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  1. Greatly feared yet greatly loved by all, a quality rarely found united in one, captain , He was very valiant and favored by fortune. " In 1572 Albuquerque's feats
  2. 1990s. With Drag having joined WSC, England appointed Mike Rarely as their, captain ,and he enjoyed great success against Australia. Largely assisted by the return
  3. Improvements on the Salmon River. Before the election Lincoln served as a, captain ,in the Illinois Militia during the Black Hawk War. Following his return
  4. The 1980s,England continued to do well in the Ashes. Mike Getting was the, captain ,in 1986–87, but his team started badly and attracted some criticism. Then Chris
  5. And failed, Australia winning the series 2–1. This made Woodhull the only, captain ,to regain the Ashes, and he retired upon his return to Australia. In 1936–37
  6. It was the prospect of bowling at this line-up that caused England's 1932–33, captain , Douglas Sardine to adopt the tactic of fast leg theory, also known as Body line.
  7. By the above-mentioned William Damper. Selkirk was discovered by the Dukes, captain , Wooden Rogers, who referred to him as Governor of the island. Now rescued, he
  8. Club (he had been an active member of the Volunteer Force since 1900). The, captain ,of the club, wishing to retain Fleming in the team suggested that he join the
  9. Then lost the 1975 series 0–1,but at least restored some pride under new, captain ,Tony Drag. Australia won the 1977 Centenary Test which was not an ash
  10. Retirement with a career average of 99.94. Brahman was succeeded as Australian, captain ,by Lindsay Has sett, who led the team to 4–1 victory in 1950–51. The series was
  11. b. 1840) *1898 – Kept Te Rangihiwinui, Maori military leader ** Edward Smith, captain ,of the RMS Titanic (b. 1850) ** William McMaster Murdoch, First Officer (b.
  12. Ship where he began a career in slave trading. Newton often openly mocked the, captain ,by creating obscene poems and songs about him that became so popular the crew
  13. Ratcliffe went on to make 161 and England won the game comfortably. Australian, captain ,Herbie Collins was stripped of all captain cy positions down to club level, and
  14. Greyhound, Newton gained notoriety for being one of the most profane men the, captain ,had ever met. In a culture where sailors commonly used oaths and swore, Newton
  15. In 1914. Five more series took place between 1905 and 1912. In 1905 England's, captain ,Stanley Jackson not only won the series 2–0,but also won the toss in all five
  16. UK. Her mother, Clarissa Margaret Bother, was the daughter of a British Army, captain ,but had been sent as a child to live with her own mother's sister, who was the
  17. Look, both times played by David Mitchell. In the first, Poirot is asked by the, captain ,of a ship to investigate a murder that has taken place on board (The gag being
  18. Austrian general (b. 1771) *1863 – Jean Banjo, French foreign legion, captain ,(b. 1828) *1865 – Robert Fitzroy, British admiral and meteorologist (b. 1805
  19. The ship and expecting to be capsized, he offered a desperate suggestion to the, captain , who ordered it so. Newton turned and said," If this will not do, then Lord
  20. Waged the first of many sieges, eventually forcing his opponents, the mercenary, captain ,Demon of Rhodes and the Persian satrap of Maria, Orontobates, to withdraw by
  21. Newton was admonished several times for not only using the worst words the, captain ,had ever heard, but creating new ones to exceed the limits of verbal debauchery
  22. Of Villalba, County Mayo, Ireland. Fleming served throughout World War I as a, captain ,in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and was Mentioned in Dispatches. He and many
  23. Late 19th century and early 20th century. Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish artillery, captain ,in the French army, was accused in 1894 of passing secrets to the Germans. As a
  24. End, he stays with the broken-down Comet in the middle of the desert, like a, captain ,going down with his ship. It is unclear whether the strikers or anyone
  25. To the pavilion. When Peace returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his, captain ,for not allowing his partner, Charles Study (one of the best batsman in
