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  1. Stations, Class A stations, and TV translator stations. There is presently no, deadline ,for these stations, about 7100 in number, to convert to digital broadcasting.
  2. The right to use my name in association with the LeBeau Stadium ", and set a, deadline ,of two days to remove his name. Graz's officials removed Schwarzenegger's name
  3. Online form before the deadline ; in case it is not submitted by the defined, deadline , the film will be ineligible for Academy Awards in any year. The form includes
  4. Minnesota Twins traded Winfield to the Cleveland Indians at the trade waiver, deadline ,on August 31 for a" player to be named later. " The 1994 season had been
  5. And later 1XRTT technologies that replaced it. They later extended that, deadline ,until 6PM 31March 2007. At approximately 7:15 on March 31, 2007 the AMPS/TDA
  6. Of dive will not be permitted. Under FINA law, no dive may be changed after the, deadline ,for the dive-sheet to be submitted (generally a period ranging from one hour
  7. And after three days Miguel Ángel Blanco was found shot dead when the, deadline ,expired. More than six million people took out to the streets to demand his
  8. Assigned her a similar task to Demeter's temple, but gave her an impossible, deadline ,to finish it by. Eros intervened, for he still loved her, and caused some ants
  9. Did not enjoy. However, servants of the debtor could be retained beyond that, deadline ,by the creditor and were often forced to serve their new lord for a lifetime
  10. The front office decided to move the disgruntled outfielder at the July 31 trade, deadline , shipping him to the Dodgers in a three-way deal with the Pirates that landed
  11. 16 million acres (65,000 km²) of new national forests just minutes before a, deadline , In May 1908,Roosevelt sponsored the Conference of Governors held in the White
  12. Ontario. While the railway was completed four years after the original 1881, deadline , it was completed more than five years ahead of the new date of 1891 that
  13. Wireless coverage in the US. In 2006,ADT asked the FCC to extend the AMPS, deadline ,due to many of their alarm systems still using analog technology to communicate
  14. Incurred a fine, since they had already confirmed their participation and the, deadline ,had passed. Other * In the first Contest in 1956,there was a recommended time
  15. Entry, the song's details must be finalized and submitted to the EBU before a, deadline ,some weeks before the international Contest. Since 1971,each participating
  16. Were submitted to the Nobel Committee's surprised judges just ahead of the, deadline , On 23 October 1958,Boris Pasternak was announced as the winner of the 1958
  17. Powers exit. Developers hope to have the project finished by 2013,but have a, deadline ,of 2018. Colorado Springs is part of a consortium of cities trying to build the
  18. Tons, achieving the program's long term goal ahead of the 2010 statutory, deadline , The EPA estimates that by 2010,the overall costs of complying with the
  19. Days or else be executed. JA'far again fails to find the culprit before the, deadline , but owing to his chance discovery of a key item, he eventually manages to
  20. And defensive woes. Management shook up the team at the MLB trading, deadline ,on July 31 with a blockbuster four team trade. They traded the team's popular
  21. York Mets for outfielder Ryan Church. On July 31, 2009,hours before the trade, deadline , the Braves and Boston Red Sox swapped 1st basemen: Atlanta dealt Casey
  22. For an embattled Jorge Sosa, who was subsequently traded on the July 31 trade, deadline ,for St. Louis minor league pitcher Rich Salamander. On July 29,the Braves
  23. Courts have samples of a notice of appeal on the court's own website. The, deadline ,for beginning an appeal can often be very short: traditionally, it is measured
  24. Hitter rule in a National League ballpark. Toward the end of the trade, deadline ,on July 31, 2011,the Diamondbacks acquired Washington Nationals right-handed
  25. Within 14 days. As the Germans did not leave Finland in time for the given, deadline , the Finns fought their former allies in the Lapland War. Finland was also to
  26. And Southeast Asian cultures can fall. (see April 14) * Tax Day, the official, deadline ,for filing an individual tax return (or requesting an extension). (United
  27. Producers must submit an Official Screen Credits online form before the, deadline ,; in case it is not submitted by the defined deadline , the film will be
  28. Network was closed down at the end of 1999 in the major cities, the closure, deadline ,was extended until the end of 2000 in rural areas to ease the transition to
  29. To the Rays in exchange for left-hand reliever Jeff Ridgeway. Before the trade, deadline ,the Braves traded 1B Mark Teixeira to the Los Angeles Angels for first baseman
  30. In competition, divers must submit their lists beforehand, and once past a, deadline ,(usually when the event is announced or shortly before it begins) they cannot
  31. Planning permission granted, work began in January 2004 in order to meet the, deadline ,of the new season. The work proceeded as scheduled and the club were able to
  32. A tight pennant race, and the resulting uproar helped create a June 15 trading, deadline ,that went into effect the next year. Perhaps an even more outrageous deal was
  33. And modulation would help, but it would not be enough. The February 17, 2010, deadline , was extended by a month. On March 16,at the FCC's monthly meeting, Connecting
  34. Acceptable level before full production was reached. In November, Tramiel set a, deadline ,for the first weekend of January, to coincide with the 1982 Consumer
  35. All others or accomplished the goal of space colonization, or at a given, deadline , If more than one civilization remains at the deadline , the player with the
  36. PRI. Unable to locate a suitable engine supplier, the team missed the FIA, deadline ,for entry into the 1988 world championship and Milestone finally announced the
  37. For adoption of the euro ", however his subsequent deposition has rendered this, deadline ,moot. There are several challenges, however. The rate of corruption remains one
  38. Central Champs Again and a" Blackout Game" On July 31,the day of the trade, deadline , the White Sox traded relief pitcher Nick Asset and minor league 2nd Baseman
  39. Hits, runs,and doubles. Despite Boston's 34–19 record following the trading, deadline , the Rays held onto the AL East lead and captured their first division title in
  40. By most accounts, Joe Frazier of AP by others),rushing to meet an imminent, deadline , confused the eliminated suspect's name with the pseudonym used by the
  41. Was given a three-day peace to go as far as they could. After the three-day, deadline ,was over, the Muslim cavalry under Khalid's command attacked the Roman army
  42. Benzedrine to fight fatigue. The drug helped her to work long hours to meet her, deadline ,for delivering the finished novel, but when the book was done, she was so
  43. Of capacity constraints. However, when Equatorial Guinea applied to extend the, deadline ,for completing EISTI validation, the EISTI Board did not agree to grant
  44. Was to be named within 100 days of his becoming incapacitated, the replacement, deadline ,was extended due to the Jewish festival of Passover. A provision was made that
  45. As local fans did not purchase enough tickets by the 72-hour blackout, deadline , In 2008,five of the Lions' final six home games of the season did not sell
  46. People decide the fate of the controversial agreement. As the February 28, 2008, deadline , to approve or reject CAFTA loomed, Arias decided to call for the referendum
  47. QOTSA was designated for assignment. The Red Sox made a big move at the trade, deadline , July 31,to acquire catcher Victor Martinez from the Cleveland Indians for
  48. Resulting from the outcome of ongoing talks. However, weeks before the UN, deadline , Derides was defeated in presidential elections by center candidate Lassos
  49. Since Fred Midriff did so in 1994. The Braves made two deals before the trade, deadline ,to acquire Alex González, Rick Angel and Kyle Farnsworth from the Toronto Blue
  50. This, along with 27 other plans, was rejected as too costly. Finally, with a, deadline ,looming to begin construction on a separate project that would connect the

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