on a premium cabin frequent flyer award ticket (not as an, upgrade ,). The only exception to this rule is for Cineworld Emerald elite FF members (
  41. All the way into London St Pancreas in 2007. Post privatization, a plan to, upgrade ,the West Coast Main Line to speeds of up to 140 mph with infrastructure
  42. Club World, British Airways' long-haul business class cabin. As part of this, upgrade ,program, British Airways has introduced a private concierge service provided by
  43. Navigation, radar altimeter, and an inertial navigation suite. The B-1B Block D, upgrade ,added a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver beginning in 1995. The B-1
  44. And sites through a" Universal Address Book" powered by Plato. Further,the, upgrade ,unified away messages and general user updates into RSS feeds and added the
  45. Updated by the user; hardware manufacturers frequently issue BIOS updates to, upgrade ,their products, improve compatibility and remove bugs. However, this advantage
  46. Graphical, audio and multitasking abilities. The Amiga provided a significant, upgrade ,from 8-bit computers, such as the Commodore 64,and the platform quickly grew
  47. AFL) club the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Plans are currently in progression to, upgrade ,Northern Oval (currently known as Eureka Stadium) for hosting regular AFL pre
  48. Threats from tactical anti-naval aircraft and cruise missiles, and its final, upgrade ,included a re-programmable memory capability to keep pace with emerging ECM. In
  49. The Aster it was simply a matter of changing the video card, and/or CPU card to, upgrade ,the system). * A very High resolution monochrome video card with bitter and
  50. Though only Germany and France completed them. Ultimately the Italians chose to, upgrade ,their old battleships rather than build new battlecruisers, whereas the

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