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  1. Minas Gerais was still unknown, with China having reportedly made a surprise, bid ,for its purchase. The navy's priority re-equipment plans for the 1990s
  2. Would have liked to see him back in power. Al-Fihri eventually did make another, bid ,for power. He quit Córdoba and quickly started gathering supporters. While at
  3. Referred to as the strain. The partnership which makes the highest final, bid ,is known as the declaring side and is said to have 'won't the contract. The
  4. Speaker until the next general election. On 11 June 2009,she confirmed her, bid ,to be the Speaker. She made it through to the second ballot but came last and
  5. Not seen as fiscally viable during that era, this effectively ended Stone's, bid , In the fall of 1993,Jerry Colonel, majority owner of the Phoenix Suns, the
  6. In all events, Ealdred and Harold were close, and Alfred supported Harold's, bid ,to become king. Alfred perhaps accompanied Harold when the new king went to
  7. To support the Bosnian Annexation in return for Vienna's support for Russia's, bid ,for naval access through the Dardanelles Straits into the Mediterranean. With
  8. Begin nonstop service from JFK Airport to Tokyo-Haneda, but denied American's, bid ,to serve Hand from LAX. American planned to begin service to Tokyo-Haneda
  9. The hand is affected by two principal factors: the contract (number of tricks, bid ,in the auction, the denomination, and which side has bid it) and the number of
  10. Has established sister-city relationship with the following towns: In 2009 a, bid ,was made to twin Newcastle, United Kingdom with Alicante. Events * 70 – The
  11. Baku, FK Karabakh and Khazar Lanka ran. On March 19, 2010,Azerbaijan won the, bid ,to host the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup. Futsal is another popular sport
  12. Bid. Most players bid low amounts between one and ten points in an initial, bid ,in order to feel out the competition and to save points for other uses. A high
  13. Carrier. On November 18, 2009,Delta Air Lines, with help from TPG, made a, bid ,of $1 billion for JAL to partner with them. Two days later, reports came from
  14. During character creation in an auction; players get 100 character points, and, bid , on each attribute in turn. The character who bid s the most for an attribute is
  15. Stepped down as chairman. The position is now vacant. In June 2010 the Viola, bid ,farewell to long-time manager Pirandello (by then the longest-serving coach in
  16. Notable residents include country and western starlet Ciara Levelly, whose, bid , for the 2008 Eurovision contest was dashed after losing to Dustin the Turkey.
  17. Undervalued in the stock market, which is about to be the object of a takeover, bid ,; the price of the takeover will more truly reflect the value of the company
  18. Are non-refundable; if one player bid s 65 for psyche and another wins with a, bid ,of 66,then the character with 66 is" superior" to the character with 65 even
  19. With 66 is" superior" to the character with 65 even though there is only one, bid ,difference. Instead, lower bid ding characters are ranked in ascending order
  20. Strategy is to try and cow other players into submission with a high opening, bid , Most players bid low amounts between one and ten points in an initial bid in
  21. Romanov and London-based financier Farad Moshing. Red & White launched its, bid ,in August 2007,buying the stake held by former Arsenal vice-chairman David
  22. Genre (president of the ANC) proposed cooperation with the Communists in a, bid ,to revitalize the organization, but he was voted out of power in the 1930s.
  23. Try and cow other players into submission with a high opening bid . Most players, bid ,low amounts between one and ten points in an initial bid in order to feel out
  24. And in November 2009 increased his holding to 18,594 shares (29.9 %). A rival, bid ,to Kroenke's came from Red & White Securities, which is co-owned by Russian
  25. Preceding calls) (Note: although both are technically incorrect, the word ", bid ," is often used informally in place of" call" and" suit" may occasionally
  26. Characters are ranked in ascending order according to how much they have, bid , the characters becoming progressively weaker in that attribute as they pay
  27. Roth looks at an America where Franklin D. Roosevelt is defeated in 1940 in his, bid ,for a third term as President of the United States, and Charles Lindbergh is
  28. 2009 the Apple I with serial number 82 was listed on eBay with a starting, bid ,of $50,000, but it is unreported whether the computer was sold. However
  29. Problems. The seditious city of Zaragoza on the Upper March revolted in a, bid ,for autonomy. Little could ABD Brahman have known that as he set off to
  30. Number of tricks bid in the auction, the denomination, and which side has, bid ,it) and the number of tricks taken during play. It may also be affected by the
  31. Out the competition and to save points for other uses. A high enough opening, bid ,could signal a players' determination to be first ranked in that attribute
  32. Be one of the following: * Double (when the last call other than pass was a, bid ,by an opponent) * Redouble (when the last call other than pass was a double
  33. Papers from the Second World War were bought for the nation with an 11th-hour, bid , by the National Heritage Memorial Fund, allowing them to stay at Bletchley Park
  34. Football club A. S. Roma, to be bid ding for a takeover. The takeover, bid ,was successively rejected by the Sense family, who instead preferred to
  35. Worth and Beijing via Chicago-O'Hare (on Westbound only) in 2007 but lost its, bid ,to United Airlines' Dulles to Beijing route. AA was granted permission in
  36. Tricks if it is to obtain a score. Broadly speaking, there is an incentive to, bid ,accurately to the optimum contract and then to play to make the contracted
  37. Milwaukee Brewers founder Bud Selim was also a strong supporter of Colangelo's, bid , Plans were also made for a new retractable-roof ballpark, Bank One Ballpark
  38. To be defeated, thus losing some points, rather than allow the opposing side to, bid ,and make a contract which would score them an even greater number of points.
  39. It to the state of Michigan as the site of the state capital, but lost the, bid ,to Lansing. In 1837,the property was accepted instead as the site of the
  40. And Paralympics. British Airways is also the official airline of England's, bid ,to host the 2018 Football World Cup. On 12 March 2011,the airline set a new
  41. South to assume the crown was his likely motivation for supporting Richard's, bid ,for kingship. However, after becoming king, Richard began molding his nephew
  42. A premier has been elected to a third term. The province successfully won a, bid ,to host the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler, with Olympic
  43. The ultimate goal of the post-communist governments. Albania's EU membership, bid ,has been set as a priority by the European Commission. Albania, along with
  44. Former rival Garry Kasparov and of Magnus Carlson, both of whom supported his, bid ,and campaigned for him. Also, Nigel Short has announced he supported Karpov's
  45. Known for injecting a large amount of venom when it strikes. Colangelo's, bid ,received strong support from one of his friends, Chicago White Sox and Chicago
  46. Chairman, Councillor Jim Miller launched a public petition to reinforce the, bid ,explaining" We're simply asking people to, local people especially, to sign
  47. Outfield grass, plating Jay Bell with the winning run. This ended New York's, bid ,for a fourth consecutive title and brought Arizona its first championship in
  48. Were 'an unwanted lot' in the Maharashtra. In what was termed as an apparent, bid ,to recapture his party's Marathi sons of soil plank, which was being hijacked
  49. In 1999. The Central Bank devalued the Pull by 7.5 % in February 2004 in a, bid ,to maintain export competitiveness against the real appreciation of the Pull.
  50. Are awarded to the opponents (defenders). It can sometimes be advantageous to, bid ,a contract that one does not expect to make and to be defeated, thus losing

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