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  1. Illustrations overshadowed his other work. Shepard modelled Pooh not on the, toy ,owned by Christopher Robin,Milne's son, but on" Growler ", a stuffed bear
  2. Which funded Reinforce and others * Dunbee-Combex-Marx Ltd, a former British, toy ,manufacturer which purchased Lines Bros and Chuck Model * NTT DoCoMo's stock
  3. Even be translated as" although "," while" or even" and" – AZ beauty,a, toy ,blue –" I'm working, and he's daydreaming ". Very often, different words can
  4. In addition to its $125 million production budget. The studio also brought in, toy ,companies to be involved with pre-production, including the design of concept
  5. Above. Bowman Bay is a quiet refuge, although popular for kids with a big, toy ,playground, and for kayaks. Rosario Beach is a wilder beach. Rosario also has
  6. See Celtic languages). Other major characteristics include: **** *were ", toy , game" became Welsh charge and Breton c'hoard ** *krona" nostril" became
  7. Of dissected chickens and other animals as a" Build your own Chicken ", toy ,ad. Between 1983 and 1992,Lynch wrote and drew a weekly comic strip called The
  8. It was extraordinarily expensive the Masculine became little more than a, toy , and status symbol, for the very rich both in France and throughout Europe.
  9. Computer stores, rather than the various non computer-dedicated department and, toy ,stores the VIC20 and Commodore 64 were retailed in. These measures were an
  10. With his work on City Hunter. NATO admits it all started as" a gimmick for a, toy ," but the representatives at Banzai Hobby Division did not see the same
  11. International de Benicàssim. In June 2008 McDonald's released a Happy Meal, toy ,wearing the Demo Energy dome that they named" New Wave Nigel ". It was
  12. Were built from sculptures in clay or latex, and some weapons are, toy ,guns from Toys" R" Us. A heavy metal-ambient soundtrack was supplied by Bobby
  13. Used to freeze prey animals into stillness so that they can be captured, and in, toy ,birds. General construction The parts of an aircraft are generally divided into
  14. Character of Billy Bales, a boy who talks to his dead grandmother through a, toy ,telephone, in the episode" Long Distance Call" ( March 1961). He later
  15. Ltd, and " Bendy" Dales made by Neufeld Ltd. Collectible cards, stickers, toy , guns,music singles, punching bags and many other items were also produced in
  16. In which a Dale exterminates a tiny lamb and a tyrannosaurus Rex. Two purple, toy ,dales are also seen in the background of an episode of the American children
  17. From its earlier strategy of selling its computers to discount outlets and, toy ,stores, and now favored authorized dealers. By the late 1980s,the personal
  18. But I oughtn't" ). Similarly, az né Islam, ama toy ska and AZ né Islam,a, toy ,ska both mean" I don't want to, but he does ", however the first emphases
  19. Apparently sold Costs a cat that was going to try and kill him with a squeeze, toy ,(in fact, when he signs off, he says" The cat was definitely trying to kill
  20. And collect them. She would leave the object in front of her favorite stuffed, toy ,— the large, saggy,pink and white striped cat named Bag puss. She would then
  21. Anthropomorphic tiger; all the other characters see him as an inanimate stuffed, toy , Though the series does not mention specific political figures or current
  22. Yamaguchi. It was planned by Wiz and released by Banzai on June 26, 1997. The, toy ,began as the simple concept of a Yamaguchi mainly for boys. The V-Pet is
  23. That move rapidly, but rapidly lose interest (they become habituated) in a, toy ,they have played with before. Cats also tend to play with toy s more when they
  24. Various Dale toy s. These included Dale" Rollins" ( based on the Louis Marx, toy ,from 1965); push-along" talking" Dales; Dale" Problematics" with a pull
  25. Of Dales, the BBC effects team even turned to using commercially available, toy ,Dales, manufactured by Louis Marx & Co and Hearts Plastic Boulders Ltd.
