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  1. Using tradition 2D medium, photographed over time as the artist manipulates the, image , For example, William Kent ridge is famous for his charcoal erasure films, and
  2. Aaron yielded to the clamors of the people, and made a Golden Calf as a visible, image ,of the divinity who had delivered them from Egypt (Exodus 32:1-6). (It
  3. To begin is to examine the materials each artist selected in making an object, image ,video, or event. The decision to cast a sculpture in bronze, for instance
  4. Passat-based Audi 80 was beginning to develop a kind of" grandfather's car ", image , the type 89 was introduced. This completely new development sold extremely
  5. Depicted on the reverse of the Turkish 50 lira banknotes of 1938–1952. Ankara, image ,gallery File: Take Ankara. JPG|Take Tower (1989). File: Ankara Take
  6. Different in advertising campaigns. The slogan had a lasting impact on their, image ,and revived their popularity with the media and customers. Although the slogan
  7. Strange happiness," a feeling that is shared by Narrow. There is a peaceful, image ,of Room lying motionless on his back gazing up at the stars and moon, and then
  8. An airplane designed under Dr. Bell's tutelage, named the Silver Dart Bell's, image , and also those of his many inventions have graced paper money, coinage and
  9. City Hall in 1868,three years after his assassination. Lincoln's name and, image ,appear in numerous other places, such as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington’D.
  10. Lincoln in many polls, historian Barry Schwartz wrote in 2009 that Lincoln's, image ,suffered" erosion, fading prestige, benign ridicule," in the late 20th
  11. As a professional honorary organization to help improve the film industry’s, image ,and help mediate labor disputes. The Oscar itself was later initiated by the
  12. Camps, Rod Holt, Guy Kawasaki, Al Acorn, Don Norman, Another presents the, image ,of Jobs" wandering the hall with a flamethrower in hand, asking random people
  13. A Titan who bore the spheres of the heavens; inspiring the widely used, image ,of a man carrying a celestial sphere on his back or shoulders (also known as
  14. Printed materials and objects are placed under a camera and the magnified, image ,is displayed onto a screen. * Modified cassette recorder. To record a lecture
  15. The screen,“ wiping” away the image while simultaneously revealing the first, image ,of the subsequent scene. As a transitional device, it is used as a substitute
  16. Ends, a line or bar appears to move across the screen,“ wiping” away the, image ,while simultaneously revealing the first image of the subsequent scene. As a
  17. Between 1912 and 1955. Einstein bequeathed the royalties from use of his, image ,to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Corgis, successor to The Roger Rich man
  18. Those of his wife and three of his four sons. Within a year of this death, his, image , began to be disseminated throughout the world on stamps, and he is the only U.
  19. That would turn mercury into gold — may have been the source of the popular, image ,of the alchemist-charlatan. Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in the late 16th
  20. Agriculture was considered part of the set of seven mechanical arts. Modern era, image ,of the above farms. To the untrained eye, this image appears a hodgepodge of
  21. RAM (the vector RAM),and then asks the DVG to draw the corresponding vector, image ,on the screen. The DVG reads the commands and generates appropriate signals for
  22. Pictures or photographs may also be ambiguous at the semantic level: the visual, image ,is unambiguous, but the meaning and narrative may be ambiguous: is a certain
  23. The distance between the aperture and the surface with the image increased,the, image ,was magnified. Chance and spontaneity According to Aristotle, spontaneity and
  24. Did not prevent Lovelace's mother from attempting to destroy her daughter's, image ,of her father, but instead drove her to attack Byron's image with greater
  25. Her daughter's image of her father, but instead drove her to attack Byron's, image ,with greater intensity. Charles Babbage Ada Lovelace met and corresponded with
  26. That when the distance between the aperture and the surface with the, image ,increased, the image was magnified. Chance and spontaneity According to
  27. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has agreements in place for its, image ,archive. All digital image s of Warhol are exclusively managed by Corgis, while
  28. On pewter plates and then exposed to light, thus making a black and white, image , It was similarly used to print millions of Photoshop postcards. Bitumen was
  29. During this time period with the widespread distribution of dynamite. This, image ,remains to this day. Propaganda of the deed was abandoned by the vast majority
  30. Including film and CCD astrophotography. Because CCD image rs are linear, image ,processing may be used to subtract away the effects of light pollution, which
  31. On Australian variety program,Hey, Hey It's Saturday. Other uses *ANIMAL (, image ,processing),an interactive software environment for image processing *Animal
  32. S A Christmas Carol (2009,USA) 2D animation techniques tend to focus on, image ,manipulation while 3D techniques usually build virtual worlds in which
  33. Distance from the lens, and without any knowledge of which particular camera's, image ,would be utilized in the final cut—making their performances much more natural.
  34. Control a telescope a large distance away in a dark location. The observers can, image ,through the telescopes using CCD cameras. The digital data collected by the
  35. Ethnic minority of Frankfurt views Advanced Chemistry's appeal to the German, image ,as a" symbolic betrayal of the right of ethnic minorities to 'roots' or to
  36. Red hill, Surrey,England. In order to help reestablish his name and improve the, image ,of his business from the earlier controversies associated with the dangerous
  37. Would have supported the welfare state. In the Cold War years,Lincoln's, image ,shifted to emphasize the symbol of freedom who brought hope to those oppressed
  38. Will become all one thing, or all the other. " The speech created an evocative, image ,of the danger of disunion caused by the slavery debate, and rallied Republicans
  39. Abacus but with straight wires and a vertical frame has been common (see, image ,). It is still often seen as a plastic or wooden toy. The type of abacus shown
  40. Cairo Yamamoto, his mentor at Too," according to Joan Ellen. " The salutary, image ,of an older person instructing the young evokes always in Kurosawa’s films high
  41. Mold’s“ Aaron, Holy to the Lord” ( ca. 1650,Private Collection, New York:, image ,available for study at Fred R. Kline Gallery Archives) adds significantly to
  42. Uses *ANIMAL ( image processing),an interactive software environment for, image ,processing *Animal (clothing),a sportswear retailer and brand based in the
  43. The majority of Japanese. The nickname Tenn is used in this sense to create an, image ,of Kurosawa as a director who abuses his power solely for the purpose of
  44. The Golf/Polo concept, one that led to a hugely successful world car. The Audi, image ,at this time was a conservative one, and so, a proposal from chassis engineer
  45. Astronomers in research. Modern astronomers Contrary to the classical, image ,of an old astronomer peering through a telescope through the dark hours of the
  46. And Robert Rauschenberg had also once graced. Eventually, Warhol pared his, image ,vocabulary down to the icon itself – to brand names, celebrities,dollar signs
  47. War during the 1990s crippled the tourist industry and damaged the, image ,of Azerbaijan as a tourist destination. It was not until 2000s that the tourism
  48. Year" ( The Fantastic Four),which had a more light-hearted, playful,party, image , In their undertaking of social and political issues, the band introduced the
  49. Arts. Modern era image of the above farms. To the untrained eye, this, image , appears a hodgepodge of colors without any apparent purpose. But farmers are
  50. Device camera to record a long, deep exposure, allowing a more sensitive, image ,to be created because the light is added over time. Before CDs, photographic

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