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  1. Massive fortifications throughout successive generations on a granite, hill ,over 400ft high with an enormous 8mile wall enclosing the city. The main gates
  2. II joined the fleet at Devaluation. The Whom king Jayadhwaj Singh took refuge in, hill ,again. But in December, Mir Lumley II fell seriously ill and the soldiers
  3. Detachment at Jerusalem, which apparently encamped all over the city’s western, hill , was responsible for preventing Jews from returning to the city. Roman
  4. Stipulates that it is a democratic socialist party. The light on the, hill ,is a phrase used to describe the objective of the Australian Labor Party. The
  5. Park Güell (, ) is a garden complex with architectural elements situated on the, hill ,of El Carmel in the Gracie district of Barcelona, Catalonia,Spain. It was
  6. The entrance and is known asPatalganaga. Horsey Hills, elevation,is a summer, hill ,resort in Andhra Pradesh, about from Bangalore and from Timpani. The town of
  7. Of the place is" Parc Güell" in its original language). The site was a rocky, hill ,with little vegetation and few trees, called Montana Nevada (Bare Mountain).
  8. Is another popular pilgrimage site of national importance located on a, hill ,north of the Visakhapatnam city center. Simhachalam is said to be the abode of
  9. It is founded on the ruins of old Cesium. It is a small city which, built on a, hill , goes down towards the sea, divided in two: the High city and the Low city. One
  10. Of almost all the children in Reweigh village. He bought Barrymore House on the, hill ,above Reweigh in 1924. He died in America in 1929. * Thomas Pattern from Dewey
  11. Sea route from Wellington in the North Island to Piston. History It was from a, hill ,on Arapaho Island in 1770 that Captain James Cook first saw the sea passage
  12. Philopappos hill and the surrounding area, including Onyx and Arrests, hill , are planted with pines and other trees, with the character of a small forest
  13. Completed construction on Loop 360,a scenic highway that curves through the, hill ,country from near the 71/Mopey interchange in the south to near the 183/Mopey
  14. Millennium BC). There is little doubt that a Mycenaean megaton stood upon the, hill ,during the late Bronze Age. Nothing of this megaton survives except, probably
  15. Puritan preacher John Winthrop delivered his famous sermon Shining city upon a, hill , The ship landed in 1630 and the Massachusetts Bay Colony was established at
  16. On the south-west of Santa Bárbara castle. Its small houses climb up the, hill ,leading to the walls and the castle, through narrow streets decorated with
  17. Tales about The Edge, The story of the king and the wizard living under the, hill ,played an important part in the young Alan's life, becoming " deeply embedded
  18. Capitulated,except Gaza. The stronghold at Gaza was built on a, hill ,and was heavily fortified. At the beginning of the Siege of Gaza, Alexander
  19. Where Ambrosia was supposedly buried) – and with the presence of an Iron Age, hill ,fort also in that parish, then it may be tempting to connect Ambrosia with
  20. Allen (“ Allen Astronomical Society” ). It is located on Sc hill erhöhe, hill ,and features two refractive telescopes. They were manufactured by Carl Zeiss AG
  21. Are also traces of town walls below. The temple site was on a low spur of the, hill , below the town. An early terrace wall supports a precinct in which are a stop
  22. Is very hill y north of the center (by Danish standards, that is; see Highest, hill , Denmark). The coastline consists mainly of sandy beaches, but stony areas are
  23. Hill and originally planned to cover each of these in flowers. That way each, hill ,would be covered with a single, primary color which represented its spiritual
  24. Schedule, most types of racing events were invented here, including the first, hill ,climb (Nice – La Turbine) and a sprint that was, in spirit, the first drag
  25. And is situated between Allen’s Ho fen district and Shuttling. The sands on a, hill ,stemming from the Early Pleistocene are of geological importance, and the
  26. Crossing Formation already belonging to the Late Triassic. On the Brandenburg, hill , until 1939 iron ore was mined (see Liefer Stolen section). Extent of the
  27. The acropolis may still be seen in a fair state of preservation on a circular, hill ,standing about above the little plain of Exarch; one gateway remains, and
  28. Centre. The hill s of Athens also provide green space. Lycabettus, Philopappos, hill ,and the surrounding area, including Onyx and Arrests hill , are planted with
  29. Bauhaus influences). * Molokai () is the area, at the base of Lycabettus, hill , is full of boutiques catering to well-heeled customers by day, and bars and
  30. 25) He will shake his fist at the mount of the daughters of Zion,the, hill ,of Jerusalem … (27) when he goes up from the Valley of Sacco to fight against
  31. The one-million-year-old limestone caves at Berra, picturesque Arab Valley, hill ,resorts of Horsey Hills, river Goddard racing through a narrow gorge at PPI
  32. Fighting. Their chief objective was the capture of Itagüí which is a small, hill ,on the south bank of the Brahmaputra at Guwahati. In 2 November 1667,Itagüí
  33. Members were buried ceremoniously in several deeply dug pits on the, hill , serving conveniently as a fill for the artificial plateau created around the
  34. People naturally chose elevated ground to build a new settlement, frequently a, hill ,with precipitous sides. In many parts of the world, these early citadels became
  35. Ireland campaigned successfully to have them stopped before they destroyed the, hill , In popular culture * The Ark of the Covenant is the main focus of Steven
  36. Stations are at a distance from the Park and at a much lower level below the, hill ,), by city buses, or by commercial tourist buses. While entrance to the Park is
  37. 3bdw or ABD as technically transcribed from hieroglyphs) meaning" the, hill ,of the symbol or reliquary ", a reference to a reliquary in which the sacred
  38. Population of 655,780 The ancient site of Athens is centered on the rocky, hill ,of the acropolis. In ancient times the port of Piraeus was a separate city, but
  39. Against Goths. A new forum was built in the name of Radius, on the seventh, hill ,of Constantinople, the Xērolophos, in which a column was begun to commemorate
  40. Leaving no trace of it behind. Legend has it he built a castle on top of a, hill ,north of Aquila to watch the city burn, thus founding the town of Udine
  41. Mission is home to the ancient Temple of Hephaestus, standing atop a small, hill , This area also has a picturesque 11th Century Byzantine church, as well as a
  42. Phrygia, Hellenistic,Roman, Byzantine,and Ottoman archaeological sites. The, hill ,which overlooks the city is crowned by the ruins of the old castle, which adds
  43. Are becoming impossible to find. Main sights Museums: is located on an imposing, hill , ANTIOPE quarter of the city, where the mausoleum of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk
  44. Erected in Williamsport, Maryland to commemorate Doubleday's occupation of a, hill ,there during the Civil War, claims he invented the game in 1835. Amplitude
  45. Be found here like jewelry, carpets,costumes, antiques and embroidery. Up the, hill ,to the castle gate, there are many shops selling a huge and fresh collection of
  46. The Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Canada, the rim of the majestic, hill ,to the south of the present city center, stood well outside the Roman city, but
  47. Ares to appear before the tribunal of the Olympic gods, which was held upon a, hill ,in Athens. Ares was acquitted, and this event is supposed to have given rise to
  48. Combine Ruthie of Ruthrieston in 1881. It has extensive gardens, a rose, hill , boating pond, bandstand,and play area as well as Europe's second largest
  49. Side, thus facilitating defense. There were two lesser approaches up the, hill ,on its north side, consisting of steep, narrow flights of steps cut in the rock
  50. Area of the Menelik Park and Railway Station, while on the southern side of the, hill , it may have extended downwards as far as the site presently occupied by

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