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  1. Of the band. Although, in the suit, Osbourne is seeking 50 % ownership of the, trademark , he has said that he hopes the proceedings will lead to equal ownership among
  2. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were huge Beatles fans, however Apple Inc. has had, trademark ,issues between themselves and Apple Corps Ltd., a multimedia company started by
  3. Of an open source clone of the Warcraft engine called Free Craft, claiming, trademark , infringement. This hobby project had the same gameplay and characters as
  4. He begins almost every statement with" Uhhhhhh ..." and ends with his short, trademark ,laugh" Uh huh huh huh ". Calmer, though cockier, and marginally more
  5. Reversed on the band's promotional material and became the group's registered, trademark , The first time the name is found written on paper is on a recording session
  6. Scenes, specifically in Dorothy's apartment, which have since become a Lynch, trademark , The film has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) because of
  7. Newly created local exchange carriers. AT&T also was limited to using the Bell, trademark ,only in association with Bell Laboratories. Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
  8. Controversy erupted (see below) he exhibited an obsession with fire and his, trademark ,phrase was" FIRE! FIRE! " Which he would render with a maniacal gaze in his
  9. To change the company name. (The court decided that Porch was a registered, trademark ,on behalf of August Horch's former partners and August Porch was not entitled
  10. With tolerance to imidazoline herbicides marketed by Pioneer Hi-Bred, under the, trademark ," Clearfield" but in these, the herbicide-tolerance trait was bred without the
  11. Orwell Productions, Inc." in federal court in Chicago for copyright and, trademark ,infringement. The case was Estate of Orwell v. CBS,00-c-5034 (ND Ill). On
  12. It is simply" AT Attachment ". This name was chosen to avoid possible, trademark ,issues. IDE and ATA-1 The first version of what is now called the ATA/ATAPI
  13. Of Bayer in Germany, Canada,Mexico, and in over 80 other countries, where the, trademark ,is owned by Bayer, using acetylsalicylic acid in all markets, but using
  14. Talking, when most of the audience would not be paying attention. It became his, trademark ,style. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADAM) is an immune mediated
  15. The Amiga brand without having released any products. The current owner of the, trademark , Amiga, Inc., licensed the rights to sell hardware using the AmigaOne brand to
  16. Town of Caerphilly, South Wales. For the ceremony, Hopkins donned Cooper's, trademark ,fez and performed a comic routine. Other work In 1986,he released a single
  17. In the 2003 film plays Dealer, although Dealer is portrayed without his, trademark ,spectacles and mustache. All Quiet on the Western Front () is a novel by
  18. World War I, Aspirin (along with heroin) lost its status as a registered, trademark ,in France, Russia,the United Kingdom, and the United States, where it became a
  19. Corporation, manufacturer of the 2600 supercharger, was sued by Emerson for, trademark ,infringement. Arcadia Corporation then changed its name to Star path. Emerson
  20. And copyright misuse, submarine patents, gene patents, patent,copyright and, trademark ,trolling, Employee raiding and monopolizing talent, Bioprospecting, biopiracy
  21. At once, firing each one independently. Dual wielded weapons have become the, trademark ,of some game characters, most notably Lara Croft and Dante. Etymology There is
  22. Do with females, in which case he either wavers or comes on too strongly. His, trademark ,phrase when approaching women is" hey baby ". As the more dominant personality
  23. And the United States. Aspirin, with a capital" A ", remains a registered, trademark ,of Bayer in Germany, Canada,Mexico, and in over 80 other countries, where the
  24. By California cuisine have opened in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The, trademark ,dishes of American Chinese cuisine remain on the menu, but there is more
  25. Ball itself was never adopted as a trademark by Commodore. The official Amiga, trademark ,is a rainbow-colored double checkmark. Amiga community When Commodore went
