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  1. Cities gleam: Undimmed by human tears.: America! America!: God shed His, grace ,on thee, : And crown thy good with brotherhood: From sea to shining sea. Popular
  2. Hind marsh, allows an instant release of energy in the exclamation" Amazing, grace , ", to be followed by a qualifying reply in" how sweet the sound ". In An
  3. Faith to their election. * Nature of grace – Arminians believe that, through, grace , God restores free will concerning salvation to all humanity, and each
  4. Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, who,because of her virginity, is full of, grace , Likewise, he affirmed that the Virgin Mary“ conceived as virgin, gave birth
  5. Our hopes that fly, : Undimmed by human tears.: America! America!: God shed His, grace ,on thee, : 'Til selfish gain no longer stain, : The banner of the free.: And
  6. Manifest in the weightier emphasis which he lays upon human sin and divine, grace , and in the place which he assigns to faith in the individual Christian life. *
  7. Rediscovery of the work of Aristotle. Augustine's doctrine of efficacious, grace ,found eloquent expression in the works of Bernard of Chateaux; also
  8. And its powers are not only debilitated and useless unless they be assisted by, grace , but it has no powers whatever except such as are excited by Divine grace . " *
  9. By Myers explained his literal interpretation of the second verse:" 'Twas, grace ,that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved" by saying that the
  10. Comes to all people. This grace (often called prevent or pre-regenerating, grace ,) acts on all people to convince them of the Gospel, draw them strongly towards
  11. His unmerited grace . This belief follows the theology of St. Paul: For it is by, grace ,you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift
  12. That the pursuit of a virtuous state is possible through external aid (as in, grace ,) and will promise an immortality where the moral journey can be completed. It
  13. Doctrines of original sin, total depravity, conditional election, prevenient, grace , unlimited atonement, and possibly apostasy. Wesley departs from Classical
  14. The change of" Ave Maria, gratia Elena, Dominus cecum" ( Hail Mary, full of, grace , the Lord is with you) into" Virgo Serena, pia, munda et immaculate" (
  15. Of the second verse:" 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and, grace , my fears relieved" by saying that the fear became immediately real to him when
  16. A servant of the status quo, but argued for a lively religion which emphasized, grace , holy and charitable living, and for the plain use of the 1662 Common Prayer
  17. And grace means. Newton's Calvinistic view of redemption and divine, grace ,formed his perspective that he considered himself a sinner so vile that he was
  18. And saints, the souls of humans who have received immortality from the, grace ,of God through faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who dwell in Heaven with God.
  19. Earned, rather it is a gift that is solely God's to give through his unmerited, grace , This belief follows the theology of St. Paul: For it is by grace you have been
  20. Leads to regeneration unless finally resisted. " The offer of salvation through, grace ,does not act irresistibly in a purely cause-effect, deterministic method but
  21. Theological fathers of Reformation due to his teaching on salvation and divine, grace , In the Eastern Orthodox Church he is blessed, and his feast day is celebrated
  22. For this change has been the altered interpretations of what wretchedness and, grace ,means. Newton's Calvinistic view of redemption and divine grace formed his
  23. Call through faith or resist it through unbelief. Calvinists hold that God's, grace ,to enable salvation is given only to the elect and irresistibly leads to
  24. Mountain majesties: Above the fruited plain!: America! America!: God shed His, grace ,on thee, : And crown thy good with brotherhood: From sea to shining sea!: O
  25. Happiness, or contentment. Since its immense popularity and iconic nature,", grace ," and the meaning behind the words of" Amazing Grace" have become as
  26. Feared to believe in manhood taken up into God, and therefore have lost the, grace ,of redemption, because they reject that on which salvation depends. Mariology
  27. Of the consequences of the original sin and of necessity of the redeeming, grace ,was developed in the struggle against Pelagic and his Belgian disciples
  28. A variety of methods and different perspectives. He believed that the, grace ,of Christ was indispensable to human freedom, and he framed the concepts of
  29. Enable the possibility of sincere faith. Piccalilli states that" indeed this, grace ,is so close to regeneration that it inevitably leads to regeneration unless
  30. Protestant aspects of the Church stress the Reformation theme of salvation by, grace ,through faith. They emphasize the two Dominican sacraments of Baptism and
  31. Of worship when we need to confess with joy that we are saved by God's, grace ,alone; as a hymn of response to forgiveness of sin or as an assurance of pardon
  32. Wesley sees two primary pathways that could result in a permanent fall from, grace ,: unconfessed sin and the actual expression of apostasy. " Wesley disagrees with
  33. Until in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful, grace ,of God. ' What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in
  34. Christian groups, the Catholic Church teaches that those who die in a state of, grace , but still carry venial sin go to a place called Purgatory where they undergo
  35. Atonement, ( III) total depravity, ( IV) total depravity and resistible, grace , and (V) possibility of apostasy. Note, however,that the fifth article did
  36. Social, or spiritual nature to overcome in order to achieve a state of, grace , happiness, or contentment. Since its immense popularity and iconic nature,"
  37. Theological traditions all emphasize the necessity of God's undeserved, grace ,for salvation, and reject so-called Plagiarism, which would make man earn
  38. Calvinists believe that they owe their faith to their election. * Nature of, grace ,– Arminians believe that, through grace , God restores free will concerning
  39. Realized in conjugal acts. The virtue of continence is achieved thanks to the, grace ,of the sacrament of Christian marriage, which becomes therefore a remedium
  40. Grace is resistible: God takes initiative in the salvation process and His, grace ,comes to all people. This grace (often called prevent or pre-regenerating
  41. The ability to lose salvation. Wesley also clarified the doctrine of prevent, grace ,and preached the ability of Christians to attain to perfection. While Wesley
  42. Unaided by the Holy Spirit, no person is able to respond to God’s will; #, grace ,is not irresistible; and # believers are able to resist sin but are not beyond
  43. By grace , but it has no powers whatever except such as are excited by Divine, grace , " * Atonement is intended for all: Jesus's death was for all people, Jesus
  44. Are able to resist sin but are not beyond the possibility of falling from, grace , The crux of Remonstrant Arminianism lay in the assertion that human dignity
  45. Not all Christian sects accept this doctrine, leading many controversies on, grace ,and free will, and the idea of predestination. In particular, the belief that
  46. Power that is applicable ...: the transformation of sin and sorrow into, grace , of suffering into beauty, of alienation into empathy and connection, of the
  47. Asserted in the importance Anglicanism places on the sacraments as a means of, grace , sanctification and salvation as expressed in the church's liturgy and
  48. Some modern expressions of Christianity have viewed this disparity in terms of, grace ,being an innate quality within all people who must be inspired or strong enough
  49. Points: * Human free will is limited by original sin, though God's prevent, grace ,restores to humanity the ability to accept God's call of salvation. * God
  50. Initiative in the salvation process and His grace comes to all people. This, grace ,(often called prevent or pre-regenerating grace ) acts on all people to

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