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  1. Are derived from the usage and classification of literal (" real" or ", concrete ,") concepts, first principles, or other methods. An" abstraction" ( noun)
  2. Causes, there is a lack of determinacies about what one is really perceiving. A, concrete ,example of a situation where an individual's sensory input might be caused by
  3. Accepting forms that have been abstracted from matter. This process requires a, concrete ,particular (material) to be abstracted into the universal intelligible (
  4. Products with fewer voids or greater bitumen content than the" asphalt, concrete ," used to pave roads. Another description has it that the term derives from the
  5. Portico – Post and lintel – Post mill – Poster – Prairie School – Precast, concrete ,– Prefabricated home – Prefabrication – Presbytery – Primitive hut – Prithivraj
  6. Co. (now National Grid) engineering crew, he then broke through the massive, concrete ,bulkhead wall, which is several feet thick. Diamond thereby opened access to
  7. Not begin with theory, rather it starts with the immediate facts of a real and, concrete ,case. While casuistry makes use of ethical theory, it does not view ethical
  8. It also provoked adverse reactions, with many mathematicians seeking out more, concrete ,areas and problems. ) EGA and SGA The bulk of Grothendieck's published work is
  9. Roof in Britain at the time it was built, and the first to employ pre-stressed, concrete , It has a grand reception area and is surrounded by Japanese-style gardens; and
  10. Function for each abstract operation. The ADT instances are represented by some, concrete ,data structure that is manipulated by those procedures, according to the ADT's
  11. aren't necessarily functions and objects aren't necessarily sets. In most, concrete ,settings, however,the objects will be sets with some additional structure and
  12. The soul and body interact in the final abstraction of the universal from the, concrete ,particular is the key to their relationship and interaction, which takes place
  13. Largest building in the world. It was finally replaced in 1940 by a hollow, concrete ,dam that formed Lake McDonald (now called Lake Austin) and which has
  14. Entities. By general agreement, abstract entities cannot interact causally with, concrete , physical entities. (“ the truth-values of our mathematical assertions depend on
  15. Theatre),the largest theater in the city. * Søsterhøj, a 325-meter tall, concrete ,tower with guyed mast on its top * Shelby Genus, the second-largest hospital
  16. EIDE Boas observes" even if we base complexity theory on abstract instead of, concrete ,machines, arbitrariness of the choice of a model remains. It is at this point
  17. And expanded. The 6,000 ft runway was lengthened to 10,000 ft. Taxiways,a, concrete ,apron, a large maintenance hanger, and a propane storage tank were added. By
  18. And most popular beach. On the west side of Hawkcraig Point there is a short, concrete ,jetty that was used as part of the development of radio-controlled torpedoes
  19. If Herodotus actually intended to base this on a factual base. Giving, concrete ,form at last to the Greek tales of mounted Amazons, the origin of the story of
  20. Existence. The main forms are empiricism, which associates numbers with, concrete ,physical objects; and Platonism, according to which numbers are abstract
  21. Mountings at the other end, then carried the sign 300 meters to a hole in the, concrete ,wall, where they cut four metal bars blocking the opening. After the theft
  22. Of Arc is unveiled in Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier. *1909 – Workers start pouring, concrete ,for the Panama Canal. *1912 – Alaska becomes a United States territory. *1914 –
  23. A sense of historical and religious tradition, a feeling of belonging to a, concrete ,family, place,and region, which are psychologically and culturally beneficial.
  24. To be identical states. This view actually mirrors the behavior of some, concrete ,implementations, such as linked lists with hash cons. Instead of create (), a
  25. Despite these difficulties, the waste has found use as a filler in asphalt and, concrete , Compounds Oxidation state +3 The vast majority of compounds, including all
  26. And Fermat won out, for it supplied the 18th century mathematicians with, concrete ,quantitative tools needed to study physical problems using the new calculus of
  27. Of the two. Permanent moorings use large masses (commonly a block or slab of, concrete ,) resting on this seabed. Semi-permanent mooring anchors (such as mushroom
  28. Usually there are many ways to implement the same ADT, using several, concrete ,data structures. Thus, for example, an abstract stack can be implemented by a
  29. Mitten, an expert on mosses. In 1872,Wallace built the Dell, a house of, concrete , on land he leased in Grays in Essex, where he lived until 1876. The Wallace's
  30. Its veracity, how to change categories when necessary, how to move from the, concrete ,to the abstract and back, how to look at problems from a new direction—how to
  31. First purpose built motor racing venue, opening in June 1907. It featured a, concrete ,track with high-speed banked corners. Brook lands was also a center of the
  32. The invitation to hold talks with Sub FYI. However, the process delivered few, concrete ,results. On 3 July 2009,UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon went to Burma to
  33. Simple proofs with a short description in their formal language. Another very, concrete ,example describes an aesthetically pleasing human face whose proportions can be
  34. Concrete launch pedestal, which remains at the site () along with a few other, concrete ,and steel-reinforced structures. The pedestal bears two plaques commemorating
  35. Relies solely on being a heavy weight. It is usually just a large block of, concrete ,or stone at the end of the chain. Its holding power is defined by its weight
  36. Virtuoso introduced Art Deco during 1926 and developed the use of reinforced, concrete , with the Banco El Hagar Argentina and the Casa del Metro (both in Burns
  37. With optimal technological parameters of that time, with a reinforced, concrete ,runway of, and complemented with technical equipment and appropriate buildings.
  38. Is used as the glue or binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt, concrete , Its other main uses are for bituminous waterproofing products, including
  39. Used only for the launch of Apollo 7 and later dismantled down to the, concrete ,launch pedestal, which remains at the site () along with a few other concrete
  40. However,'asphalt' is also commonly used as a shortened form of 'asphalt, concrete ,' (therefore equivalent to the British 'asphalt' or 'tarmac' ). In
  41. 1934),by Sánchez, Lagos and de la Tore, was the tallest reinforced, concrete ,structure at its time, and a notable case of late Art Deco style. In the Burns
  42. Acquired licensing rights to the patent held by IG Carbon. Despite the thick, concrete ,walls of the gas chambers, screaming and moaning from within could be heard
  43. And Mary Pickford become the first celebrities to leave their footprints in, concrete ,at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. *1937 – The Philippines holds a
  44. According to Rand, art allows philosophical concepts to be presented in a, concrete ,form that can be easily grasped, thereby fulfilling a need of human
  45. The implementation of the module — namely, the bodies of the procedures and the, concrete ,data structure used — can then be hidden from most clients of the module. This
  46. That reside in a realm outside of space-time” ) Whilst our knowledge of, concrete , physical objects is based on our ability to perceive them, and therefore to
  47. Frank Church (the Church Committee) reported in 1975 that it had found ", concrete ,evidence of at least eight plots involving the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro
  48. Was built around 1858. * Monument DES Martyrs (Manual E' Shahid): an iconic, concrete ,monument commemorating the Algerian war for independence. The monument was
  49. S brother Lowell publicly suggested CM-012 be permanently entombed in the, concrete ,remains of Launch Complex 34. In September 2010 the Frisson Air Museum in Peru
  50. Work, stems the unavailability of a definition of algorithm that suits both, concrete ,(in some sense) and abstract usage of the term. Formalization Algorithms are

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