  26. Gear and BDSM toy s. Once a very niche market, there are now very few sex, toy ,companies that do not offer some sort of BDSM or fetish gear in their catalog.
  27. A router to cut ellipses from board material. The mechanism is also used in a, toy ,called the" nothing grinder ". Approximations to ellipses An ellipse of low
  28. Greenberg as" Connecticut Leather Company ". It became a highly successful, toy ,company in the 1980s,known for its mass-produced version of Cabbage Patch Kids
  29. World War II-era movie shorts * Toy & Memorabilia Collection - 1930s period, toy ,soldiers, model trains, model vehicles, Wm. Britain's lead farm and garden
  30. If a Digimon's data is completely destroyed, they will die. Virtual pet, toy ,Digimon started out as a digital pet called" Digital Monster ", similar in
  31. More like a judgement (" ... but I oughtn't" ). Similarly, az né Islam, ama, toy ,ska and AZ né Islam, a toy ska both mean" I don't want to, but he does "
  32. Has been common (see image). It is still often seen as a plastic or wooden, toy , The type of abacus shown here is often used to represent numbers without the
  33. Alec Effinger, American author (b. 1947) * 2002 – Ruth Handler, American, toy , manufacturer (b. 1916) * 2002 – Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, Swiss
  34. In stories, they wrote and enacted about the imaginary adventures of their, toy ,soldiers along with the Duke of Wellington and his sons, Charles and Arthur
  35. And the assassination attempt. Furious at these attacks, Goldman brought a, toy ,horsewhip to a public lecture and demanded, onstage,that Most explain his
  36. Of Western Union balked, countering that the telephone was nothing but a, toy , Two years later, he told colleagues that if he could get the patent for $25
  37. Participated in at least one act of oral–anal sex, manual–anal sex, or anal sex, toy ,use. McBride and Janssen found that the majority of men (n 631) and women (n
  38. Crew members into inanimate cuboctahedron. * The" Geo Twister" fidget, toy ,http://www.trainerswarehouse.com/prodinfo.asp? Number=FIG EO is a flexible
  39. Early childhood Also called" pre-school age,"" exploratory age" and ", toy ,age. " When children attend preschool, they broaden their social horizons and
  40. It developed and rules were set out. As early as 1860,Isaac Pratt, a London, toy ,dealer, published a booklet, Badminton Battledore – a new game, but
  41. A steam-driven car, called the DKW. Although unsuccessful, he made a two-stroke, toy ,engine in 1919,called DES Karen Lunch—"the boy's desire ". He also put a
  42. Games such as the MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online: Storm reach. Hobby and, toy ,stores sell dice, miniatures,adventures, and other game aids related to DD
  43. To think so ". *AMA can be tagged onto a sentence to express surprise: AMA, toy ,SPI! –" he's sleeping! " Vocative particles Bulgarian has several abstracts
  44. But also placed it on the shelves of department stores, discount stores, and, toy , stores. The C64 had a built-in RF modulator and thus could be plugged into a
  45. Example phrases include: *Kabul cover?! –" what person?! "; Kabul cover e, toy , – what sort of person is he? *NE Poltava take –" I don't know any (people
  46. Featured the Dales both as a primary playfield feature and as a motorized, toy ,in the topper. Beginning in 2000,Product Enterprise (who later operated under
  47. Interest, or activity, such as preoccupation with a single television program, toy , or game. *Self-injury includes movements that injure or can injure the person
  48. S creativity soared after their father presented Bran well with a set of, toy ,soldiers in June 1826. They named the soldiers and developed their characters
  49. Tend to play with toy s more when they are hungry. String is often used as a, toy , but if it is eaten it can become caught at the base of the cat’s tongue and
  50. Sell sex paraphernalia, there has also been an explosive growth of online adult, toy ,companies that specialize in leather/latex gear and BDSM toy s. Once a very

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