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  1. The highest official temperature was at In Salah. Rainfall is fairly abundant, along ,the coastal part of the Tell Atlas, ranging from annually, the amount of
  2. Non-Islamic shipping in the western Mediterranean Sea. Their stronghold was, along ,the stretch of northern Africa known as the Barbary Coast (a medieval term for
  3. Although the DSM-IV rules out concurrent diagnosis of many other conditions, along ,with autism, the full criteria for ADHD, Tourette syndrome, and other of these
  4. As relatively flat and smooth by the automated Ranger 8 and Surveyor 5 landers, along ,with the Lunar Orbiter mapping spacecraft and unlikely to present major landing
  5. In the end, Moses is one of the few animals to remember The Rebellion, along ,with Clover, Benjamin,and the pigs.; The Sheep: They show limited
  6. The Berbers. After 1000 BCE, the Carthaginians began establishing settlements, along ,the coast. The Berbers seized the opportunity offered by the Punic Wars to
  7. Perhaps only a form of disagreement, as,having read the earlier Greek poetry, along ,with everyone else literate, he would have known perfectly well why places
  8. A horizontal bearing plate for the roof to distribute the weight more evenly, along ,the wall. To protect the interior and exterior adobe wall, finishes can be
  9. Growing season of up to 300 days in the southern part of the state. Alabama, along ,with Kansas, has the most reported EF5 tornadoes of any state – according to
  10. The most successful early animation producer was John Randolph Bray, who, along , with animator Earl Hurd, patented the CEL animation process which dominated the
  11. Rear den and challenges his loyalty, and Larking assures Haggard that he will go, along ,with them. *Eugene Lawson heads the Community Bank of Madison, then gets a job
  12. Region stretching some inland from the Bering Sea. Most of the population lives, along ,the coast. Kodiak Island is also located in Southwest. The massive
  13. Characters. Some operating systems such as the pre-VMS DEC operating systems, along ,with CP/M, tracked file length only in units of disk blocks and used Control-Z
  14. Marked by under functioning high-level neural connections and synchronization, along ,with an excess of low-level processes. Evidence for this theory has been found
  15. Heroic cult of Achilles on Luce island was widespread in antiquity, not only, along ,the sea lanes of the Poetic Sea but also in maritime cities whose economic
  16. Delaware),Daniel Carroll (Maryland) and Governor Morris (New York), along , with Sherman and Robert Morris, were the only five people to sign both the
  17. Animal from the animal kingdom (A is for alligator, B is for butterfly, etc.), along , with a short poem utilizing the letter of the page for many of the words. The
  18. Able to read without glasses and without strain. He even tried driving a car, along ,the dirt road beside the ranch. He wrote a book about his successes with the
  19. Along with the spring severe weather season. The northern part of the state —, along ,the Tennessee Valley — is one of the areas in the U. S. most vulnerable to
  20. Which had evolved multijointed leg-like fins that enabled them to crawl, along ,the sea bottom. These amphibians were as much as one to five meters in length.
  21. Command module is now displayed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, along ,with a collection of personal items from the flight donated by Lovell and the
  22. Organized irrigation, and the use of a specialized labor force, particularly, along , the waterway now known as the Shaft Al-Farabi, from its Persian Gulf delta to the
  23. In the world that has a secondary tornado season in November and December, along ,with the spring severe weather season. The northern part of the state — along
  24. With crop rotation and animal manure less necessary. Synthetic nitrogen, along ,with mined rock phosphate, pesticides and mechanization, have greatly increased
  25. The American Football League (AFL) in 1970. All the 10 former AFL teams, along ,with the NFL's Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the then-Baltimore
  26. Land consists of forest or 67 % of total land area. Suburban Baldwin County, along ,the Gulf Coast, is the largest county in the state in both land area and water
  27. The Pacific Northwest to Southeast Alaska and, to a lesser degree, towns, along ,Alaska's gulf coast. The population of Ketchikan may rise by over 10,000
  28. Known as bar law; in Korea, gim; in Japan, nori and honor. It is also used, along ,the west coast of North America from California to British Columbia, in Hawaii
  29. But their predation was said to extend throughout the Mediterranean, south, along , West Africa's Atlantic seaboard, and into the North Atlantic as far north as
  30. One of the last flag stop routes in the country. A stretch of about of track, along ,an area north of Talkeetna remains inaccessible by road; the railroad provides
  31. Amphibians are superficially similar to reptiles, but reptiles are amniotic, along ,with mammals and birds. The study of amphibians is called batrachology.
  32. People developed a matriarchal society in what is today Southeast Alaska, along ,with parts of British Columbia and the Yukon. Also in Southeast were the Haida
  33. At the Cato Institute, considers Rand one of the three most important women (, along ,with Rose Wilder Lane and Isabel Paterson) of modern American libertarianism
  34. Where he taught Francisco d'Antonia, John Salt, and Reign Danneskjöld. He was, along ,with Robert Stapler, a father figure to these three. Akston's name is so
  35. As" barbecue" roll. PTC involved the spacecraft rotating about once per hour, along ,its long axis to ensure even heat distribution across the surface of the
  36. City taken to the Moon by Apollo 11. It is on display in the Vatican Museums, along ,with Moon rocks. Apollo 8,the second manned mission in the American Apollo
  37. Claims to land in the West. Maryland was the last holdout; it refused to go, along ,until Virginia and New York agreed to cede their claims in the Ohio River
  38. America by way of the Bering land bridge. Religion Alaska has been identified, along ,with Pacific Northwest states Washington and Oregon, as being the least
  39. By Congress, and controversially suspended the writ of habeas corpus, along ,the corridor of Washington and Philadelphia, arresting and imprisoning
  40. Or debriefings of any kind should be agreed to or given. " Anthropologists, along ,with other social scientists, are working with the US military as part of the
  41. Spain, and captured coastal settlements in the area, such as Almoner, along ,with 4,000 prisoners. Barbary pirates often attacked the Balearic Islands, and
  42. The sampan can be reset to the starting position instantly by a quick jerk, along ,the horizontal axis to spin all the beads away from the horizontal beam at the
  43. In the 1970s,the railroad provided the only land access to most of the region, along ,its entire route. In northern Southeast Alaska, the White Pass and Yukon Route
  44. The adventures of Christopher McCandless, who died in a remote abandoned bus, along ,the Stampede Trail west of Healy in 1992. State symbols * Nicknames:" The Last
  45. Animals, and Parts of Animals, contain some observations and interpretations, along ,with sundry myths and mistakes. The most striking passages are about the
  46. And institutional structures of the Congress, and the propensity to divide, along ,sectional lines. Above (1988) identifies several factors that explain the
  47. Earthen bowl found in Iran in Shari Sophia has five images of a goat painted, along ,the sides. This has been claimed to be an example of early animation. However
  48. Lemon, Lincoln left to attend the play Our American Cousin on April 14. Grant, along ,with his wife chose at the last minute to travel to Philadelphia instead of
  49. Size. Small towns and Native villages are scattered throughout, mostly, along , the highway and river systems. Denali National Park and Preserve is located
  50. Completely abandoned by their inhabitants. Pirate raids discouraged settlement, along ,the coast until the 19th century. The most famous corsairs were the Ottoman

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