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  1. The Convent of St Corentin, near Nantes. Her two children by Philip II, Philip, count , of Clermont (died 1234),and Mary, who married Philip I of Namur, were
  2. And marquisate of Provence, but Toulouse was taken from him by William IX, count ,of Poitier's, in 1114,who claimed it by right of his wife Philippa of Toulouse
  3. Authority, with full administrative powers in his region. But the shift from, count ,(comes) to duke (due) and from count y (cogitates) to duchy (ducats)
  4. Was a guarantee of the Genius' loyalty to Helices. The latter could also, count ,on the support of the Lombard garrison of Verona, where many may have opposed
  5. The king (St Louis),and three of his sons, the queen mother, Baldwin, count , of Flanders and emperor of Constantinople, the duke of Burgundy, and six lords
  6. Some see it as an example of Kurosawa's alleged artistic decline, while others, count ,it among his finest works. Although proposals for television projects were
  7. First package which provided that Andorra's sovereignty be shared between the, count ,of Fix These are dissected by three narrow valleys in a Y shape that combine
  8. Standard Arabic) " I wrote" = (short form or dialect). Doubled consonants, count ,as two consonants:" magazine "," place ". These rules may result in
  9. Queen Teresa had come to, marrying a second time the most powerful Galician, count , In 1120,the young prince took the side of the archbishop of Bragg, a
  10. NR: Keeps a current count of the number of input records. *NF: Keeps a, count ,of the number of fields in an input record. The last field in the input record
  11. The default action is to print the current line. Length ($0) > 80 Print a, count ,of words Count words in the input, and print the number of lines, words,and
  12. And the mathematicians in Alexandria. Archimedes challenges them to, count ,the numbers of cattle in the Herd of the Sun by solving a number of
  13. Move them toward the beam, you count their value. If you move away, you don't, count ,their value. The sampan can be reset to the starting position instantly by a
  14. And finally with the smallest chain. Rules issues The rules allow any player to, count ,the number of shares available in the bank. However, the rules do not specify
  15. Languages (serving" as the basis for the transcription" of about 60,by one, count ,), but not all, and discussions of harmonization of systems of transcription
  16. To implement in software than the more common MFM. In the end, the low chip, count ,of the controller helped make Apple's Disk II the first affordable floppy
  17. Text-fields in a record. Other variables include: *NR: Keeps a current, count ,of the number of input records. *NF: Keeps a count of the number of fields in
  18. And Slovak (for the Latin alphabet),with 46. However, these scripts either, count ,DI- and digraphs as separate letters, as Spanish did with ch and ll until
  19. Thirteen point seven. In count ing, it is common in both varieties of English to, count ,in hundreds up to 1,900—so 1,200 may be twelve hundred. However, Americans use
  20. Solution. Last years and retirement In honor of his work, Volta was made a, count ,by Napoleon in 1801. Furthermore, he was depicted upon the Italian 10,000 Lire
  21. And the Campanulaceae, with about 2,000 species. The remaining families, count ,together for less than 500 species. The two large families are cosmopolitan
  22. Doodo. It is recommended by some doctors for people having low red blood cell, count , It is also known among the Valentin as a drought crop (checker). In
  23. Toxic) ingredient is likely to remain. They are, thus,considered safe on that, count , but" their products are exempt from good manufacturing practice requirements
  24. Have you collected? "). However, in casual usage the word also appears as a, count ,noun. Anime can also be used as a supportive adjective or classifier noun ("
  25. Old and he remained under the guardianship of his cousin, Guillaume Jordan, count ,of Cordage (d. 1109),until he was five. He was then taken to Europe and his
  26. With wings count ing as legs for this purpose, Snowball arguing that wings, count ,as legs as they are organs of propulsion rather than manipulation),which the
  27. Gallium arsenide, indium arsenide, and aluminum arsenide. The valence electron, count ,of Gas is the same as a pair of Si atoms, but the band structure is completely
  28. To be known as the Christian era, European count ries used various systems to, count ,years. Systems in use included consular dating, imperial regnal year dating
  29. To Toulouse to take possession. There was some resistance to his accession as, count , which was suppressed with the help of his mother Blanche of Castile who was
  30. Chain would come off at regular intervals. Instead of having it mended he would, count ,the number of times the pedals went round and would get off the bicycle in time
  31. Alfonso, Count of Barcelona, the illegitimate half brother of King Edward and, count ,of Barcelona, the queen's position was untenable. In 1439,the Portuguese
  32. The Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions In 1937,Wilson and Smith could, count ,40 alcoholic men they had helped to get sober, and two years later they count ed
  33. Certainty. Since the Nazis destroyed a number of records, immediate efforts to, count ,the dead depended on the testimony of witnesses and the defendants on trial at
  34. Peacefully, as his laws interfered with the ambition of powerful nobles. The, count ,of Barcelona, a personal enemy of the Duke of Cobra (despite being
  35. Tool was based on the vigesimal system (base 20). For the Aztec the, count ,by 20s was completely natural. The amount of 4,5,13,20 and other cycles
  36. Administrative models, as in Late Antiquity the comes imitates (city, count ,) was the main local authority, with full administrative powers in his region.
  37. Bordyuzha, the CSTO's secretary-general, confirmed that official Yerevan can, count ,on such support. NATO Armenia participates in NATO's Partnership for Peace (
  38. d. 1748) *1666 – William Wotton, English scholar (d. 1727) *1700 – Heinrich, count ,on Bruh, German statesman (d. 1763) *1717 – Louis François I, Prince of
  39. Package" ( a box of instrumentation worn on the head during light flash, count ,sequences) flying on Apollo 16 and 17. Depiction in popular culture Portions
  40. Education. The system — which enrolls 16,539 students (September 2008 head, count ,) — consists of 21 elementary schools, five middle schools, ( Forsythe, Slauson
  41. By men and women be sponsored by women. *In 1964 Arthur H. Cain – by his own, count ,– had attended over 500 AA meetings since 1947. Cain insisted that" I do not
  42. Invented the story of the secret marriage of his sister Ximena to Sancho, count ,of Saldana, and the feats of their son Bernardo del Cardio. Bernardo is the
  43. 909,a reformed Benedictine abbey was founded by William, duke of Aquitaine and, count ,of Aubergine, under Bern, abbot of Beau me. He was succeeded by Do, who is
  44. Bone of the lower jaw) had between 14 and 17 teeth, with an average, count ,of 16. The teeth became shorter, more narrow, and more curved toward the back
  45. In the array. The loop thus prints out each word followed by its frequency, count , Tolower was an addition to the One True AWK (see below) made after the book
  46. Margrave of Brandenburg *Albert I, Count of Namur (c. 950–1011),a Belgian, count ,*Albert I, Count of Verandas (917–987),Count of Verandas *Albert I, Duke
  47. Yet more powerful machine that used newer chips to reduce the component, count ,and add new features, such as the display of upper and lowercase letters and a
  48. 1120). In 1123,he besieged and took Lleida, which was in the hands of the, count ,of Barcelona. From the winter of 1124 to September 1125,he was on a risky
  49. Typically number from the many hundreds into the thousands. Thus, a simple, count ,of the number of distinct symbols is an important clue to the nature of an
  50. Moving them up or down towards the beam. If you move them toward the beam, you, count , their value. If you move away, you don't count their value. The sampan can be

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