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  1. The historian Theodosius, this conquest came to be the object of a secret, accord ,between Athens and Philip II, who would return the city in exchange for the
  2. By outliers. Notably, for skewed distributions, the arithmetic mean may not, accord ,with one's notion of" middle ", and robust statistics such as the median may
  3. And foreign aid. Cameroon has an investment guaranty agreement and a bilateral, accord ,with the United States. USA investment in Cameroon is about $1 million, most of
  4. Like a" bridge" between the two strains. Sacramental doctrine and practice In, accord ,with its prevailing self-identity as a via media or" middle path" of Western
  5. Studies are structured in cycles, awarding degrees based on ECTS credits in, accord ,with the Bologna process, which the Andalusian universities are adopting in
  6. In 895,when Bohemia broke away from Great Moravia and became his vassal. An, accord ,was made between him and the Bohemian Duke Boris I (reigned 870-95);
  7. Victims of attacks. Germany agreed that future attacks would only take place in, accord ,with internationally agreed prize rules, which required an attacker to give a
  8. USD1.5 billion overseeing implementation of the Lusaka Protocol, a 1994 peace, accord ,that ultimately failed to end the civil war. The protocol prohibited UNITS from
  9. A melting pot of ideas. It accepts new concepts, while attempting also to, accord ,old beliefs their due. See also: Chinese nationalism, Maoism,Culture of the
  10. The regulatory position. For example, if a bank, operating under the Basel I, accord , has to hold 8 % capital against default risk, but the real risk of default is
  11. Provided to Armenia. In 2003,the two countries signed a military cooperation, accord , under which Greece will increase the number of Armenian servicemen trained at
  12. And in April 2004,the two sides signed a military-technical cooperation, accord , In late 2004,Armenia deployed a unit of 46 soldiers, which included
  13. A way of composing, a way of structuring works, which was at the same time in, accord ,with the governing aesthetic of the new style. However, a younger contemporary
  14. A house. Once it is built, the builder walks away, and it stands on its own, accord , (It may require occasional maintenance, but that is beyond the scope of the
  15. Reconciliation in the Comoros," brokered by the Organization for African Unity The, accord ,called for the creation of a new Tripartite Commission for National
  16. That they simply transcribed the proverbs rather than writing them of their own, accord , In terms of the text itself there are at least eight specific instances where
  17. Targets to halt attacks on U. N. safe zones and to pressure them into a peace, accord , Clinton deployed U. S. peacekeepers to Bosnia in late 1995,to uphold the
  18. Exchange for the fortified town of Sydney, but the Macedonian king betrayed the, accord , refusing to cede Amphiboles and laying siege to Sydney. After the conquest by
  19. Is a straight line for allowed transitions and some forbidden transitions, in, accord , with the Fermi beta-decay theory. Linear regression of a Fermi-Kurie Plot can
  20. With the Bologna process, which the Andalusian universities are adopting in, accord ,with the other universities of the European Higher Education Area. Healthcare
  21. Has produced a Biodiversity Action Plan in response to the 1992 international, accord ,; the plan addresses conservation of endangered species and certain habitats.
  22. In particular. Sub-Saharan Africa Cape Verde signed a friendship, accord ,with Angola in December 1975,shortly after Angola gained its independence.
  23. And political issues. Bilateral relations Angola Cape Verde signed a friendship, accord ,with Angola in December 1975,shortly after Angola gained its independence.
  24. Reluctant to interfere in the affairs of other congregations, was in perfect, accord ,with Abbey Mari as to the danger of the new rationalistic systems, and advised
  25. The elements of the others. " #"Those readings must be maintained which, accord ,with New Testament Greek, or with the particular style of each individual
  26. From the Liberal Party, acceptance of an International Monetary Fund (IMF), accord , agreed to by the previous government and a line of discourse friendly to the
  27. Walls are painted with lime to minimize the heating effects of the sun. In, accord ,with the climate and tradition of each area, the roofs may be terraces or tiled
  28. The Naming Seen, disease is believed to be produced by a failure to live in, accord ,with the Day. Within the more systematized teachings of received Chinese
  29. Also signed cooperation agreements in the area of energy and electricity,an, accord ,between Venezuela's oil company PSA and its Cuban counterpart Capet to buy
  30. Council, and other bodies. The Autonomous Community of Andalusia was formed in, accord ,with a referendum of February 28, 1980 and became an autonomous community under
  31. A secret agreement (the so-called" Kirribilli agreement" or" Kirribilli, accord ,") to resign in favor of Keating some time after winning the 1990 election.
  32. Duties he enhanced his reputation for humility by refusing to ride a horse—in, accord ,with the dictates of the Dominican order—instead walking back and forth across
  33. Wrought the miracle — a miracle which later I found to be in perfect scientific, accord ,with divine law. " She spent the next three years investigating the law of God
  34. Other urban environmental projects. Thus, the allocation of resources did not, accord ,with the common belief that funding was influenced unduly by alarmist views on
  35. Form and dying on the cross, God limits divine action in the world to be in, accord ,with rational laws God has chosen. This enables us to understand the world on
  36. See Vulgate),the canon of which, at the insistence of the Pope, was in, accord ,with the earlier Synods. With the benefit of hindsight it can be said that this
  37. Dignity of labor. Issues including employment itself, privacy,compensation in, accord ,with comparable worth, collective bargaining (and/or its opposite) can be
  38. The celestial influences affecting us could help us to live our lives more in, accord ,with Christian precepts. The most comprehensive statement of his astrological
  39. A melting pot of ideas. It accepts new concepts, while attempting also to, accord ,old beliefs their due. Despite Western influence, modern Chinese philosophy has
  40. One of the twelve followers of Penthesilea. After Penthesilea's death she, in, accord , with the former's will, sailed off and eventually landed in Italy, founding
  41. Makes landfall just south of Miami as a Category 5 hurricane. *1994 – Initial, accord ,between Israel and the PLO about partial self-rule of the Palestinians on the
  42. Or by any anathema, as the independent spirit of the congregations refused to, accord ,to the rabbis the power possessed by the Church of dictating to the people what
  43. Those particular comprehensible events which the viewer considers possible in, accord ,with their experience. However, further experience takes these equal chances
  44. Commanders. He saw history as a complex check on abstractions that did not, accord ,with experience. In opposition to Antoine-Henri Jo mini he argued war could not
  45. Wrought the miracle—a miracle which later I found to be in perfect scientific, accord ,with divine law. (Retrospection and Introspection, page 24) She referred to
  46. In Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The attacks were conducted by al-Qaeda, acting in, accord ,with the 1998 fatwa issued against the U. S. and its allies by military forces
  47. Plan to conquer Italy failed, thus leaving Albion with an alternative open. The, accord ,also had the advantage of protecting Alboin's rear, as an Avar-occupied
  48. In the Mike, or the boy was too old, then the child may choose of their own, accord ,to become Jewish at age 13 as a Bar Mitzvah, and complete the conversion then.
  49. It is awarded biennially to German-language writers, whose work, accord ,with Schubert’s“ liberal and enlightening reasoning” and is remunerated with
  50. Utility Helicopter-2 IN SERVICE International forces France A mutual defense, accord ,signed with France in April 1961 provides for the stationing of French forces

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