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  1. Position with a clear line-of-sight, detailed advance knowledge of the intended, victim ,'s travel plans, the ability to identify the target at long range, and the
  2. Was for the benefit of others; Poirot himself noted that he wanted to kill his, victim ,shortly before his own death so that he could avoid succumbing to the arrogance
  3. On a technicality. It may also be because, since 12 people stabbed the, victim , none was certain who delivered the killing blow. Ultimately a falsehood is
  4. 1882 – Artur Schnabel, Polish pianist (d. 1951) *1884 – Leo Frank, American, victim , of lynching (d. 1915) *1885 – Karen Alien (ISAF Dine sen),Danish author (
  5. Been ill for a year, leaves for a sanatorium. It is Room who treats the first, victim ,of plague and who first uses the word plague to describe the disease. He urges
  6. Lester Married, Zimbabwean cricketer * 1981 – Rachel Scott, American murder, victim ,(d. 1999) * 1981 – Cory Williams, American internet celebrity *1982 – Jamie
  7. About Smith's thoughts on free market. Most people still fall, victim ,to the thinking that Smith was a free market economist without exception
  8. Newspaper Corriere della Sera reported a theory that the writer had been the, victim ,of a Soviet plot, but Camus biographer Olivier Todd did not consider it
  9. Belgian composer (b. 1802) *1906 – August D, First recorded Alzheimer's, victim ,(b. 1850) *1919 – Land Eötvös, Hungarian physicist (b. 1848) *1920 –
  10. Snow. When it finds prey, it pounces and punches through the snow to catch its, victim , Its fur changes color with the seasons: in the winter it is white to blend in
  11. The crime of assault generally requires that both the perpetrator and the, victim ,of an assault are human. Thus, there is no assault if an ox gores a man.
  12. It is a defense if the accused can show that he or she reasonably believed the, victim ,was over the age of consent. However, where such a defense is provided, it
  13. Tiger kidnapping, taking a hostage to force a loved one or associate of the, victim ,to do something Sciences * Abduction (kinesiology),a type of movement which
  14. While yet warm. For the highest spiritual working one must choose that, victim ,which contains the greatest and purest force; a male child of perfect innocence
  15. The concierge of the building in which Room lives. An old man, he is the first, victim ,of the plague. *Jacques Othón: Jacques Othón is M. Othon's young son. When he
  16. Manfred Mann) *1943 – Abigail Folder, American heiress and Manson murder, victim ,(d. 1969) * 1943 – Stefania Toczyska, Polish mezzo-soprano * 1943 – Perez
  17. Not yet understood. As a pathway is more or less sequential in nature, it is a, victim ,of causality; removing or modifying one component leads to an effect in another
  18. Says 'Father of computer science, mathematician,logician, wartime code breaker, victim ,of prejudice '. There is also a Bertrand Russell quotation saying 'Mathematics
  19. Until at last, the oracle agrees that the price is sufficient. And then the, victim ,doesn’t run away anymore, but waits willingly to be caught. So, there is a
  20. American borax magnate (b. 1846) *1934 – Linda Agostini, Australian murder, victim ,known as the" Pajama Girl" ( b. 1905) *1944 – Georg von Roeselare, German
  21. Of consent or the accused can show due diligence in determining the age of the, victim ,(e.g., a 15-year-old who used a fake identification document claiming they
  22. Never realized. On 13 March (1 March Old Style Date),1881,Alexander fell, victim ,to an assassination plot in Saint Petersburg. As he was known to do every
  23. All express sympathy for Prometheus' plight. Prometheus meets Io, a fellow, victim ,of Zeus' cruelty; and prophesies her future travels, revealing that one of her
  24. Baudelaire, French poet (b. 1821) *1888 – Mary Ann" Polly" Nichols, British, victim , of Jack the Ripper (b. 1845) *1920 – Jens Oliver Lister, Faroese
  25. Case *1990 – Content Ramsey, American beauty pageant contestant and murder, victim ,(d. 1996) Deaths *1162 – Ramon Banger IV, Count of Barcelona (b. c. 1113
