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  1. Was not in any real sense a socialist but," a Tory paternalist with the, unusual ,desire to theories his acceptance of the traditional obligation to help the
  2. In agricultural failures. The archaeological record indicates that it was not, unusual ,for ancient Pueblo peoples to adapt to climatic change by changing residences
  3. Related to hyenas, but unlike its relatives, it does not hunt large prey. This, unusual ,animal is a mass killer of insects. It feeds mainly on termites and can eat
  4. Silent reading did occur in antiquity and that it was not generally regarded as, unusual , Further reading * Hexahedron, De Paradise, De Cain, De Noe, De Abraham, De
  5. Though very original and remarkable with fantastically shaped roofs with, unusual ,pinnacles, fit in well with the use of the park as pleasure gardens and seem
  6. Question the motives of some of Rand's critics because of what he calls the, unusual ,hostility of their criticisms. Ciabatta writes," The left was infuriated by
  7. John of Plano Carping reported of his stay among the Mongols. His report was, unusual ,in its detailed depiction of a non-European culture Marco Polo's systematic
  8. Cities of the Mediterranean in the centuries to follow. Some of the most, unusual ,effects of Hellenization can be seen in India, in the region of the relatively
  9. And Bell's main sources of income were from lectures until after 1897. One, unusual ,request exacted by his fiancée was that he use" Alec" rather than the family
  10. Anthropologists are drawn to the study of human extremes, aberrations and other, unusual ,circumstances, such as headhunting, whirling dervishes, whether there were real
  11. At very low temperatures in the vicinity of absolute zero, matter exhibits many, unusual ,properties, including superconductivity, superfluidity, and Bose–Einstein
  12. Emphatic consonant was actually pronounced, or possibly — either way, a highly, unusual ,sound. The medieval Arabs actually termed their language" the language of the
  13. The rival forces met at Sievershausen on 9 July 1553,and after a combat of, unusual ,ferocity Albert was put to flight. Henry, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, then
  14. The design had been completed to allow multiple users. As an aside,an, unusual ,aspect of The APL Machine was that the library of workspaces was organized such
  15. Which make up more than half the height of the individual bones. Also, unusual ,among diploids is the shape of the tail, which is comparatively thin in
  16. Begins when a British fleet engages the French Revolutionary Navy fleet in an, unusual ,night action. *1800 – The Act of Union 1800 is passed in which merges the
  17. Anime are commonly referred to as" anime-influenced animation" but it is not, unusual ,for a viewer who does not know the country of origin of such material to refer
  18. Dwarf planet. Quasi-satellites and horseshoe objects Some asteroids have, unusual ,horseshoe orbits that are co-orbital with the Earth or some other planet.
  19. The rules for hearsay, admission of an unsupported affidavit as evidence is, unusual ,(especially if the affine is not available for cross-examination) with
  20. And directing, Cuarón co-edited the film with Luis Plan. It is somewhat, unusual ,for directors to be credited co-editors, although the Coin Brothers and Robert
  21. Program can at first feel like decoding Egyptian hieroglyphics. Because of the, unusual ,character set, many programmers use special keyboards with APL key tops for
  22. Held against anyone with a disability. Political pressure The ADA (1990) is, unusual ,because more than a hundred groups dedicated to disability rights, civil rights
  23. Do you work on Mobile Me? ' ". Users While this brand loyalty is considered, unusual ,for any product, Apple appears not to have gone out of its way to create it. At
  24. Screening About half of parents of children with ASD notice their child's, unusual ,behaviors by age 18 months, and about four-fifths notice by age 24 months.
  25. The word" brother" at all was, for a European of the early 20th century,an, unusual ,expression of human solidarity between whites and blacks. Later in his life
  26. To have found the secret of living to 200. He also developed his own highly, unusual ,theories of physics, according to which such concepts as" penetrability ","
  27. Or shouted out by a barker riding in the front seat. Perhaps the most, unusual ,thing about the privately operated buses is the fact that they are all highly
  28. Of the donation by that particular donator a result of chance. It must be, unusual ,that something happens by chance. In other words, if something happens all or
  29. The diacritic for appears before the consonant cluster, not before the. A more, unusual ,example is seen in the Batik alphabet: Here the syllable BIM is written
  30. Of All Time. The song has five stanzas. In each stanza, someone describes an, unusual ,problem that is ultimately resolved on Highway 61. In Stanza 1,tells Abraham
  31. At the α carbon, with cysteine being (R) and glycine non-chiral. Cysteine is, unusual ,since it has a sulfur atom at the second position in its side-chain, which has
  32. Accompanied Germanic us with their children. Agrippina’s actions were considered, unusual ,as for a Roman wife, because a conventional Roman wife was required to stay
  33. Or the family. An estimated 0.5 % to 10 % of individuals with ASD show, unusual ,abilities, ranging from splinter skills such as the memorization of trivia to
  34. He had seen at the time: according to a recent BBC dramatization, he made the, unusual ,journalistic decision to withhold the story, and resisted the expressed wish of
  35. Macdonald's Conservatives returned to power with a majority government. It was, unusual ,for a man of Mackenzie's humble origins to attain such a position in an age
  36. The winning party from the lower court, however,is now the respondent. In, unusual ,cases the appellant can be the victor in the court below, but still appeal. For
  37. Made from banco, a type of adobe An adventure is defined as an exciting or, unusual ,experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain
  38. Skiing and mountaineering. Speer's Heidelberg school offered rugby football, unusual ,for Germany, and Speer was a participant. He wanted to become a mathematician
  39. S boolean operators /\ and \/. 1962: ALCOA - This character set included the, unusual ," ᛭" ( http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/16ed/index.htm iron/runic
  40. Responsiveness ... recreates its scene with acuteness and beauty, and makes an, unusual ,contribution to the Americana of the present day. " The New York Herald Tribune
  41. Grammar Literary Arabic As in other Semitic languages, Arabic has a complex and, unusual ,morphology (i.e. method of constructing words from a basic root). Arabic has
  42. Present from the first year of life, and may include delayed onset of babbling, unusual ,gestures, diminished responsiveness, and vocal patterns that are not
  43. Is a term that usually takes one of three meanings: *One whose travels are, unusual ,and often exotic, though not so unique as to qualify as exploration. *One who
  44. Then our choice function can choose the least element of every set under our, unusual ,ordering. " The problem then becomes that of constructing a well-ordering
  45. Nucleus; filled shells, such as the filled shell of 50 protons for tin, confers, unusual , stability on the nuclide. Of the 255 known stable nuclides, only four have both
  46. Average person's intake is about 10–50 kg/day. Values about 1000 kg are not, unusual ,following consumption of fish or mushrooms. But there is little danger in
  47. Created by author Roger Zealand for his Chronicles of Amber. The game is, unusual ,in that no dice are used in resolving conflicts or player actions; instead a
  48. Nitrogen fixation. The scientific interest in this problem is motivated by the, unusual ,structure of the active site of the enzyme, which consists of an Fe7MoS9
  49. The vowel in Devanagari, which is written before the consonant. Pshaw is also, unusual ,in that, while an inherent rime (with mid-tone) is unwritten, it also has an
  50. Smoke detectors, as well as in neutron sources and industrial gauges. Several, unusual ,applications, such as a nuclear battery or fuel for spaceships with nuclear

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