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  1. Advancing in a procession. After proceeding up the nave, he was to kneel and, pray ,at the topmost step of the entrance of the choir, into which he was to be
  2. Nations; they have no knowledge that carry the wood of their graven image, and, pray , unto a god that cannot save. " In the medieval era some within the Christian
  3. And Jerry Lee Lewis. Little Richard, who had been asking his audiences to, pray ,for BO Diddle throughout his illness, had to fulfill concert commitments in
  4. Bring these amaranths, these white lilies, : A sign, and sacrifice; may Love, we, pray , : Like quarantine flowers, feel no decay;: Like these cool lilies may our
  5. Duty because as often as I perform what is due to my wife I am not able to, pray , " Another passage, in the Commentary on Luke, also mentions a wife in the
  6. To Jews (observant Jews will not actually walk inside the enclosure but they, pray ,at the outside wall) and the third-holiest site in Islam. Sharon declared that
  7. Was to learn the Vedas, sacred texts and secular subjects, teach others and, pray ,for the well-being of all. The Kshatriya's chief occupation was martial skills
  8. Doctrinal teachings, then closes with Moroni's testimony and an invitation to, pray ,to God for a confirmation of the truthfulness of the account. Doctrinal and
  9. The pieces are laid on the wood. Elijah then invites the priests of Baal to, pray ,for fire to light the sacrifice. They pray from morning to noon without success
  10. That this means Jonah was comfortable in the roomy male fish, so he didn't, pray , but that God then transferred him to a smaller, female fish, in which the
  11. The form of non-liturgical, open worship with all male participants able to, pray ,audibly and select hymns or readings. The breaking of bread itself typically
  12. He cannot have missed the bejeweled crown waiting on the altar when he came to, pray , In any event, he used these circumstances to claim that he was the renewer of
  13. Mass, on Christmas Day (25 December),when Charlemagne knelt at the altar to, pray , the Pope crowned him Imperator Romano rum (" Emperor of the Romans" ) in
  14. Truth by following the suggestion in its final chapter to study, ponder,and, pray ,to God concerning its veracity. This passage is referred to as Moroni's
  15. Commands them to prepare burnt offerings and reassures them that Job will, pray ,for their forgiveness. Job is restored to health, gaining double the riches he
  16. Our lot like that of all their multitude, who worship mist and emptiness and, pray ,to a God who cannot give success. This sentence in italics is an allusion to
  17. About village on the Beveren river, populated by" bearded men" who ", pray ,to the icons ". Some modern researchers associate Beveren with Kodak River.
  18. Are called Romance. The Ainu people give thanks to the gods before eating and, pray ,to the deity of fire in time of sickness. They believe their spirits are
  19. Place of worship) marked at place, where Imam Ali-Zain-ul-Abedin use to, pray ,under this captivity (pl. see photo, right ). These are very important Islamic
  20. Christians went to the desert during the 3rd century, and remained there to, pray ,and work and dedicate their lives to seclusion and worship of God. This was the
  21. Of Constantine. She refused to go with them and demanded that they allow her to, pray ,to the Mother of God for protection. This request was granted and Anna then
  22. And nights; then, from the belly of the (data, female ) fish, Jonah began to, pray , " The peculiarity of this change of gender led the later rabbis to reason that
  23. Are all divided into three distinct classes, the classes being" those who, pray ," (the clergy)," those who fight" ( the nobility),and" those who work "
  24. Wonder if some people are going along with it just to keep their jobs. Look, I, pray , every day. I have faith. It's always been part of my life. But I don't want
  25. Then invites the priests of Baal to pray for fire to light the sacrifice. They, pray ,from morning to noon without success. Elijah ridicules their efforts. They
  26. Covenants 68:4). Members are encouraged to ponder these revelations and, pray ,to determine for themselves the truthfulness of doctrine. Adding to the canon
  27. Contrasted to Jonah's passivity. While Jonah sleeps in the hull, the sailors, pray ,and try to save the ship from the storm (1:4-6). While Jonah passively finds
  28. In the hope that this will keep them from being dispirited and lead him to, pray ,for them. *. A chapter on unity in the midst of the diversity of gifts among
  29. Orderly; it is this which has made it confused. Farewell, dear hearts of mine;, pray ,for me that I may live in God. " As soon as they set sail, such a storm arose
  30. Temporary aid from a doctor if he is in pain" so violent," he is unable to, pray ,for himself. (Science and Health, page 464) She also made it clear that
  31. Leaders included Prime Minister Kenny Anthony of St. Lucia who announced:" We, pray ,for President Castro, and we wish him God's blessings ". In December 2008 the
  32. Ll tell you what I think, but read the Bible for yourself, and then study and, pray ,about it. Decide in what ways God is calling you to be a follower of Jesus. "
  33. Hecatomb" to keep away the evil. When the oath of his priest appeases, they, pray , and with a song they call their own god, the beautiful Paean. Some common
  34. Midday Prayer "," Night Prayer" and" Family Prayer ". Some Anglicans who, pray ,the office on daily basis use the present Divine Office of the Roman Catholic
  35. And Roman Catholic priests and lay people often meet several times a week to, pray ,the office in common. A small but enthusiastic minority use the Anglican
  36. However, Luther preached:" We want to treat them with Christian love and to, pray ,for them, so that they might become converted and would receive the Lord. "
  37. Grave. Report was made to the king, who quite calmly remarked that they should, pray ,for the soul of Music, and see that she was thoroughly well buried. In spite of
  38. That, and who love Jesus and say, OK,you are welcome here, and then let's, pray ,together and figure out where God wants us to take it. " Some organizations
  39. Efforts to warn the people with pleas to God for mercy until he is ordered to ", pray ,no more for this people. " He engages in extensive performance art, walking
  40. A God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying ... it does not make much sense to, pray ,to the law of gravity. Despite his criticism of religion, Sagan denied that he
  41. Called Kitab Al Him (Epistles of Wisdom). They believe in reincarnation and, pray ,to five messengers from God. Christians make up 5.5 % of the population of the
  42. Perfected Christians remain subject to temptation, and have continued need to, pray ,for forgiveness and holiness. It is not an absolute perfection but a perfection
  43. goddess, who is separating the chaff from the grain. The harvesters must, pray ,to Zeus-Chthonios (Catholic Zeus) and Demeter so that the crop will be full
  44. If You at all want to bestow a desirable benediction upon me, then I, pray ,from Your Lordship that within the core of my heart there be no material
  45. Prayer cards and other materials may be printed to encourage the faithful to, pray ,for a miracle wrought by his or her intercession as a sign of God's will that
  46. Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them, pray ,over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the pray er of
  47. Any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the church and have them, pray ,over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord. And their pray er
  48. Of the song, Matt Skin sings" Lay my heavy head here down to sleep, and I, pray ,to Abraham, my soul to keep. " Abraham an Indian Metal band has been in the
  49. Threatened by him. I'm tired of defending overpaid, overprivileged actors. I, pray ,I don't work with them again. " Design and effects Rick Baker designed the
  50. There were temples of the dragon-king. During times of drought, people would, pray ,in the temples that the dragon-king would give rain to the human world. At that

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