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  1. Mexico, USA File: Great Mosque of Dense 3. JPG|Great Mosque of Dense, famous, building , made from banco, a type of adobe An adventure is defined as an exciting or
  2. Collection is displayed. A new building was added to the museum in 1999. This, building , known as the performance wing, was designed by Japanese architect Fish
  3. Passive solar home, this is called a Rome wall. Adobe wall construction When, building ,an adobe structure, the ground should be compressed because the weight of adobe
  4. Provinces in the Pacific Northwest which is actively undergoing continent, building , One of the world's the largest tides occurs in Turn again Arm, just south of
  5. Primarily featured at cinemas owned by Path. Tuschinski is a heritage art deco, building ,with a beautiful lobby and six screens. Theater One is an architectural
  6. Last for many years depending on attrition. Once the beams are laid across the, building , it is then time to begin the placing of adobe bricks to create the roof. An
  7. Center for Education. His foundation also provided $720,000 to assist in the, building ,of the Andre Agassi Cottage for Medically Fragile Children. This 20-bed
  8. Used to make a house has potentiality to be a house and both the activity of, building ,and the form of the final house are actualities, which is also a final cause or
  9. Songbooks designed splendid merchants' houses throughout the city. A famous, building ,in baroque style in Amsterdam is the Royal Palace on Dam Square. Throughout the
  10. Father was a successful pharmacist, eventually owning his own pharmacy and the, building ,in which it was located. Rand was twelve at the time of the Russian Revolution
  11. With dogs are another threat. Adobe (, ; Arabic: الطوبى) is a natural, building ,material made from sand, clay,water, and some kind of fibrous or organic
  12. On research, although they quite often have other duties such as teaching, building ,instruments, or aiding in the operation of an observatory. The number of
  13. Bamboos, a concert hall for improvised and Jazz music. Theatre The main theater, building ,of Amsterdam is the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam at the Leidseplein. It is the
  14. Theodosius used this opportunity to strengthen the walls of Constantinople, building ,the city's first sea wall, and to build up his border defenses along the
  15. In California history. On August 12, 2011,a plaque was unveiled on the Wolff, building ,at Third Ave and La Mesa Bl commemorating Dan and the Flying A Studios origins
  16. Rivalry as both the Soviet Union and the United States vied for influence by, building ,Afghanistan's main highways, airports and other vital infrastructure. By the
  17. Arts events. * War of Independence Museum (Surplus Saves Mules): This, building , located on Plus Square, was originally the first Parliament building (TBMM)
  18. Museum of Ankara inaugurated in 01 April 2010. It is situated in the renovated, building ,of the historic TCDD CER Atölyeleri, the workshop of the Turkish National
  19. Also in Cupertino, will be about east of the current campus. The new campus, building ,will be designed by Norman Foster. On June 7,2011,Steve Jobs gave a
  20. Raised. This building is where the permanent collection is displayed. A new, building ,was added to the museum in 1999. This building , known as the performance wing
  21. Him as one of the boys in the household and became an adept Alemán in his work, building ,rail fences. Lincoln also agreed with the customary obligation of a son to give
  22. Put to death. The remains of the church of St. Clement can be found today in a, building ,just off Solar Cadres in the Plus district. Quite possibly this marks the
  23. The government has started to implement ambitious development programs in, building ,roads and other basic infrastructure for the nation. In the last decade of the
  24. Always takes up one type-space no matter how many letters get stacked into, building ,that one sound-block). Human (sometimes called Boohoo) is a
  25. High commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuel. During one reception given to him,the, building ,was" stormed by throngs who wanted to hear him ". In Einstein's talk to the
  26. In this area of Amsterdam. The building was designed by Gerrit Raised. This, building ,is where the permanent collection is displayed. A new building was added to the
  27. Announced. On April 29, 2009,The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was, building ,its own team of engineers to design microchips. Apple also introduced Boot Camp
  28. Is housed in one of the few modern building s in this area of Amsterdam. The, building ,was designed by Gerrit Raised. This building is where the permanent
  29. Roof, beams of wood or metal should be assembled and span the extent of the, building , The ends of the beams should then be fixed to the tops of the walls using the
  30. Church),at the heart of the Fallen, consecrated in 1306. The oldest wooden, building ,is he Often Buys at the Begijnhof. It was constructed around 1425 and is one
  31. Critics to be a concert hall with some of the best acoustics in the world. The, building ,contains three halls, Grote Zeal, Kleine Zeal, and Spiegelman. Eight hundred
  32. An abstract of title lists all the owners of a piece of land, a house, or a, building ,before it came into possession of the present owner. The abstract also records
  33. Chinese community. The Chinese presence began with workers employed in the, building ,of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s. Aboriginal Albertans make up
  34. Of desert climates, a factor which has contributed to its longevity as a, building ,material. In addition, the exterior of an adobe wall can be covered with glass
  35. Haven. In 1997 Agassi donated funding to Child Haven for a six-room classroom, building ,now named the Agassi Center for Education. His foundation also provided
  36. Spending time at the small village of Bad deck. Returning in 1886,Bell started, building ,an estate on a point across from Bad deck, overlooking Bras d'Or Lake. By 1889
  37. The Leidseplein. It is the home base of the Toneelgroep Amsterdam. The current, building ,dates from 1894. Most plays are performed in the Wrote Zeal (Great Hall). The
  38. Wilmer. Architecture Amsterdam has a rich architectural history. The oldest, building ,in Amsterdam is the Rude Kirk (Old Church),at the heart of the Fallen
  39. To giant dollhouses from the 17th century. The architect of the gothic revival, building ,was P. J. H. Buyers. At present, the museum is being expanded, renovated,and
  40. The third is the area surrounding Amsterdam Hostel railway station. The tallest, building ,in Amsterdam, the Rembrandt Tower, is situated there, as is the headquarters of
  41. Places it is also common for amateur astronomers to build (or commission the, building ,of) their own custom telescope. Some people even focus on amateur telescope
  42. That period. Around 1815,architects broke with the baroque style and started, building ,in different nestles. Most Gothic style building s date from that era and are
  43. The other hand, anthropologists often joined with folklorists and linguists in, building ,nationalist perspectives. Ethnologists in these countries tended to focus on
  44. Basis of the science of mathematics. These theories were built on a coherent, building ,of argument from assumed or accepted beginnings. Etymology The earliest
  45. Over the decades about moving the capital to a city on the road system, or, building , a road connection from Haines. The western part of Alaska has no road system
  46. Exporting energy. Albania and Croatia have discussed the possibility of jointly, building ,a nuclear power plant at Lake Shooter, close to the border with Montenegro, a
  47. Bell family's first home in North America; * Canada's first telephone company, building , the Henderson Home, of the nascent 1877 Bell Telephone Company of Canada
  48. Of a company or organization;" wing ", also used for the wing of an airplane, building , air force, etc.) or to coin new words using existing lexical resources (e.
  49. With more adobe. For a deeper understanding of adobe, one might examine a cob, building , Cob, a close cousin to adobe, contains proportioned amounts of soil, clay
  50. This building , located on Plus Square, was originally the first Parliament, building ,(TBMM) of the Republic of Turkey. The War of Independence was planned and

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