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  1. For the liberation of Karelia but warned Finland not to enter Soviet territory;, furthermore , the U. S. did not declare war on Finland when they went to war with the Axis
  2. Refer to a person who may have been bilingual in both English and Cornish and, furthermore ," last person with traditional knowledge ", that is to say someone who had an
  3. Other examples became prominent including Nineveh topology. Sheaves can be, furthermore ,generalized to stacks in the sense of Grothendieck, usually with some
  4. Drawings of male nudes, were rejected for being too openly gay. In Popism, furthermore , the artist recalls a conversation with the filmmaker Emile de Antonio about
  5. Suffering from overwhelming pain should have the right to commit suicide, and, furthermore , that it should be permissible for a doctor to assist – thus making Adler the
  6. Bopping () and Marshal (), all in the Ostalbkreis district, furthermore ,Dagenham a her Benz () and Königsbronn (), both in Dagenham district.
  7. If the CDF F of X is continuous, then X is a continuous random variable; if, furthermore ,F is absolutely continuous, then there exists a Lebesgue-integrable function f
  8. Minorities into declaring Albanian ethnicity, as the Albanian government has, furthermore ,additionally stated that it will jail anyone who does not participate in the
  9. In G. As in the construction of the completion of a metric space, one can, furthermore ,define the binary relation on Cauchy sequences in G that (x_k) and (y_k)
  10. Union which by the same law of nature, cannot cast her off its bosom. " He, furthermore ,warned that" the transfer of Cuba to Great Britain would be an event
  11. Works. A sensibly designed table is likely to be in 3NF on the first attempt;, furthermore , if it is 3NF,it is overwhelmingly likely to have an HNF of 5NF. Achieving the
  12. Of very large software systems. Ada packages can be compiled separately, and, furthermore , Ada package specifications (the package interface) can be compiled
  13. Around using these Loyalists. After the surrender at Saratoga in October 1777, furthermore , there were thousands of British and Hessian soldiers in American hands.
  14. Browse any genomic region via the simple and intuitive pan and zoom controls;, furthermore , data relevant to specific loci can be exported for further analysis.
  15. No less than 750,000 Chinese nationals working or living in Africa. China has, furthermore ,strengthened its ties with larger developing economies, becoming the largest
  16. Such as 4096,8192,or 16384 words of storage. These are all powers of 2,and, furthermore ,are small multiples of 210,or 1024. As storage capacities increased, several
  17. At any place under its jurisdiction or control. #Each State Party undertakes, furthermore , to refrain from causing, encouraging,or in any way participating in the
  18. Able to obtain classified files, such as air tasking order systems data and, furthermore ,able to penetrate connected networks of National Aeronautics and Space
  19. If a and b are cop rime. If the ideals A and B of R are cop rime, then AB = ASB;, furthermore , if C is a third ideal such that A contains BC, then A contains C. The Chinese
  20. The conversation included Vlad, vampires,or even Transylvania" and that,", furthermore , there is no record of any other correspondence between Stoker and Amber, nor
  21. Bound of the empty subset is any existing element of A, because A is nonempty;, furthermore , as provable with an induction argument over the size of nonempty finite
  22. Step in a decade-long project to construct a large manned space station. China, furthermore ,has plans to achieve a lunar landing by the 2020s,and is considering a manned
  23. Microscopes, there is often little direct control on magnification, and, furthermore , obtained images may have strongly variable magnifications due to fluctuations
  24. Every Cauchy filter) has a limit in X, then X is called complete. One can, furthermore ,construct a completion for an arbitrary uniform space similar to the completion
  25. Invest in the UK," he commented on that report. BBC Radio 4's World reported, furthermore ,that despite higher levels of corporation tax in the UK than in the Republic.
  26. Is not shared by all linguists, particularly those from Spanish-speaking areas;, furthermore , many modern linguists consider any internal classification of the Romance
  27. Standards administered by the booksellers could appear in print. The statute, furthermore ,created a public domain for literature, as previously all literature belonged
  28. Ken Mesa. They vowed not to attack the next day's protest march, and, furthermore , deemed Ginsberg a man who was worth helping out. In 1968,Ginsberg signed the
  29. G′ (a) and a function ε (h) that tends to zero as h tends to zero, and, furthermore , : g (a + h) - g (a) = g' ( a)h + \var epsilon (h)h. \, Here the left-hand
  30. Years before, by Theophilus (Cyril's uncle) against the" Tall Brothers ";, furthermore , it is said that Cyril had spent five years among them in ascetic training. The
  31. To provide an accurate estimate of the cost-effectiveness of DDT spraying;, furthermore , the resulting estimates may not be good predictors of cost-effectiveness in
  32. Three appealed to Pope Boniface VIII who ordered JaCoCo to return the land, and, furthermore , hand over the family's strongholds of Colonia, Palestrina,and other towns to
  33. Say I never shed any of these tears personally, because I am never in love, and, furthermore , barring a bad break, I never expect to be in love, for the way I look at it
  34. Pocket. Smith has excellent reasons to believe that Jones will get the job and, furthermore , knows that Jones has ten coins in his pocket (he recently counted them).
  35. Contributions to the gravitation attraction of ellipsoids, a subject that, furthermore ,attracted the attention of d'Alembert, A. -C. Claimant, Euler,Laplace
  36. To provide insurance to employees, and compulsory pension systems. And, furthermore ," as an awakening agent, as an agitating force, the beneficent influence of a
  37. And Cilium, also Harvard the Younger (Adalwardum) and Stadium, and, furthermore , Simeon (Someone) and the monk John (Johannes). " (III 70) Scholar 94
  38. Desire the piercing, only a small percentage are anatomically suited for it;, furthermore , most piercing artists are reluctant to attempt such a delicate procedure. Some
  39. That free trade would gradually open China to democratic reform. Bush was, furthermore ,an advocate of China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). China
  40. Tokens are moved in such a way to avoid rendering a city unproductive;, furthermore , whenever possible number tokens must be reassigned from hexes bordering a
  41. Ruled out the presence of al-Qaeda in Indian-administered Jammy and Kashmir;, furthermore ,he said that there is nothing that can verify reports from the media of
  42. Have a finite expected value, since the integral may not converge absolutely;, furthermore , for some it is not defined at all (e.g., Cauchy distribution). Two
  43. Its own modern fighters, most notably the Chinese J-10s and the J-11s. China is, furthermore ,engaged in developing an indigenous stealth aircraft, the Chengdu J-20. China
  44. In lung cancer was found in the participants using these supplements, and, furthermore , these supplements may, in fact, have harmful effects. The Journal of the
  45. Shows that the Casimir force per unit area F_c / A is very small, and that, furthermore , the force is inherently of quantum-mechanical origin. More recent theory
  46. Of the information that is stored on the world's storage devices could be, furthermore ,compressed by a remaining average factor of 4.5: 1 with existing compression
  47. Realism. This can help solve the problem of fitting images into displays, and, furthermore , suggest what short-cuts could be used in the rendering simulation, since
  48. Difficult. As a matter of course, incoming calls to payphones are disabled;, furthermore , the Bell ANA number is also disabled. There are some private nationals
  49. I with runic ᛁ, k with Younger Fut hark ᚴ and ch with the Author ᚳ; p is, furthermore ,reminiscent of Latin P (runic ᚹ w). Birth is written according to a certain
  50. Physical processes that, in the long run, elude simulation by a Turing machine;, furthermore , he states that it is an open empirical question whether any such processes are

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