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  1. Defined species found in the Departments of Ben and Panda in Bolivia. * The, giant ,anaconda, a mythical snake of enormous proportions found in South America. *
  2. Helen Meredith, identified nature's most endangered) include: the Chinese, giant ,salamander, a distant relative of the newt, the tiny Gardiner's Seychelles
  3. Impact events. Analysis of composition of the lunar samples support the, giant ,impact hypothesis, that the Moon was created through a" giant impact" of a
  4. Characteristics and genres that remain fundamental elements of anime today. The, giant ,robot genre (known as" Mecca" outside Japan),for instance, took shape
  5. By Loki) and Elder. Description While many versions of myths portray Ægir as a, giant , it is curious that many do not. In some texts, he is referred to as something
  6. A hunter if provoked, Adonis disregards Aphrodite's warning and pursues the, giant ,creature. Soon, however,Adonis is the one being pursued; he is no match for
  7. Consists of a large variety of decorative art. This ranges from Delftware to, giant ,dollhouses from the 17th century. The architect of the gothic revival building
  8. The Taiwan abalone or jinking * Halitosis gigantic Gaelic,1791 – the, giant ,abalone, Awabi * Halitosis Clara Gaelic,1791 – the glistening abalone *
  9. Both Alpha Centauri A and B. Other models also suggested that formation of gas, giant ,planets similar to Jupiter and Saturn is unlikely because of the significant
  10. Was a German engineer and automobile pioneer, the founder of the manufacturing, giant ,which would eventually become Audi. Beginnings Porch was born in Winningen. His
  11. Of stellar systems, when they are influenced gravitationally by either the, giant ,gas planets or disruptions by passing nearby stars, many of these comets then
  12. Penalize),and just two species of shrimp, the Pacific white shrimp and the, giant ,tiger prawn, account for about 80 % of all farmed shrimp. These industrial
  13. Had to be punished for it, since Python was a child of Gaia. Hera then sent the, giant ,Titles to kill Let. This time Apollo was aided by his sister Artemis in
  14. Upriver from the mouth. Smaller ocean vessels of 3,000 tons or 9,000 tons a, giant ,tropical forest and river basin with an area that stretches more than. It is
  15. Of bright stars. The brightest star is α Antoine, a magnitude 4.25 m orange, giant , Anglia contains the following deep sky objects: *NGC 2997,a spiral galaxy of
  16. Provided by Thor and Tar. The story of their obtaining the pot from the, giant ,Ymir is told in Hymiskviða. The prose introduction to Lokasenna and Snorri's
  17. Success and visited the mines twice a year. He innovated by installing a, giant ,engine, known as the Superior, which was able to lift 24 tons of rock from a
  18. Two phyla use amoebic movement in their feeding stage. One is basically a, giant ,multinucleate amoeba, while the other lives solitary until food runs out; in
  19. Saturniid moth species * Atlas Turtle (Colossochelys atlas),a prehistoric, giant ,tortoise, formerly in the genus Tested Physics * ATLAS experiment, a particle
  20. Shoot for the teenage magazine Bravo. On the photo, every ABBA-member held a, giant ,initial letter of his/her name. After the pictures were made, Heilemann found
  21. As folk medicine for birth control. Most notable for this use is the extinct, giant ,fennel, silphium. The cultivated plants in this category are almost all
  22. Used interchangeably. Family According to Funding Noriega,Ægir is a son of the, giant ,Forgot and brother of Logic (" fire" ) and Kari (" wind" ). Ægir's wife
  23. Support the giant impact hypothesis, that the Moon was created through a ", giant ,impact" of a large astronomical body with the Earth. Program costs and
  24. Soon, however,Adonis is the one being pursued; he is no match for the, giant ,boar. In the attack, Adonis is castrated by the boar, and dies from a loss of
  25. Into loose, filose, and meticulous amoebae. There is also a strange group of, giant ,marine asteroids, the xenophyophores, that do not fall into any of these
