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  1. other's kingdom and splendor? One has lost her husband, someone else a father, someone ,a child, someone an unborn infant .... What's this debris of the corpses? Are
  2. 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song has five stanzas. In each stanza, someone ,describes an unusual problem that is ultimately resolved on Highway 61. In
  3. Sense, moral qualities have the appearance of objectivity: many times, when, someone , says " I ought to do a" they do not mean the same as" I would like to do a "
  4. 35.4 % of all households were made up of individuals and 13.6 % had, someone ,living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was
  5. Resembling craftsman, while the word artisan was still unknown. An artist was, someone ,able to do a work better than others, so the skilled excellency was underlined
  6. Duty to be on guard against this tendency within themselves, lest they infect, someone ,else with it. He describes his views to Room: In times of calamity, people
  7. Of repressed romantic feelings. Characters who want to childishly taunt, someone ,may pull an Kane face (by pulling an eyelid down with a finger to expose the
  8. A target. This is sometimes seen when a patient is asked to reach out and touch, someone ,'s finger or touch their own nose. And various other recreational drugs (e.g.
  9. Ticket from Melbourne to Sydney (as an example) for AU$200 is competing with, someone ,else who wants to fly Melbourne to Los Angeles through Sydney on the same
  10. Athenians selected for office served as teams (boards, panels ). In a group, someone ,will know the right way to do things and those that do not may learn from those
  11. Al-Rahman here so I will put something down in writing, for truly I fear lest, someone ,forward a claim or form some ambition, and Allah and the believers refuse
  12. Is merely the legal reassurance that one owns his/her work. Technically, someone ,owns their work from the time it's created. An interesting aspect of
  13. Or to destroy the other's kingdom and splendor? One has lost her husband, someone ,else a father, someone a child, someone an unborn infant .... What's this
  14. Royal Spanish Academy),defines estadounidense (United Statesman) as ", someone ,or something from or relating to the United States ", Moreover,the Royal
  15. To seize power, the utopians simply point a ray gun at them and send them on to, someone ,else's universe. Wells describes a multiverse of alternative worlds, complete
  16. A scientist who works in the field of acoustics is an acoustician while, someone ,working in the field of acoustics technology may be called an acoustical
  17. Almost immediately. Police Chief Dzerzhinsky heard Yaakov shout out to, someone ,else in the gathering crowd. The surrounding guards and the Cossacks urged the
  18. The souls of those not given a proper burial, forced to wait by the river until, someone ,buries them. While down there, along with the dead, he is shown the place where
  19. Treatment of rheumatic fever. For the prevention of myocardial infarction in, someone ,with documented or suspected coronary artery disease, much lower doses are
  20. Future content. In philosophy and logic, an argument is an attempt to persuade, someone ,of something, or give evidence or reasons for accepting a particular conclusion
  21. Then about any specific claim or belief. In the popular sense, an agnostic is, someone ,who neither believes nor disbelieves there is a God, whereas an atheist
  22. Moment. But any stepping forward into the democratic limelight was risky and if, someone ,chose (another citizen initiator) they could be called to account for their
  23. Fields, managed woodlands, and cultivated livestock and crops. As, someone ,in constant contact with (this watered-down version of) “ nature ”, the
  24. Used without qualifiers, came to imply a person of low moral character, often, someone , trying to marry for money. In comic books such as Official Handbook of the
  25. Certain to occur and (3) which causes such contact. Thus throwing a rock at, someone ,for the purpose of hitting him is a battery if the rock in fact strikes the
  26. In the Church of England the position of archdeacon can only be held by, someone ,in priestly orders who have been ordained for at least six years. In some other
  27. Child with autism. Treatment is expensive; indirect costs are more so. For, someone ,born in 2000,a US study estimated an average lifetime cost of $ (net present
  28. Race usually only refers to LI ROI (" the king" ) without naming him, and, someone , has taken an early mention of Uther's epithet Pen dragon as the name of his
  29. Not know what it means. I once heard the Messenger of Allah say,'If people see, someone ,practicing injustice and do not set him right, Allah will almost certainly
  30. Early archaic period (640-580 BC),the artists tried to draw the attention of, someone ,to look into the interior of the face and the body which were not represented
  31. Years. His body was embalmed in wax, and buried at Sparta. Selected quotes When, someone ,was praising an orator for his ability to magnify small points, he said," In
  32. Literally" greet God! ", meaning " May God bless you" ) when greeting, someone , rather than the" Gluten Tag" (" Good day" ). German-german expressions
  33. With dementia can be used to trigger a device that turns off the gas and tells, someone ,what has happened. Designing for people with dementia is a good example of how
  34. And language of a text itself determine and expose meaning for Barthes, and not, someone ,possessing legal responsibility for the process of its production. Every line
  35. Beyond the socially mediated. It is, for example, perfectly coherent for, someone ,like William Wilberforce to say" slavery may be approved of by society, but it
  36. 32.8 % of all households were made up of individuals and 4.6 % had, someone ,living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was
  37. He actually wanted to finish, even though he knew he would have to marry, someone ,when he finished. The reason he wanted to finish it was that he had fallen in
  38. Advanced arthritis for significant secondary changes to occur. For example, in, someone , who has limited their physical activity: These changes can also impact on life
  39. I asked," Who is your master O' slave? " He answered," Slave of the Fulani, someone ,of the Quraish. " He mentioned the name of his master and I knew him, then I
  40. Often makes it evident which of the meanings is intended. If, for instance, someone ,says" I deposited $100 in the bank ", most people would not think you used a
  41. And splendor? One has lost her husband, someone else a father, someone a child, someone ,an unborn infant .... What's this debris of the corpses? Are these marks of
  42. And interned in Auschwitz and prominently displayed to deter others. If, someone ,did manage to escape, the SS would pick 10 people at random from the prisoner
  43. An event (not necessarily a mental goal). Taking our two dominoes, it requires, someone ,to intentionally knock the dominoes over as they cannot fall themselves.
  44. Appropriation is legitimized:" Any attempt to claim a new resource that, someone ,does not use would have to be considered invasive of the property right of
  45. The heroic qualities that she had looked up to - she thought she was marrying, someone ,like Deign. Upon realizing the nature of the moral code surrounding her, the
  46. Would be cognitive-behavioral therapy, or medications. Some medications, someone ,with this phobia might take would include antianxiety medications or
  47. In love with Deign. Willers is generally assumed to represent the common man:, someone ,who does not possess the Promethean creative ability of The Strikers, but
  48. 28.5 % of all households were made up of individuals and 5.9 % had, someone ,living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was
  49. I do not believe that anyone will ever discover an attack that will allow, someone ,to read Randall traffic. " On July 1,2009,Bruce Schneier blogged about a
  50. To the difference between doing something for personal gain and doing it for, someone ,else's gain ". That part of the brain is called the posterior superior

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