  26. Justice as well, after he discovers that twelve different people stabbed the, victim ,– Mr. Ratchet – in his sleep. This is because they were only carrying out the
  27. Veteran, Argentine actress *2005 – Cay lee Anthony, American child murder, victim ,(d. 2008) Deaths * 378 – Valets, Roman Emperor (killed in battle) (b. 328
  28. Missionary John Birch, regarded by some American right as the first, victim ,of the Cold War. *1948 – The House Un-American Activities Committee holds
  29. Examination of the crime scene, but by inquiring either into the nature of the, victim ,or the psychology of the murderer. Central to his behavior in the later novels
  30. Years old, age had not diminished his charms, and Theodora became the next, victim ,of his artful seduction. To avoid the vengeance of the Emperor, she fled with
  31. Vietnamese victim s class action lawsuit in U. S. courts On January 31, 2004,a, victim ,'s rights group, the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (
  32. In Against Non) a defendant allegedly assaulted a man and crowed over the, victim , Hubris, though not specifically defined, was a legal term and was considered a
  33. Massacre (b. 1981) * 1999 – Cassie Bern all, Columbine High School massacre, victim ,(b. 1981) * 1999 – Rachel Joy Scott, Columbine High School massacre victim (
  34. He would not be able to go on. It is especially hard for him when he visits a, victim ,in the person's home, because he knows that he must immediately call for an
  35. Assaulting is a constable (Forbes (1865) 10 Cox CC 362). The fact that the, victim ,is a police officer is not, in itself, an aggravating factor which would
  36. Variant) became Car finds a whore, with the letters E hardly counted, and the, victim ,Thomas Overbuy, as 'Thomas Overture ', was written as O! O! A Susie further
  37. Victim (b. 1981) * 1999 – Rachel Joy Scott, Columbine High School massacre, victim ,(b. 1981) *2001 – Giuseppe Monopoly, Italian conductor and composer (b. 1946
  38. By picking a lock and is caught before taking anything would still owe the, victim ,for violating the sanctity of his property rights. Benson opines that, despite
  39. But Atari's proprietary computer architecture and operating system fell, victim ,to the success of the Winter platform while the game market revived. In 1989
  40. Without that knowledge, without that capacity to think, you can easily become a, victim ,of people who seek to take advantage of you. The founder of the Astrological
  41. 19 September 1970,J. Howard" Doc" Deceives states that he was actually the, victim ,of the first skyjacking in December 1929. He was flying a postal route for the
  42. Radioactive rainstorms in Japan (the only country ever to have been the, victim ,of an atomic bombing),and one particular incident in March had exposed a
  43. Do not distinguish between members of the public and police officers as the, victim ,.: According to R (Dullard) v Working Magistrates' Court (2005) WHO 2922 (
  44. Their knees – and only a single survivor returned to Athens, there to fall a, victim ,to the fury of his comrades' widows, who pierced him with their brooch-pins.
  45. 40 years since the landings) (2009) In law, assault is a crime causing a, victim ,to fear violence. The term is often confused with battery, which is the actual
  46. Referred to actions which, intentionally or not, shamed and humiliated the, victim , and frequently the perpetrator as well. It was most evident in the public and
  47. Another person. The violation of one's personal space or touching in a way the, victim ,deemed inappropriate can be simple assault. In common law states an assault is
  48. 1964 – Pete Incaviglia, American baseball player *1965 – Rodney King, American, victim , of police brutality *1966 – Bill Romanowski, American football player * 1966 –
  49. Usage is found in both dialects. * In both countries, thugs will beat up their, victim ,; AME also allows beat on (as both would for an inanimate object, such as a
  50. However, where such a defense is provided, it normally applies only when the, victim ,is close to the age of consent or the accused can show due diligence in

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