  26. Including one terrestrial planet 6.6 times the mass of Earth. * The orange, giant ,star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a planet,91 Aquatic b. The planet's mass is 2.9
  27. By the European Space Agency's INTEGRAL satellite may explain the origin of a, giant ,cloud of antimatter surrounding the galactic center. The observations show that
  28. Are the main habitat of the Giant Otter (Pteropoda brasiliensis). The, giant ,otter is a member of the weasel family and is the largest of its kind. Because
  29. Dam was already standing—but the decision was nonetheless heralded as a, giant ,victory for the Ainu people. In short, nearly all the plaintiffs' claims
  30. It is also sometimes found in the abdomens of whales. Because the beaks of, giant ,squids have been found embedded within lumps of ambergris, scientists have
  31. Cannon shell" spacecraft" ( coincidentally" launched" from Florida) by a, giant ,cannon in Jules Verne's 1865 novel From the Earth to the Moon. The name
  32. On the lawn in front of the Pots and Plants Garden Center, the Hyde Park Gym's, giant ,flexed arm, and Daniel Johnston's Hi, how are you? Frog mural. Austenite
  33. Studies have so far failed to find any evidence for brown dwarfs or gas, giant ,planets. However, computer simulations show that a planet might have been able
  34. Organisms, ranging from unicellular to multicellular forms, such as the, giant ,helps that grow to 65 meters in length. They are photosynthetic like plants
  35. K. Cole and H. Curtis. Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley also employed the squid, giant ,axon (1939) and by 1952 they had obtained a full quantitative description of
  36. Could be seen as a reflection by crews on ships rounding Cape So union, and a, giant ,shield on the left side, decorated by Mys with images of the fight between the
  37. At appreciable rates at high concentration. Ægir (Old Norse" sea" ) is a sea, giant , god of the ocean and king of the sea creatures in Norse mythology. He is also
  38. Jury-addicted father safely at home; Triggers in Peace flies to Olympus on a, giant ,dung beetle to obtain an end to the Peloponnesian War; Pisthetairus in Birds
  39. Are introduced by the developmental life cycle of the main species,the, giant ,river prawn. The global annual production of freshwater prawns (excluding
  40. To change them. The command module was named Columbia after the Columbia,the, giant ,cannon shell" spacecraft" ( coincidentally" launched" from Florida) by a
  41. The ammonia molecule has also been detected in the atmospheres of the gas, giant ,planets, including Jupiter, along with other gases like methane, hydrogen,and
  42. Slaying each other. In Nonnus' Dionysian Ares also killed Ekhidnades,the, giant ,son of Echidna and a great enemy of the gods; it is not clear whether the
  43. The characteristic sequence of earthquake, retreat of the sea and sudden, giant ,wave. His work has suffered terribly from the manuscript transmission. Aside
  44. Magnitudes of galaxies can be much lower (brighter). For example,the, giant ,elliptical galaxy M87 has an absolute magnitude of −22 (i.e. as bright as
  45. Of a man upon a horse to make a centaur); augmenting (as with the case of a, giant , whose size has been augmented); and diminishing (as with Lilliputians, whose
  46. Speer learned later, Hitler was enthusiastic about Speer's design (which used, giant ,flags),though Goebbels took credit for it. Essence was dismissive:" Do you
  47. Electric technology Audi is planning an alliance with the Japanese electronic, giant ,San yo to develop a pilot hybrid electric project for the Volkswagen Group. The
  48. Camp, and fights with the Greeks among the ships. In Book 14,Ajax throws a, giant ,rock at Hector which almost kills him. In Book 15,Hector is restored to his
  49. This would be discounted, if for example, Alpha Centauri B happened to have, giant ,gas planets orbiting Alpha Centauri A (or conversely, Alpha Centauri A for
  50. In larger clouds of molecular material on the scale of several hundred pc (, giant ,molecular clouds; EMCS). Safety precautions The U. S. Occupational Safety and

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