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  1. Robotics and other forms of automation will ultimately result in significant, unemployment ,as machines begin to match and exceed the capability of workers to perform most
  2. From the 1950s onward, the city grew much faster than envisioned, because, unemployment , and poverty forced people to migrate from the countryside into the city in
  3. This and Bosnia's shrinking national debt being positive trends, but high, unemployment ,and a large trade deficit remain cause for concern. The national currency is
  4. Hayek argues that the decrease in spending in investment sectors creates, unemployment ,because there are too many industrial workers laid-off to be immediately
  5. Back into consumption sectors. Krugman argues that this theory does not explain, unemployment , Since total spending is equal to total income, the reallocation of resources
  6. Economic growth. The finding sharply contrasts with government's official, unemployment ,rate of about 10 percent. Many large companies have a privileged status when it
  7. Sector, with around 80 % of all companies doing business in services. The, unemployment ,rate reached a 15-year low in September 2011 and stood at 12.7 % (German
  8. Of the Plessy sit-in. The town had the curious distinction of having the only, unemployment ,benefit office in Britain with the insignia of King Edward VIII of the United
  9. Forum. Stated plans for the future include upgrading the labor force, reducing, unemployment , strengthening the banking and tourism sectors, and,in general, further
  10. African Americans, who have a disproportionate occurrence of poverty and, unemployment ,as a group, are more often uninsured than non-Hispanic whites or Asians. For a
  11. The sixth wealthiest (per capita income). As of January 2010,the state's, unemployment ,rate is 8.5 %. Race and ancestry According to the 2010 U. S. Census, Alaska had
  12. Force amounts to 2.5 million people. Amidst the Financial crisis of 2007–2010, unemployment , rates increased to 9.1 % in 2009,while GDP growth contracted from 6.3 % (2008
  13. Per capita income for the state was $18,189. As of September 2010,the state's, unemployment ,rate is 8.9 %. Agriculture Alabama's agricultural outputs include poultry and
  14. Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment figures. Nationwide, the October 2008, unemployment , rate for African Americans was 11.1 %, while the nationwide rate was 6.5 %. The
  15. Force. The government reported a total work force of 122,800 in 1999,with an, unemployment ,rate of 5.5 %. Oil and natural gas account for almost all exports. Since only a
  16. Of the town church in 1905 due to increased traffic. Economy, Aarau had an, unemployment ,rate of 2.35 %., there were 48 people employed in the primary economic sector
  17. Is $1,137 per week, compared with $1,171 nationally. The Northern suburbs ', unemployment ,rate is disproportionately higher than the other regions of Adelaide at 8.3 %
  18. Investment outside the energy sector have had little success in reducing high, unemployment ,and improving living standards, however. In 2001,the government signed an
  19. Worst economic results since the 1997 meltdown. GDP shrank by around 5 % and, unemployment ,jumped. Consumer spending and foreign investment dropped dramatically and
  20. Rural migration has causes serious problems in these urban sectors, including, unemployment , housing shortages and, the proliferation of vast slums. Science The Islamic
  21. Was that he was an Englishman born in Wales. After a brief period of, unemployment , he was hired as a master at the Collegiate School in Leicester to teach
  22. Negotiating to issue its own euro coins. Andorra has one of the world's lowest, unemployment ,rates, with the statistics on June 2009 showing almost 0 % unemployment within
  23. Economy as British demand for timber plummeted. The effects of widespread, unemployment ,were worsened by a devastating hurricane that struck the colony in 1931.
  24. Currency, and privatize most small- and medium-sized enterprises. Armenia's, unemployment ,rate, however,remains high, despite strong economic growth. The chronic energy
  25. Territory. *1894 – Coxey's Army reaches Washington’D. C. to protest the, unemployment ,caused by the Panic of 1893. *1900 – Hawaii becomes a territory of the United
  26. So that the" soldier and the working man" could enjoy a drink, but widespread, unemployment ,among veterans was hardened by many of the available jobs being taken by
  27. In the 1970s,the South Bronx became iconic of America's urban crisis of, unemployment ,and poverty, as arson in the city's public housing was a persistent symbol of
  28. But no robust foreign investment. Despite progress since the Soviet era,the, unemployment ,rate still hovers near 30 % and there remains a huge gulf between actual and
  29. 2011 and first in Scotland for graduate-level jobs. It said:" With a graduate, unemployment ,rate that is lower than the most famous universities, including Oxford and
  30. War (1992–1995) destroyed the economy and infrastructure in Bosnia, causing, unemployment , to soar, as well as causing the death of about 100,000 people and displacing
  31. S MON units. During his presidency, Aliyev managed to reduce the country's, unemployment , rein in criminal groups, establish the fundamental institutions of independent
  32. Shortage—under the control of city temple authorities, thus acting as a form of, unemployment ,relief. Some have suggested that this was Sargon's original employment for the
  33. Effects of their desired policy of large-scale public works programs to end, unemployment , This use of the phrase was continued by the NSDAP (Nazi Party) when it came
  34. And homes. Recent government administrations have continued efforts to reduce, unemployment , encourage foreign direct investment, and privatize remaining state-owned
  35. Problems with a husband or partner, the perception that she is too young, and, unemployment , A 2004 study in which American women at clinics answered a questionnaire
  36. Parties allege that the Shiv Sent has done little to solve the problem of, unemployment ,facing a large proportion of Maharashtra youth during its tenure, in
  37. He had to face a country with hyperinflation, high levels of misery and, unemployment , Far-left organizations were trying to turn the anti-Collor campaign into a
  38. And Herzegovina caused production to plummet by 80 % from 1992 to 1995 and, unemployment ,to soar. With an uneasy peace in place, output recovered in 1996-99 at high
  39. One of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region including a low, unemployment ,rate. About three quarters of the Aruba gross national product is earned
  40. Oil peaked and began to decline and Alberta's economy soon followed suit, with, unemployment , doubling within a year. With natural gas prices at a long-term low,Alberta's
  41. Active soldiers and is expected to reach 260,000 in the coming years. Its, unemployment ,rate is 35 % and roughly the same percentage of its citizens live below the
  42. Worked in agriculture,33 percent in industry, and 56 percent in services. The, unemployment ,rate has been in double digits throughout the post-communist era, reaching a
  43. Initial booms also cause resource reallocation, which implies an increase in, unemployment ,under the Austrians' theory of the business cycle. Krugman also points out
  44. Paper products, bromine,and vanadium. As of August 2011,the state's, unemployment ,rate is 8.3 %. Several global companies are headquartered in the northwest
  45. Last hired and first fired" is reflected in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment ,figures. Nationwide, the October 2008 unemployment rate for African Americans
  46. 67th highest human development level in the world In 2009 the country had an, unemployment ,rate of 6 % and a low crime rate compared to other CIS and Eastern European
  47. Control most of the banking sector. A sizable current account deficit and high, unemployment ,rate remain the two most serious economic problems. The country receives
  48. Differences arising from such factors as training, trust,hardship, and, unemployment , Paul Samuelson finds in Smith's pluralist use of supply and demand as applied
  49. Late-2000s recession, resulting in a 12 % GDP decline in that period, a rise in, unemployment , and spending at least five quarters in its worst recession since the early
  50. Lowest unemployment rates, with the statistics on June 2009 showing almost 0 %, unemployment ,within the country. Demography Population The population of Andorra is

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