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  1. Chains. About one in ten Web pages may contain malicious code. Wikis and, blogs ,Attackers may use wikis and blogs to advertise links that lead to malware sites
  2. About a website. *Many websites consist of only the homepage, such as one page, blogs , *Most often a homepage will appear when the websites URL is put into a browser
  3. According to the Nielsen Company, adults in Austin read and contribute to, blogs ,more than those in any other U. S. metropolitan area. Austin's residents have the
  4. Of the Java virtual machine. Similar technologies Many Java developers, blogs ,and magazines are recommending that the Java Web Start technology be used in
  5. Of a broad spectrum of original video packages, news articles, and contributor, blogs ,on topics including breaking news, politics,health, business,entertainment
  6. Websites, and rapid dissemination of links to this content by email and, blogs , Includes alleged leakage of supposed" rushes" and" early trailers" of film
  7. At Dulles were quick to dub the mass layoff" Bloody Tuesday" in online, blogs ,and news reports. * In April 2009,Tim Armstrong, formerly with Google, was
  8. Interactive video calls, and the World Wide Web with its discussion forums, blogs , social networking, and online shopping sites. The research and education
  9. Band regarding further public statements on the matter. By July 2008 various, blogs ,referred to" an e-mail" from a colleague of the band's attorney that
  10. To the extent that a controversy exists it is confined to the popular press and, blogs ,; there is no evidence of a related controversy within the scientific community.
  11. Appear. Despite television and increasing internet coverage, including fashion, blogs , press coverage remains the most important form of publicity in the eyes of the
  12. Mexican, he would be a Costumbrista writer) is commonly used in newspapers, blogs ,and online forums to tell how hopeless and absurd the situation in the country
  13. Express, a free web-based image editing tool to edit photos directly on, blogs ,and social networking sites; in 2011 a version was released for the Android
  14. Or ad network) for matching many advertisers with many small sites (such as, blogs ,). In general, the more blogs Google AdSense can reach, the more advertisers it
  15. The communication within the community takes place via mailing lists, IRC, blogs , forums, news announcements, wikis,and conferences. The community has the Code
  16. Women watched more streaming content, whereas men downloaded more. In terms of, blogs , men were more likely to blog in the first place; among those who blog, men
  17. Determine from that information how much you are likely to spend. The following, blogs ,by active cruisers feature detailed accounting of monthly expenditures:
  18. Of this practice is Microsoft, whose product developers publish their personal, blogs ,in order to pique the public's interested in their work. Collections of personal
  19. Many advertisers with many small sites (such as blogs ). In general, the more, blogs ,Google AdSense can reach, the more advertisers it will attract, making it the
  20. The number of blogs doubles about every 6 months with a total of 35.3 million, blogs , This is an example of the early stages of logistic growth, where growth is
  21. Of which are carried out through online bulletin boards, mailing lists and, blogs , A number of older-style territorial micronations, including the Hunt River
  22. Producers (humans),saturation occurs, growth declines, and the number of, blogs ,eventually stabilizes. An inch (plural: inches; abbreviation or symbol: in or
  23. Exposure to both Western and Japanese style emoticons or emoji through web, blogs , instant messaging, and forums featuring a blend of Western and Japanese pop
  24. And the growing popularity of niche content brought about by everything from, blogs ,to social networking sites, provide advertisers with audiences that are smaller
  25. Exponential, since blogs are a recent innovation. As the number of, blogs ,approaches the number of possible producers (humans),saturation occurs
  26. And IRC channels is real-time discuss way. Planet KDE is made from the, blogs ,of KDE's contributors. KDE. News is the website of office news announcements.
  27. Of Bass's opponent, Democrat Paul Homes, on several liberal New Hampshire, blogs , using the pseudonyms" Indie NH" or" Indy NH ". " Indy NH" expressed concern
  28. However. Many individuals and some companies and groups use web logs or, blogs , which are largely used as easily updatable online diaries. Some commercial
  29. As of February 2011,no new posts have been made on either of these, blogs ,in over two years. Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of
  30. Google AdSense service. Google AdSense places ads on many small sites, such as, blogs , using Google technology to determine which ads are relevant to which blogs .
  31. With 1 billion Google searches every day,300 million Internet users reading, blogs , and 2 billion videos viewed daily on YouTube. Social impact The Internet has
  32. Were over 135 million web servers. Blogs According to Technocratic, the number of, blogs ,doubles about every 6 months with a total of 35.3 million blogs . This is an
  33. This was replaced in February 2010 by Internet station Vector Radio. On-line, blogs ,for the Isle of Wight include VentnorBlog. The island has had several
  34. In the form of Flash movies are also popular. Over 6 million people use, blogs ,or message boards as a means of communication and for the sharing of ideas. The
  35. Used. Recently, electronic " documents" such as recordings and radio, blogs , and e-mails have also come into use. The word epistolary comes from the Latin
  36. Pages may contain malicious code. Wikis and blogs Attackers may use wikis and, blogs ,to advertise links that lead to malware sites. Wiki and blog servers can also
  37. Stages of logistic growth, where growth is approximately exponential, since, blogs , are a recent innovation. As the number of blogs approaches the number of
  38. A new joke can be subscribed to in many cases. The growing popularity of, blogs ,has contributed to this. There are now many we blogs which have the sole purpose
  39. Get their messages to target audiences. With the creation of social networks, blogs , and even Internet radio public relations professionals are able to send direct
  40. As blogs , using Google technology to determine which ads are relevant to which, blogs , Thus, the service appears to aim to serve as an exchange (or ad network) for
  41. More advertisers it will attract, making it the most attractive option for more, blogs , and so on, making the network more valuable for all participants. Network
  42. From person to person via the Internet, largely through Internet-based email, blogs , forums, Imageboards, social networking sites and instant messaging. Meme maps
  43. Of visual information - known as information design. Newspapers, magazines, blogs , television and film documentaries may use graphic design to inform and
  44. Hatfield began her own blog through her website titled An Arm and A Leg. The, blogs ,lasted about a year before being removed. Each week, or thereabouts,she'd
  45. Young established the Lulu Booker Prize, a book prize for books that began as, blogs , He launched the prize partly as a means of promoting Lulu. Young is strong
  46. Language Wikipedia, with 25,000+ articles, the Marathi blog roll and Marathi, blogs ,have gained immense popularity. Voyager Golden Record The Voyager Golden Record
  47. The remaining points on the checklist need to be considered. There are several, blogs ,and knolls dedicated to this topic. Notably the International Mediation
  48. File-sharing technologies such as BitTorrent, as well as the increased use of, blogs , formal discussion forums, and social networking sites, coupled with a growing
  49. Exist. For example, Google has proposed to reduce the effect of comment spam in, blogs ,with" rel=no follow ". Semantic link A semantic link is a typed link where the
  50. Newspapers, on television, fashion websites, social networks and in fashion, blogs , At the beginning of the 20th century, fashion magazines began to include

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