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  1. Electron–positron collider * Advanced Distribution Automation, the extension of, intelligent ,control over an electrical power grid * After the Development of Agriculture
  2. That are more formal. The adjectives mad meaning" angry ", smart meaning ", intelligent ,", and sick meaning" ill" are also more frequent in American (these meanings
  3. Braddock, who did Miss Marple's legwork. Lansbury's Marple was a crisp, intelligent ,woman who moved stiffly and spoke in clipped tones. Unlike most incarnations of
  4. The Turing test, an attempt to define a standard for a machine to be called ", intelligent ,". The idea was that a computer could be said to" think" if a human
  5. S life span and initiated the celebrated Pax Romana or Pax Augusta. He was, intelligent , decisive, and a shrewd politician, but he was not perhaps as charismatic as
  6. Designers to draw 3D objects such as walls, doors and windows, with more, intelligent ,data associated with them, rather than simple objects such as lines and circles
  7. Of defense R&D, but are now common place consumer items and inexpensive, intelligent ,toys. In common usage, the term" AI" no longer seems to apply to
  8. Teaching at the school. A tiny, neat woman, aged thirty, she was well-read and, intelligent , Her strong Methodist faith immediately attracted Patrick Bronte. Though from
  9. Gives fruit. Since aura is non-sentient, it cannot act unless moved by an, intelligent ,being such as a god. It cannot independently bestow reward or punishment.
  10. Accepting fine-tuning as a brute fact is less astonishing than the idea of an, intelligent ,creator. Furthermore, even accepting fine-tuning, Sober (2005) and IKEA and
  11. Given enough universes, a small fraction thereof will be capable of supporting, intelligent ,life. Ours must be one of these, and so the observed fine-tuning should be no
  12. Another associated topic is the Fermi paradox, which suggests that if, intelligent ,life is common in the universe, then there should be obvious signs of it. This
  13. The neuroscience of the future would be able to discover what made Einstein so, intelligent , Einstein's remains were cremated, and his ashes were scattered at an
  14. Argue that the Anthropic Principle as conventionally stated actually undermines, intelligent ,design; see fine-tuned universe. Paul Davies's book The Goldilocks Enigma (
  15. Of planets in it allows for a higher bound, so that there is no need to invoke, intelligent ,design to explain evolution. Observational evidence No possible observational
  16. Of projects like SET, which tries to detect signs of radio transmissions from, intelligent ,extraterrestrial civilizations. Another active research area in astrobiology is
  17. Consist of particular traits or capabilities that researchers would like an, intelligent ,system to display. The traits described below have received the most attention.
  18. X-ray laser satellites, Brilliant Pebbles consisted of a thousand very small, intelligent ,orbiting satellites with kinetic warheads. The system relied on improvements of
  19. Jupiter as a protective shield) may have greatly increased the probability of, intelligent ,life arising on our planet. No firm conclusions have been reached so far.
  20. Obscure 1883 book by L. E. Hicks. Seeing little sense in a principle requiring, intelligent ,life to emerge while remaining indifferent to the possibility of its eventual
  21. Taking advantage of the economic downturn. This leader turns out to be more, intelligent , charismatic and ruthless than Hitler. The outcome of this new leader results
  22. Griffin described Abdul Rahman as a man of middle height, with an exceedingly, intelligent ,face and frank and courteous manners, shrewd and able in conversation on the
  23. Cosmology. It implies that the purpose of the universe is to give rise to, intelligent ,life, with the laws of nature and their fundamental physical constants set to
  24. Is both a challenge and an inspiration for philosophy. Are there limits to how, intelligent ,machines can be? Is there an essential difference between human intelligence
  25. As a sociopath and a hardened juvenile delinquent; he is nonetheless, intelligent ,and quick-witted, with sophisticated taste in music. He is particularly fond of
  26. Systems. * I-X, a systems' integration architecture project for the creation of, intelligent ,systems at AAI, University of Edinburgh. * Rapider, an environment for
  27. From the Drake equation, essentially an equation expressing the probability of, intelligent ,life as the product of factors such as the fraction of planets that might be
  28. Is the" Head of the State" for the United States. He is not particularly, intelligent ,and has a very undistinguished look. He knows politics, however,and is a
  29. Aims to create it. AI textbooks define the field as" the study and design of, intelligent ,agents" This raises philosophical issues about the nature of the mind and the
  30. Is that we understand so little about the emergence of life, especially, intelligent , life,that it is effectively impossible to calculate the number of observers in
  31. That principle has important antecedents in the notions of teleology and, intelligent ,design. They discuss the writings of Fichte, Hegel,Bergson, and Alfred North
  32. Perception of an unrelated trait,e.g. treating an attractive person as more, intelligent ,or more honest. People tend to see others as tending to all good or tending to
  33. Stories. Poirot regards Hastings as a poor private detective, not particularly, intelligent , yet helpful in his way of being fooled by the criminal and for his tendency to
  34. An entire chapter argues that Homo sapiens is, with high probability, the only, intelligent ,species in the Milky Way. The book begins with an extensive review of many
  35. Trial, Judge John E. Jones III ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, finding that, intelligent ,design is not science and permanently forbidding the Dover school system from
  36. Form of a design argument is put forth by Intelligent design. Proponents of, intelligent ,design often cite the fine-tuning observations that (in part) preceded the
  37. Is a metaphysical existence which controls not only the actions of individual, intelligent ,agents, but ultimately all observable phenomena. Will, for Schopenhauer, is
  38. Preceded the formulation of the anthropic principle by Carter as a proof of an, intelligent ,designer. Opponents of intelligent design are not limited to those who
  39. Proposal ". In" The Atom" she sings” Oh holy is the atom/ The truly, intelligent ,design/ To which all evolution/ Is graciously aligned. ” In Reno in 2008
  40. Institutions, and for his death before his father, Fath Ali Shah. Abbas was an, intelligent ,prince, possessed some literary taste, and is noteworthy on account of the
  41. These laws and constants not constituted in this way. The term. Any form of, intelligent ,life would do; so, specifying carbon-based life, per se, is irrelevant. The
  42. Impression that the principle involves humans specifically, rather than, intelligent ,observers in general. Others have criticized the word" principle" as being
  43. From childhood, and which are to them rather a matter of blind faith than, intelligent ,conviction. Wallace was an enthusiast of phrenology. Early in his career, he
  44. Is not science and permanently forbidding the Dover school system from teaching, intelligent ,design in science classes. In January 2006,the ACLU filed a lawsuit, ACLU v.
  45. Surface and atmospheric properties. An estimate for the number of planets with, intelligent ,extraterrestrial life can be gleaned from the Drake equation, essentially an
  46. During his July 1936 visit he wrote letters saying that there was" more, intelligent ,leadership in Germany than is generally recognized. " The German American Band
  47. Nestor, Diomedes,Idleness, or Odysseus, he is much more powerful and just as, intelligent , He commands his army wielding a huge shield made of seven cow-hides with a
  48. Statement saying that the theory of evolution is not fact and mentioning, intelligent ,design as an alternative theory. Believing that the school was promoting a
  49. Principle by Carter as a proof of an intelligent designer. Opponents of, intelligent ,design are not limited to those who hypothesize that other universes exist;
  50. D. M. Thomas, Elie Wiesel said Solzhenitsyn is not an anti-Semite. " He is too, intelligent , too honest, too courageous, too great a writer. " He says he wishes

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