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  1. Of the Foundations Act in 2004 and the planned introduction of legislation to, regulate ,Private Trust Companies. Agriculture and fisheries industry together account
  2. Was created in 1890 as a body of faculty, deans,and other administrators to, regulate ,inter-Faculty affairs and consider issues of University-wide concern. The
  3. In the development of depressive symptoms, and antidepressants serve to, regulate ,HPA axis function. Comparison A number of antidepressants have been compared
  4. Of the money requested from them. Congress had also been denied the power to, regulate ,either foreign trade or interstate commerce and, as a result,all the States
  5. Immensely augmented, and the number of Abbreviations necessarily increased. To, regulate ,the proper expedition of these reserved benefices, Pope John XXII instituted
  6. Humble, and what to do when a member of the community is not. About one-fourth, regulate ,the work of God (the Opus DEI). One-tenth outline how, and by whom, the
  7. Provide public goods such as infrastructure, provide national defense and, regulate ,banking. It was the role of the government to provide goods" of such a nature
  8. School boards which originated prior to 1905,as well as to create and/or, regulate ,universities, colleges,technical institutions and other educational forms and
  9. It winds and unwind, as well as a large variety of transcription factors that, regulate ,expression. Processing of pre-mRNA Newly synthesized mRNA molecules are known
  10. Century, as legislative bodies worldwide created more government agencies to, regulate ,the increasingly complex social, economic and political spheres of human
  11. Of the body's antioxidant defenses, particularly the glutathione system, to, regulate , the increased oxidative stress. This effect may be to some extent protective
  12. Has him summoned to Egypt by the Fatimid Caliph, Al-Hakim bigamy Allah, to, regulate , the flooding of the Nile River. He carried out a detailed scientific study of
  13. That define the nature and extent of government. Most constitutions seek to, regulate ,the relationship between institutions of the state, in a basic sense the
  14. On HD2 while HD3 will only be used in the talk format. The White Sox will, regulate ,the programming of the station, but not the content. Television broadcasts are
  15. Law in most European countries lies in efforts by the church and governments to, regulate ,and control printing, which was widely established in the 15th and 16th
  16. Dependent on the age of the fetus, often using a trimester-based system to, regulate ,the window of legality. Many restrictions are waived in emergency situations.
  17. Particular spelling in English only slowly became fixed. There were attempts to, regulate ,anagram formation, an important one in English being that of George Tottenham
  18. Exchange (BSE),based in Gaborone, is given the responsibility to operate and, regulate ,the equities and fixed interest securities market. Formally established in 1989
  19. Plenary FATF Blacklist, the government enacted a legislative package to better, regulate ,the financial sector, including creation of a Financial Intelligence Unit and
  20. Humans evaluate the acceptability of behavior using social norms and, regulate ,behavior by means of social control. In sociology, behavior is considered as
  21. Called to Egypt by Al-Hakim bigamy Allah, ruler of the Fatimid Caliphate, to, regulate , the flooding of the Nile, a task requiring an early attempt at building a dam
  22. And determine the fundamental rights of German citizens. Articles 20 to 146 GG, regulate ,the organization of Germany and legitimize and rule its bodies such as German
  23. Referred to as bone remodeling units. Purpose The purpose of remodeling is to, regulate ,calcium homeostasis, repair micro-damaged bones (from everyday stress) but
  24. The power to assign duties, to decide which books may or may not be read, to, regulate , comings and goings, and to punish and excommunicate. A tight communal timetable
  25. Penetration of tropical Africa, the Berlin Conference of 1884–85 sought to, regulate ,the competition between the European powers in what was called the" Scramble
  26. Early modern reforms Until the council of Trent every bishop had full power to, regulate ,the Breviary of his own diocese; and this was acted upon almost everywhere.
  27. Are important neurotransmitters in animals. Alkaloids are also known to, regulate ,plant growth. Applications In medicine Medical use of alkaloid plants has a
  28. Exemption order committing to a policy of non-interference. The CRTC does not, regulate ,rates, quality of service issues, or business practices for Internet service
  29. Protected the liberty of the individual states. While calling on Congress to, regulate ,military and monetary affairs, for example, the Articles of Confederation
  30. Tools that work indirectly to limit lending practices and otherwise restrict or, regulate ,capital markets. For example, a central bank may regulate margin lending
  31. Health and well-being by bringing about a just, effective and humane system to, regulate ,and control drugs. *Separation of church and state; under this mandate, the
  32. De four in France. Bag The bag is an airtight reservoir that can hold air and, regulate ,its flow while the player keeps the bag inflated by blowing into it or pumping
  33. States (The U. S. Constitution reserves to the individual states the power to, regulate ,DUI penalties; while all impose penalties for driving with a BAC > 0.08,some
  34. Government regulation, due to high economies of scale. Government agencies, regulate ,the standards of service in many industries, such as airlines and broadcasting
  35. Some countries, there is external regulation. Inns of Court, where they exist, regulate ,admission to the profession. Inns of Court are independent societies that are
  36. Where alternative medical practices are sufficiently widespread may license and, regulate ,them. Edward Ernst has said that in Austria and Germany complementary and
  37. In Apalachicola, Florida. He hoped eventually to use his ice-making machine to, regulate ,the temperature of buildings. He even envisioned centralized air conditioning
  38. Of cellular components, such as poly ADP ribose polymerase, may also help, regulate ,apoptosis. Before the actual process of cell death is precipitated by enzymes
  39. Invention of the pendulum clock. Galileo had the idea to use a swinging bob to, regulate ,the motion of a time-telling device earlier in the 17th century. Christian
  40. Public health departments in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, regulate ,acupuncture. Legal and political status United States Those who specialize in
  41. This era, boxing commissions and other sanctioning bodies were established to, regulate ,the sport and establish universally recognized champions. Rules The Marquess of
  42. To reform those who do not conform. Authorities employ various mechanisms to, regulate ,(encouraging or discouraging) certain behaviors in general. Governing or
  43. Otherwise restrict or regulate capital markets. For example, a central bank may, regulate ,margin lending, whereby individuals or companies may borrow against pledged
  44. Production and storage of QI and blood; in a wider sense they are stipulated to, regulate ,digestion, breathing,water metabolism, the musculoskeletal system, the skin
  45. Through quorum sensing, bacteria are able to sense the density of cells, and, regulate , gene expression accordingly. This can be seen in both gram positive and gram
  46. 2) a dispute arising under any statute intended to protect civil rights or to, regulate ,contracts or transactions between parties of unequal bargaining power. " The
  47. Service to some subscribers and not others without a good reason). It does not, regulate ,service rates, service quality, or other business practices, and commission
  48. Governments will, often in good faith, establish government agencies to, regulate ,an industry. However, the members of an industry have a very strong interest in
  49. Would be the Interstate Commerce Commission, which was established in 1887 to, regulate ,the railroad" robber barons "; instead, it quickly became controlled by the
  50. Brutally. Its successes can be majestic and long-lasting, but it cannot, regulate ,people thoroughly enough to withstand doubts indefinitely, especially when

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