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  1. Mila was in poor condition in the early 1980s. It had been painted a dreary, brown ,and many of its interior color schemes had been abandoned or allowed to
  2. These are specialized heterodox algae, related to golden algae, diatoms, brown , algae,and the like, which have microtubule-supported tentacles. As far as the
  3. In the world – such as Baikushev's Pine and the Grant oak – have grown. The, brown ,bear and they have small, but growing populations. Politics The National
  4. Species include: common dandelion, ring-necked pheasant, Pacific oyster, brown ,trout, black slug, European Starling, cowbird,snapped, bullfrog,purple
  5. Observed that electric current sent through a solution of borates produced a, brown ,precipitate on one of the electrodes. In his subsequent experiments he used
  6. Include Russian wheat vodka and class, a drink made from fermented malted, brown ,bread or rye flour. Class may also be combined with sliced vegetables to create
  7. Him to be a draftsman of superior quality. Light-drenched washes of golden, brown ,ink depict a distant view of the city of Dordrecht or Utrecht. A Cup drawing
  8. Many towns; it is about 12 cm across, with angulated wings, and in color olive, brown , with white markings. Other Lepidoptera whose larvae feed on Acanthus include
  9. Color "Cyrillic/JJ"> white">Cyrillic, style" background-color:, brown ,; color: white;" > color "Georgian/JJ"> white">Georgian, style "
  10. So that he appeared to be gazing upward at an angle. His eyes (one blue, one, brown , ) revealed a dewy, feminine quality. He had a high complexion and a harsh voice
  11. Amber itself can range from a whitish color through a pale lemon yellow, to, brown , and almost black. Other more uncommon colors include red amber (sometimes
  12. Industries in neighboring places to the northeast; it never played any role in, brown ,coal mining, however,neither in administrative nor industrial terms. Products
  13. Enclosing volcanic rock. This green silicate may give rise by alteration to a, brown ,iron oxide (lignite),producing a rusty appearance on the outside of the
  14. Young — A Chinese-style omelet with vegetables and meat, usually served with a, brown ,gravy. * Egg roll — While native Chinese spring rolls have a thin crispy skin
  15. They range from large and modern to small and cozy. The typical Brooke KROE (, brown ,café) breathe a more old-fashioned atmosphere with dimmed lights, candles,and
  16. Can be found along the reef. Seabird species such as the lesser frigate bird, brown ,noddy and sooty tern use the island for nesting and roosting. The island is
  17. From the Inhale henakandaya. However, this name is used to refer to the, brown ,vine snake, Ahaetulla pulverulenta, a slender arboreal species that grows to
  18. It is white to blend in with snow, while in the summer months it changes to, brown , Reproduction The arctic fox tends to be active from early September to early
  19. Of them have wavy brown ish hair. Their skins are generally reported to be light, brown , But this is due to the fact that they labor on the sea and in briny winds all
  20. The othersand she was her aunt's favorite. Her hair was a very pretty light, brown , and fell on her neck in graceful curls. She had lovely violet-blue eyes; fine
  21. Resemble Super NEW carts in size and shape, except that they are molded in, brown ,plastic. Their labels look much more modern and stylized, with only a minimal
  22. And Imperial stout. The name Porter was first used in 1721 to describe a dark, brown ,beer popular with the street and river porters of London. This same beer later
  23. He was surprised to find Hitler dressed in a neat blue suit, rather than the, brown ,uniform seen on Nazi Party posters, and was greatly impressed, not only with
  24. By most other breed registries. Other recognized colors include bay, black, brown , buckskin, palomino,gray, dun,red dun, grullo (also occasionally referred to
  25. Leftovers" in Chinese. It is usually a mix of vegetables and meat in a, brown ,sauce but can also be served in a white sauce. * Chow man — literally means
  26. Grouse that lives among willows and on open tundra and muskeg. Plumage is, brown ,in summer, changing to white in winter. The Willow Ptarmigan is common in much
  27. Tomb monument to Sir Nicholas Fitzherbert Image: alabaster-satin spar. JPG|This, brown ,alabaster sculpture is untreated, with natural translucency and satin luster (
  28. The oldest island, is heavily eroded, being one of the few places to encounter, brown ,sandy beaches in the archipelago. They range in surface area from the largest
  29. Inn, where Tan You had been staying, with reports of a bag of money in a, brown ,paper bag passed from You to Wander Calm during the goings-on. These scandals
  30. Considerable intermarriage between these three groups has taken place. The, brown ,population (as multiracial Brazilians are officially called; pardon in
  31. An association football. The first balls made specifically for basketball were, brown , and it was only in the late 1950s that Tony Winkle, searching for a ball that
  32. Nodules which may be as large as a human fist, with many small lobes and light, brown ,in appearance. The bacterium absorbs nitrogen from the air and makes it
  33. All the observational studies have so far failed to find any evidence for, brown ,dwarfs or gas giant planets. However, computer simulations show that a planet
  34. Number: fluorine is nearly colorless, chlorine is bright-green, bromine is, brown ,and iodine is closer to black in color. Astatine suits the trend well, having a
  35. Grain, but it is often associated with an oxide of iron, which produces, brown ,clouding and veining in the stone. The coarser varieties of alabaster are
  36. Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) and an acidic substance, they will form a pale, brown ,cloud of bromine gas.: 6 Br – + 2 MnO4 – + 8 H+ → 3 Br2 + 2 MnO2 + 4 H2O This
  37. Lager were pioneered by Gabriel Selma the Younger, who perfected dark, brown ,lagers at the Staten Brewery in Bavaria, and Anton Dreyer, who began brewing a
  38. Shades of red indicating crop health, black where flooding occurs, and, brown , where unwanted pesticides land on chemical-free crops. After 1492,a global
  39. Or other elements. Several allotropes of boron exist: amorphous boron is a, brown ,powder and crystalline boron is black, extremely hard (about 9.5 on Moss '
  40. Levels in various groups of Vietnam veterans, including Army, Marines and, brown ,water riverboat Navy personnel. US Congress In 1991,the US Congress enacted
  41. Nuts and iron vitriol. This gave writing a brown ish black color, but black or, brown ,were not the only colors used. There are texts written in red or even gold, and
  42. Oxidation state of +3 (Bk2O3) and +4 (BkO2). Berkelium (IV) oxide is a, brown ,solid that crystallizes in a cubic (fluorite) crystal structure. Berkelium (
  43. Cetylpyridinium chloride are also associated with loss of taste sensation and, brown ,discoloration of the teeth. Brands Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July 356 –
  44. Words derive from the Proto-Indo-European root El-, meaning " red" or ", brown ,", which is also a root for the English words elk and another tree: elm, a tree
  45. Farther distances due to A's stronger gravity. In addition, the lack of any, brown ,dwarfs or gas giants around A and B make the likelihood of terrestrial planets
  46. Name" Frat res Anti Ambrosia ad Nexus" and adopted a habit consisting of a, brown ,tunic, scapular,and hood. The brethren elected a superior with the title of
  47. Common tree species are site spruce and western hemlock. Wildlife includes, brown ,bears, black bears, the endemic Alexander Archipelago wolf, Sitka black-tailed
  48. Borne on branched panicles. They turn reddish later in the year and eventually, brown , They stay on the tree for a long time; the male flowers have a strong odor.
  49. And wetlands, are major tourist attractions. The wildlife, including lions, brown ,hyenas, cheetahs,leopards, wild dogs and antelope, were described in great
  50. Are American stir-fry dishes inspired by Chinese food, that may contain, brown ,rice instead of white, or those with grated cheese; milk products are almost

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