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  1. Of Barks' passing was hardly covered by the press in America," in Europe the, sad ,news was flashed instantly across the airwaves and every newspaper — they
  2. Request by turning him into the Cypress named after him, which was said to be a, sad ,tree because the sap forms droplets like tears on the trunk. Apollo's lyre
  3. In St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh,rang the bells in the tune Why should I be so, sad ,on my wedding day? There were also massive protests in Edinburgh and several
  4. Sign that the organization has" lost its way" and had degenerated into a ", sad , dogmatic, reactionary phalanx of anti-science zealots who care not for
  5. Promised that as part of their responsibilities. Many spent years in lonely, sad ,and often poor conditions. Yet the Chinese were hardworking and played a key
  6. Since, known for its spooky tone, Michael Seresin's cinematography,the, sad ,and spooky score by Trevor Jones, and an unusual but effective blend of genres.
  7. About. I know they think they do, and yet it’s ludicrous,it's humorous, and, sad , That such people have spent so much of their time thinking about whom? Me? Get
  8. Think tank based in Washington’D. C. The Foundation wrote that The, sad ,fact is that the FAO has become essentially irrelevant in combating hunger. A
  9. One of them is kind: upon learning of Wagner's death, Verdi lamented," Sad, sad , sad ! ... a name that will leave a most powerful impression on the history of
  10. To do good in which salvation consists. Also, they should be taught not to be, sad ,if they do not enjoy the divine consolations they hear others have; but they
  11. Give rise to emotion-specific actions: e.g. " I'm crying because I'm, sad ," or" I ran away because I was scared. " The James–Large theory, conversely
  12. But swallowed up in the paraphernalia of the role. Batman Returns is odd and, sad , but not exhilarating. " Jonathan Rosenbaum called DeVito" a pale substitute
  13. Sun for sorrow will not show his head.: Go hence, to have more talk of these, sad ,things.: Some shall be pardon’d, and some punished. Each line is formally
  14. The novel. So, as Dickens wrote the novel in the form of a tragedy,the, sad ,outcome of the novel was a foregone conclusion. If he had not caused his
  15. S husband and son to force her to perform sexual favors. When Frank leaves,a, sad ,and desperate Dorothy tries to seduce Jeffrey again and demands that he hit her
  16. In the Jansenist convent of Port-Royal. Pascal was deeply affected and very, sad , not because of her choice, but because of his chronic poor health; he too
  17. And feelings tend to appear even when the child has not experienced a loss or a, sad ,event. In the elderly Older depressed people may have cognitive symptoms of
  18. Or storms, and in Greek mythology, the god Zeus would make rain when he was, sad ,(crying),and a storm when he was angry. Pianos was a name used in Ancient
  19. Seemed to breathe freedom and peace, and to make one forget the world and its, sad ,turmoils ". It was in use by 1 October 1851,and served as a ballroom until
  20. Hasten it by joining in the propaganda of State Socialism or revolution make a, sad ,mistake indeed. They help to so force the march of events that the people will
  21. A baby ". Patrick Nielsen Hayden described this as" pathetic and nasty and, sad ,and most of us didn't want to watch it ". Ellison responded three days later
  22. Each of his faces wears a different expression,i.e. happy, angry, sad , which he swivels to the front as required to match his mood. Shape of the
  23. Themes. He was intrigued by Jewish music’s“ ability to build a jolly melody on, sad ,intonations. ” Examples of works that included Jewish themes are the Fourth
  24. Early Scottish settlers enjoyed the fiddle because it could be played to sound, sad ,and mournful or bright and bouncy” The Irish fiddle, the German derived
  25. The main purpose of a funeral mute was to stand around at funerals with a, sad , pathetic face. A symbolic protector of the deceased, the mute would usually
  26. Which he had suffered since at least 1870. Lear's funeral was said to be a, sad , lonely affair by the wife of Dr. Vassal,Lear's physician, not one of Lear
  27. Men that God made mad, For all their wars are merry, And all their songs are, sad , Another contemporary and friend from schooldays was Edmund Bentley, inventor
  28. Like the song? ", Jest mi piano" I'm cold ", Jest Nam smut no" We're feeling, sad ,", Będzie WAM trudge ..." It will be more difficult for you guys" ), Śniło
  29. By a consensus across party lines. The SECONDS Chairman Gregory GSI made a, sad ,declaration:" The Parliament has more or less decided on the downfall of the
  30. To search history" in order to establish a common future and overcome the, sad ,pages ". In an interview with El Satan, an Algerian newspaper, Barnier said
  31. RP.; Monophthongize * A long sound is found in the adjectives bad, mad,glad and, sad , before the sound (for example, hag,rag, bag ) and also in content words
  32. New feeling, or slightly change the mood of the emoticon. For example: (equals, sad ,and: (( equals very sad or weeping. Similar to: (, using an A expresses an open
  33. Change the mood of the emoticon. For example: (equals sad and: (( equals very, sad ,or weeping. Similar to: (, using an A expresses an open-mouthed frown; OAO. A: "
  34. Historical events * A" black day" ( or week or month) usually refers to a, sad ,or tragic time. The Romans marked fast days with white stones and east days
  35. Zurich with regular communications from Tristan Tiara (whose pseudonym means ", sad ,in country," a name chosen to protest the treatment of Jews in his native
  36. His entry was singled out for praise. This was one of the few good times of a, sad ,period of his life, which saw the deaths of his uncle J. L. Hoffmann in Berlin
  37. 1352 and given the epithet" Angel of Peace ", a title which quickly became a, sad ,misnomer as his future actions in the Papal States would drench the Italian
  38. About during the week of inadequate rehearsal. Whatever the explanation,the, sad ,fact remains that never, in all probability, has so great an orchestra made so
  39. Of them is kind: upon learning of Wagner's death, Verdi lamented," Sad, sad , sad , ... a name that will leave a most powerful impression on the history of art. "
  40. Meanwhile, the Labor and Conservative parties both referred to it as a ", sad ,moment ". In local elections held the same day, the BNP also won its first
  41. Energy technology expert Joseph J. Room discusses the urgency to act and the, sad ,fact that America is refusing to do so ... Ultimately, however,a strictly
  42. A beetle bit entitled to think that Connie likes to play, and gee ain't it, sad ,that as long as SHE sets the rules for play, and I'm the village idiot,she's
  43. From when they first met on Lagos Island in 1944,and Godzilla is seemingly, sad ,for once. Emmy, however,travels to the future and returns with Recharging
  44. Of hearing that her husband has become a monk. Some great master paints the, sad ,drama. Notice the bent head of the princess and the tense female attendants.
  45. Of Bruno's death, Cardinal Angelo Soda no declared Bruno's death to be a ", sad ,episode" but, despite his regret, he defended Bruno's prosecutors
  46. By the poet Kobayashi SSA (1763–1827),whose miserable childhood, poverty, sad , life,and devotion to the Pure Land sect of Buddhism are evident in his poetry.
  47. The following excerpt from an 1750 ode by William Collins:: There every herd, by, sad , experience,knows: How, winged with fate, their elf-shot arrows fly, : When the
  48. Changes as they occur is the emotion. " James further claims that" we feel, sad ,because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble, and neither
  49. Is different from the metric rhythm of the accompaniment. #Most styles express, sad ,and bitter feelings. #Melodic improvisation. Flamenco singing is not, strictly
  50. Was missing, was exemplary, very normal and by no means specifically, sad , As J. Brachtendorf showed, Augustine used Ciceroni an Stoic concept of passions

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