  26. Or GPRS/cdma2000 from mobile operators. In 2006 Telecom introduced a new, trademark , By fly, for its ADSL access. As of 2008 By fly was available in all
  27. Had taken the name of the holiday and commercialized it for their own use as a, trademark ,for their publication" Arbor Day," so he countered their efforts, launched a
  28. Damage to the skull or brain. Perhaps the most significant" Lynching ", trademark ,in the film is the depiction of unearthing a dark underbelly in a seemingly
  29. Brand (LTR) in an Arabic (RTL) passage, an LRM mark is inserted after the, trademark ,symbol if the symbol is not followed by LTR text. If the LRM mark is not added
  30. mid-1990's in Westwood Village, California,near U. C. L. A. It featured the, trademark ,red and yellow lightbulb Newton logo in the form of an internally lit plastic
  31. Zwickau and continued using the Porch brand. His former partners sued him for, trademark ,infringement, and the German Supreme Court (Reichsgericht in Berlin) finally
  32. Of Bobby Farrell) and Yasmina Ayad-Saban (ex-wife of Farrell) renewed the, trademark ,to the name Money M. in Germany for a 10-year period. In November 2008,iconic
  33. Of it being consumed each year. In countries where Aspirin is a registered, trademark ,owned by Bayer, the generic term is acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Medical uses
  34. Ethical and legal issues include: Patent infringement, copyright infringement, trademark ,infringement, patent and copyright misuse, submarine patents, gene patents
  35. Later identified as being harmful to the atmosphere's ozone layer. Freon is a, trademark ,name of DuPont for any chlorofluorocarbon (CFC),hydrogenated CFC (CFC)
  36. Turning it into a generic term which means that its legal protection as a, trademark ,is lost. As the mobile phone became a new mass media in 1998 when the first
  37. Bat logo on the character's chest was added in 1964,and became the hero's, trademark ,symbol, akin to the red and yellow" S" symbol of Superman. The overall look
  38. Preparing food, and for other utilitarian purposes. This name is a exercised, trademark ,named after Stanley Works, a manufacturer of such. Design Utility knives may
  39. May 3,1903 – October 14, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Crosby's, trademark ,bass-baritone voice made him one of the best-selling recording artists of the
  40. First of her Christmas albums - albums that later would be the basis for her, trademark ,holiday shows. In 1984,she released another pop-oriented Christian hit
  41. Corporation SDN BHD. Ghana International manages the use of the Brunei Halal, trademark , Producers that want to use the brand are required to first acquire the Brunei
  42. Lights in their products. The distinctive shape of the URLs has become a, trademark ,of sorts. LEDs were first introduced on the Audi S6,and have since spread
  43. Misuse of the term MMX. AMD and Intel settled, with AMD acknowledging MMX as a, trademark ,owned by Intel, and with Intel granting AMD rights to market the AMD K6 MMX
  44. Manufacturers in Brunei and in other countries to use the premium Brunei Halal, trademark ,to help them penetrate lucrative markets in countries with significant numbers
  45. A well-reviewed history of the theater replete with personal anecdotes and his, trademark ,wit. A book of Lerner's lyrics entitled A Hymn To Him, edited by British
  46. Gallery Image:47100 Blue SF roof. JPG|Diesel Class 47 loco No.47100 with the, trademark ,Stratford T. M. D. silver roof Image: Virgin Trains class 87 & train. JPG|Class
  47. Of multitasking at the time. The Boeing Ball itself was never adopted as a, trademark ,by Commodore. The official Amiga trademark is a rainbow-colored double
  48. Usually takes the beating and screams in pain before quickly reverting to his, trademark ,laugh. Before controversy erupted (see below) he exhibited an obsession with
  49. Holding in the business, which included the new factory in Ingolstadt and the, trademark ,rights of the Auto Union. Eighteen months later, Volkswagen bought complete
  50. A brand with a common noun also risks turning that brand into a generalized, trademark ,- turning it into a generic term which means that its legal protection as a

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