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  1. Simpson College, Upper Iowa University, and William Penn University also have, classroom ,facilities in the area. For-profit colleges with classroom s in the area include
  2. Silver had been suggested by Harrison Schmitt as an alternative to the, classroom ,lecturers that NASA had previously used. Among other things, Silver had made
  3. Classroom, so they should be rigid and disciplinary. Establishing order in the, classroom ,is crucial for student learning; effective teaching cannot take place in a loud
  4. Instrument being the gold-leaf electroscope, which although still in use for, classroom ,demonstrations, has been superseded by the electronic electrometer. However
  5. Jazz big bands. As with classical training programs, jazz programs also include, classroom ,courses in music history and music theory. In a jazz program, these courses
  6. Practiced by Marva Collins, in which both learning styles are accommodated. The, classroom ,is filled with facts, that are organized with theories, providing a rich
  7. Who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a, classroom , It has been described as" a process to create and provide access to learning
  8. Fear of retribution for not agreeing with a concept should be eliminated. A, classroom ,tone of support helps to alleviate fears and encourages students to have the
  9. Curriculum development, organizational learning, special education and, classroom ,management. Educational psychology both draws from and contributes to cognitive
  10. And interactive whiteboard is capturing the attention of students in the, classroom , Technology is also being used in the assessment of students. One example is
  11. What he or she learns differently depending on what he or she brings to the, classroom , -“A person learns significantly only those things that are perceived as being
  12. As a Teacher-Centered Philosophy The role of the teacher as the leader of the, classroom ,is a very important tenet of Educational essentialism. The teacher is the
  13. Who accepted, and Philip provided the Temple of the Nymphs at Maize as a, classroom , In return for teaching Alexander, Philip agreed to rebuild Aristotle's
  14. Were natives of an intensely mercantile culture. In order to be effective, classroom ,instruction needs to change subjects at times near a typical student's
  15. The Audience Response System (AS),which allows immediate feedback tests and, classroom ,discussions. Information and communication technologies (Its) are a “
  16. Example, we can report the average reading test score for the students in each, classroom ,in a school, to give a descriptive sense of the typical scores and their
  17. Courage to explore concepts and beliefs that vary from those they bring to the, classroom , Also, new information might threaten the student’s concept of him- or herself;
  18. Education, acting exercises, learning through experience, risk-taking in the, classroom , tolerance in schools, physical education/recess, and early childhood education
  19. Theory. Believing that the school was promoting a religious idea in the, classroom ,and violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, several Dover
  20. Students to experiment with mathematical and computational concepts on, classroom ,or home computers. Futurist and sci-fi writer David Brain mourned the loss of
  21. And educational materials at no cost. Teachers use the newspapers in the, classroom ,along with frameworks-compatible teacher guides and in-paper educational series
  22. On the etymology of B-trees in his May 1980 lecture on the topic" CS144C, classroom , lecture about disk storage and B-trees ", suggesting the" B" may have
  23. Free to interested members of the community, and is delivered in a group, classroom ,setting. People may complete the training without obligation to join a CERT.
  24. In teaching, in which candidates are trained in language awareness and, classroom ,techniques, and given a chance to practice teaching, after which feedback is
  25. Delivery mechanism in both developed and developing countries. In addition to, classroom ,application and growth of e-learning opportunities for knowledge attainment
  26. Table below, used where lists of names and words are sorted, as in phone books, classroom ,lists, and dictionaries, groups letters by similarity of shape. The order is
  27. Through the 1990s and into the 21st century, and are incorporated into, classroom ,practice through textbooks and curricula published under his own imprint.
  28. Environment. It is the teacher's responsibility to keep order in the, classroom , The teacher must interpret essentials of the learning process, take the
  29. Herald in Education Program provides teachers throughout Massachusetts with, classroom ,newspapers and educational materials at no cost. Teachers use the newspapers in
  30. Important tenet of Educational essentialism. The teacher is the center of the, classroom , so they should be rigid and disciplinary. Establishing order in the classroom
  31. Five years, receiving a first (intermediate) diploma in 1908. Some of his, classroom ,counterpoint-exercises, such as the, were published after his death. Another
  32. With the demolition of the original 1929 building and the addition of a new, classroom ,and cafeteria building. The public school in Aberdeen is AA under the SDH SAA.
  33. Seed-to-seed in about five weeks under a bank of fluorescent lamps in a school, classroom , Many desert annuals are therophytes, because their seed-to-seed life cycle is
  34. Of the learning process, take the leadership position and set the tone of the, classroom , These needs require an educator that is academically well-qualified with an
  35. Heavily drew upon Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish. Hohokam felt that, classroom ,learning as the historically specific form of learning does not make full use
  36. All participants are" present" at the same time. It resembles traditional, classroom ,teaching methods despite the participants being located remotely. It requires a
  37. To loudspeakers at a party, or the noise from a construction site next to a, classroom ,making it difficult to hear the professor. Physiological-Impairment Noise:
  38. Discusses forms of" expansive learning" that seem to avoid the limitations of, classroom ,learning, such as apprenticeship and learning in contexts other than classroom s
  39. Selected a" dummy ", an unusable unit with an inoperative ripcord intended for, classroom ,demonstrations, Pending investigation In March 2009 the FBI disclosed that a
  40. Successfully. Facilitating instructors also perform set-up and tear-down of the, classroom , provide instructional materials for the course, record student attendance and
  41. S unique educational experience. Participating students alternate periods of, classroom ,based study with periods of full-time practical work experience related to
  42. Child Haven. In 1997 Agassi donated funding to Child Haven for a six-room, classroom ,building now named the Agassi Center for Education. His foundation also
  43. For Ames is a community space that serves as an art gallery, music venue and, classroom ,for community workshops. Popular culture *The city is featured in the
  44. Friendly environment in which trust is developed is essential in the online, classroom , Fear of retribution for not agreeing with a concept should be eliminated. A
  45. Curriculum of studies for all Dominican students, introduced Aristotle to the, classroom ,and probed the work of Neoplatonists, such as Platinum. Indeed, it was the
  46. Titled a Gloss) survived in student reports from Alexander's teaching in the, classroom ,and so it provides a major insight into the way theologians taught their
  47. An extensive analysis on the modern state's institutionalized forms of ", classroom ,learning" as the cultural–historical context that shapes much of modern
  48. Conceptions of learning he found most useful in his own detailed analysis of ", classroom ,learning" came from cognitive anthropologists Jean Lave (situated learning)
  49. Uncomfortable and fearful. A barrier is created by a tone of threat in the, classroom , Therefore, an open, friendly environment in which trust is developed is
  50. Other instances the goal is more to learn how the Internet can be more than a, classroom , Web-based international educational software is under development by students

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