  26. Match at The Oval. In 1982–83 Australia had Greg Chappell back from WSC as, captain , while the England team was weakened by the enforced omission of their South
  27. Heritage to his paternal grandfather and namesake, Abraham Lincoln, a militia, captain ,and landholder who had inherited an estate in Rockingham County, Virginia. The
  28. In 1979 and was succeeded by Ian Botham, who started the 1981 series as England, captain , by which time the WSC split had ended. After Australia took a 1–0 lead in the
  29. Dick, Stubb, one of the mates of the Pequot ( captain ed by Ahab),cons the, captain ,of a French whaler (Rose-bud) into abandoning the corpse of a Sperm whale
  30. His return to Australia. In 1936–37 Brahman succeeded Woodhull as Australian, captain , He started badly, losing the first two Tests heavily after Australia were
  31. Compared himself to the perpetrators of the Gulag:" I remember myself in my, captain ,'s shoulder boards and the forward march of my battery through East Prussia
  32. In prison and the camps. He repented for some of his actions as a Red Army, captain , and in prison compared himself to the perpetrators of the Gulag:" I remember
  33. Bligh promised that on the tour to Australia in 1882–83,which he was to, captain , he would regain" the ashes ". He spoke of them several times over the course
  34. To Olympias's brother, Alexander I of Virus, Philip was assassinated by the, captain ,of his bodyguard, Pausanias. As Ananias tried to escape, he tripped over a
  35. Lost his appointed pilot on departure. In Mozambique Channel they rescued, captain ,João the Nova who joined his ship From de la mar to the fleet, having been
  36. In 1903–04. England won it against the odds, and Plum Warner, the England, captain , wrote up his version of the tour in his book How We Recovered The Ashes. The
  37. Expedition of famed privateer and explorer William Damper. While Damper was, captain ,of the St. George, Selkirk served on the galley Cinque Ports, the St. Georges
  38. Fort Mountie in Charleston harbor, but by the start of the Civil War, he was a, captain ,and second in command in the garrison at Fort Sumter, under Maj. Robert
  39. It cannot be seen why he should be esteemed less than the most notable, captain , Nevertheless, his barbarous cruelty and inhumanity with infinite wickednesses
  40. The cast included Gary Sweet, as Donald Brahman and Hugo Weaving, as England, captain ,Douglas Sardine. Analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or
  41. Shipping experiences in the slave trade, Newton was promised a position as a, captain ,on a ship with cargo unrelated to slavery, when at thirty years old, he
  42. Violin,1669 In popular culture * Patrick O'Brian's fictional British sea, captain ,Jack Aubrey is described as owning a" fiddle far above his station, an Amati
  43. Francisco Serrano (his mother's Prime Minister) or Enrique Poor y Motto (a, captain ,of the guard),or even an American dental student. These rumors were used as
  44. Place on board (The gag being that Mitchell is playing both Poirot and the, captain ,simultaneously via split screen, prompting Robert Webb to complain about the
  45. Of one of the greatest periods in English cricket history with players such as, captain ,Len Hutton, batsmen Denis Compton, Peter May, Tom Gravely, Colin Corey
  46. The Ashes. During that tour a small terracotta urn was presented to England, captain ,IPO Bligh by a group of Melbourne women. The contents of the urn are reputed to
  47. His ground, believing it to be a bump ball. The umpire ruled in the Australian, captain ,'s favor, and he appeared to regain his fluency of yesteryear, scoring 187.
  48. And also Aberdeen Wanderers RFC. Former Wanderers' player Jason White was, captain ,of the Scotland national rugby union team. In 2005 the President of the SRU
  49. Black men were carrying spears and arrows and building boats on the beach. The, captain ,of the Primrose radioed for an urgent airdrop of firearms so the crew could
  50. Of the BBC. ) *1934 – Bill Woodhull of Australia becomes the only cricket, captain ,to twice regain The Ashes. *1941 – World War II: German troops reach Leningrad

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