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  1. Are miscible in organic solvents. Because of hydrogen bonding, alcohols, tend , to have higher boiling points than comparable hydrocarbons and ethers. The
  2. Of amateur astronomy. Although specialized and experienced amateur astronomers, tend ,to acquire more specialized and more powerful equipment over time, relatively
  3. For amateur astronomers intent on research. For example, GOTO telescopes, tend ,to be faster for locating items of interest than star hopping, allowing more
  4. They die. Members of some generally non-theistic religions such as Buddhism, tend ,to believe in an afterlife, but without reference to a God. The Sadducee's were
  5. Cannot communicate their private grief to their neighbors, and conversations, tend ,to be superficial. Room returns to the theme at the end of the novel, after
  6. Seat of the provincial government—the capital of Alberta. Alberta's elections, tend ,to yield results which are much more conservative than those of other Canadian
  7. And various ethnic studies. Basic trends There are several characteristics that, tend ,to unite anthropological work. One of the central characteristics is that
  8. Of heatstroke than those who wear lighter-color clothes. Trees Because trees, tend ,to have a low albedo, removing forests would tend to increase albedo and
  9. Triggering consonant. Speakers of colloquial varieties with this vowel harmony, tend ,to introduce it into their MSA pronunciation as well, but usually with a lesser
  10. Parts of the state, especially in the Appalachian Mountains in the northeast, tend ,to be slightly cooler. Generally, Alabama has very hot summers and mild winters
  11. Bank policies are the predominant cause of most business cycles, as they, tend ,to set" artificial" interest rates too low for too long, resulting in
  12. 9 per 1,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with ASD. And, tend ,to continue through adulthood, although often in more muted form. Unusual
  13. In research with significant establishments in the metropolitan area. These, tend ,to be geographically clustered: * Located at the east end of North Terrace:
  14. 2007,USA),Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009,USA) 2D animation techniques, tend ,to focus on image manipulation while 3D techniques usually build virtual worlds
  15. Up the language on the spot, as in a normal discussion among people),speakers, tend ,to deviate somewhat from the strict literary language in the direction of the
  16. Acreage. Because of the low biodiversity, nutrient use is uniform and pests, tend ,to build up, necessitating the greater use of pesticides and fertilizers. This
  17. With a half-life of 80.3 days. Isotopes that are lighter than the stable 75As, tend , to decay by β+ decay, and those that are heavier tend to decay by β- decay
  18. Separating it from the inland Anatolian plateau. In the west, the mountains, tend ,to be low, with elevations from, but they rise in the easterly direction to
  19. Impact crater. The average annual temperature is 64 °F (18 °C). Temperatures, tend ,to be warmer in the southern part of the state with its proximity to the Gulf
  20. Of valence electrons determines the bonding behavior with other atoms. Atoms, tend ,to chemically react with each other in a manner that fills (or empties) their
  21. The area gets less rain than southeast Alaska, it gets more snow, and days, tend ,to be clearer. On average, Anchorage receives of precipitation a year, with
  22. This will result in a scenario whereby the unstable oxide ion formed will, tend ,to accept a proton to reform the original alcohol. With alkyl halves oxides
  23. Parts of Switzerland and in southern Germany, verbs that express a state, tend ,to use San as the auxiliary verb in the perfect, as well as verbs of movement.
  24. Cryptography, data compression algorithms and parsing techniques. Fields, tend ,to overlap with each other, and algorithm advances in one field may improve
  25. During the first six months of 2010. Since private transfers from the Diaspora, tend ,to be mostly injected into consumption of imports and not in high value-added
  26. Baccalaureate. There are also may other private schools but these institutions, tend ,to follow the same local curriculum (CCS) as government schools. Both
  27. Vegetation becomes more and more sparse. At these higher altitudes, the plants, tend ,to form isolated cushions. In the Alps, several species of flowering plants
  28. To intuitively pronounce Arabic names and phrases. These less" scientific ", tend ,to avoid diacritics and use digraphs (like sh and km). These are usually more
  29. Is a reward or punishment for their conduct during life. Most atheists, tend ,not to believe in life after death, while secular humanists explicitly reject
  30. Ceremonies honoring films that have not performed well at the box office, tend ,to show weaker ratings. The 78th Academy Awards which awarded low-budgeted
  31. Theory, the business cycle unfolds in the following way: Low interest rates, tend ,to stimulate borrowing from the banking system. This expansion of credit causes
  32. Common trends. Most noticeable is the differing pronunciation of and, which, tend , towards fronted, or in most situations, but a back in the neighborhood of
  33. Then the stable 75As tend to decay by β+ decay, and those that are heavier, tend ,to decay by β- decay, with some exceptions. At least 10 nuclear isomers have
  34. But with negative consequences. In its pathological form, spiritual anxiety may, tend ,to" drive the person toward the creation of certitude in systems of meaning
  35. Such as tuberous sclerosis. Although individuals with Asperger syndrome, tend ,to perform better cognitively than those with autism, the extent of the overlap
  36. Of both deciduous and evergreen trees. The higher slopes facing northwest, tend ,to be densely forested. The coast is rugged and rocky, with rivers that cascade
  37. Soon after conception. Just after birth, the brains of autistic children, tend ,to grow faster than usual, followed by normal or relatively slower growth in
  38. Processed by interpreters). Natural language expressions of algorithms, tend ,to be verbose and ambiguous, and are rarely used for complex or technical
  39. To this impulse to have art available to everyone. Museums in the United States, tend ,to be gifts from the very rich to the masses (The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  40. Should be abbreviated with periods and which should not. The U. S. media, tend ,to use periods in two-word abbreviations like United States (U. S.),but not
  41. 2 MOH (a) + H₂ (g) Alkali metals form a very wide range of amalgams. They, tend ,to form ironically bonded salts with most electronegative elements on the
  42. Although generally of lower power than the majority of telescopes, also, tend , to provide a wider field of view, which is preferable for looking at some
  43. Pronunciation of Modern Standard Arabic. ) *The critic suffixes themselves, tend ,also to be changed, in a way that avoids many possible occurrences of
  44. On Jews in Europe come from militant Islamic and Muslim groups, and most Jews, tend ,to be assaulted in countries where groups of young Muslim immigrants reside. On
  45. By bowel perforation and ascending paralysis, Natural-cause theories also, tend ,to emphasize that Alexander's health may have been in general decline after
  46. Generally seen as unavailable for private appropriation. Anarcho-capitalists, tend ,to concur with free-market environmentalists regarding the environmentally
  47. Employment opportunities or self-determination. Although core difficulties, tend ,to persist, symptoms often become less severe with age. Acquiring language
  48. Clothes. Trees Because trees tend to have a low albedo, removing forests would, tend ,to increase albedo and thereby could produce localized climate cooling (
  49. To a collection of political, philosophical,and literary ideas that together, tend ,to describe farm life in ideal terms. Philosophy In the introduction to his
  50. Above. These alcohols are called fuel alcohols or fuel oils in brewing and, tend ,to have a spicy or peppery flavor. They are considered a fault in most styles

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