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  1. US, It also makes the process of copy editing easier, eliminating the need to, decide ,whether a period or comma belongs to the quotation.: Hart's Rules and the
  2. Of both individual members and affiliated trade unions, who between them, decide ,the party's policies, elect its governing bodies and choose its candidates for
  3. From town to town, who reminisce about their travels, when a group of women, decide ,to propose the doctor for sainthood. The movie was set in the 1920s rural Mexico.
  4. The globe, the age of consent for a sexual union was a matter for the family to, decide , or a tribal custom. In most cases, this coincided with signs of puberty
  5. For the first time. Neither the organizers nor Rudolf Hess were willing to, decide ,whether to approve the plans, and Hess sent Speer to Hitler's Munich apartment
  6. That tested climate changes during the game. The designers allow the player to, decide ,on a whole series of value choices and choose a" ruthless,"" moderate," or
  7. Experience hardened her resolve to provide compassionate care to women who, decide ,to have an abortion. As Auckland crisscrosses the West to provide abortion
  8. s) concerned. The Masai and the photo (which is itself made of Masai), decide , on distribution of family exchanges and tenancy of communal lands. The majority
  9. Military control to Marcus Vilnius Agrippa instead. Octavian was left to, decide ,where in Italy to settle the tens of thousands of veterans of the Macedonian
  10. The halting problem for Turing machines is undecidable: it is not possible to, decide , in general, algorithmically whether a given Turing machine will ever halt.
  11. Government should only hold power until the Constituent Assembly should meet to, decide ,Russia's form of rule. He formed a five-member Directory, which consisted of
  12. Consent of both parties to his jurisdiction, the arbitrator lacked the power to, decide ,the case. During the Industrial Revolution, large corporations became
  13. Billions of lives balanced against other billions of lives, for one man to, decide , " Risking your neck in order to negate a world full of people like yourself "
  14. Day in a person’s life is an unavoidable step towards death, and thus not to, decide ,for or against God, whom they view as the all-encompassing foundation, purpose
  15. And meaning of the object, and the physical needs of the material, in order to, decide ,upon an appropriate conservation strategy. History Key dates The tradition of
  16. View as the all-encompassing foundation, purpose,and meaning of life, is to, decide ,in favor of atheism. Atheist criticism According to Richard Dawkins, a
  17. Of the Wehrmacht. When Hitler remonstrated, and said it was not for Speer to, decide ,how his workers should be used, Speer simply ignored him. Among Speer's
  18. In ensuring the fair play of due process, or fundamental justice. Such judges, decide , often when called upon by counsel rather than of their own motion, what
  19. That atomic number is nuclear charge. The matter required experiment to, decide , Henry Moseley's work showed experimentally in 1913 (see Moseley's law)
  20. Behind. He spent a short time at Fribourg in Switzerland, where he had to, decide ,whether he would swear a required oath of allegiance to the new regime. He
  21. Small genetic changes; differences in a single gene of Sclerosis invite can, decide ,whether the colony will have single or multiple queens. The Australian jack
  22. Whose purpose was to make the individual politically and spiritually free to, decide ,for himself on religious matters. A number of contributors to Liberty (
  23. Any given root, Starostin et al. (2003: 26–28) have not used Sheila to, decide ,whether to reconstruct an initial in any given word and have not reconstructed
  24. Dowels and is designed to be completely reversible, in case future experts, decide ,to change things. A combination of cutting-edge modern technology and extensive
  25. Troy was situated),the goddesses appeared to Paris naked, but Paris couldn't, decide , so they resorted to bribes. Hera tried to bribe Paris with control over all
  26. Elections are held at least every four years. The Assembly has the power to, decide ,the direction of domestic and foreign policy; approve or amend the constitution
  27. Had to decide not only what form of government to create, they first had to, decide ,how to select those who would craft the constitutions and how the resulting
  28. And commercial success. Nevertheless, the censorship office would later, decide ,to cut out some 18 minutes of footage, much of which is now considered lost. He
  29. Historical criteria and those of theology and canon law make it impossible to, decide ,clearly which side possessed the legitimacy whose factual existence guarantees
  30. 1986:268) The original party holds all control over the information. They, decide ,when, how and how much information to give to the information services consumer
  31. Angle, but one will have to pick an orientation of the plane (or surface) to, decide ,the sign of the exterior angle measure. *: In Euclidean geometry, the sum of
  32. Force in Hoc Try Province. *1971 – Vietnam War: Australia and New Zealand, decide ,to withdraw their troops from Vietnam. *1976 – In the Korean Demilitarized Zone
  33. Detect, identify and deduce the location of targets; *Control: authority to, decide ,which targets to attack and allot fire units to the attack; *Production of
  34. Western breeding. Instead of selecting which dogs to breed upon maturity, they, decide , which puppies should live. This approach has the advantage of maintaining a
  35. Of the clause. The Federal Arbitration Act typically allows federal courts to, decide ,these types of" gateway" or validity questions, but the Supreme Court ruled
  36. Brunssum, he learned the contents of Caesar's will, and only then did he, decide ,to become Caesar's political heir as well as heir to two-thirds of his estate.
  37. In such cases a common convention is to use the" elsewhere condition" to, decide ,which allophone will stand for the phoneme. The" elsewhere" allophone is the
  38. By prosecutor or judge unless he chooses to do so. However, should he, decide ,to testify, he is subject to cross-examination and could be found guilty of
  39. Lawyer, who issues an opinion on settlement. Should the parties in question, decide ,to continue to dispute resolution process, there can be some sanctions imposed
  40. The decision, a distinctly democratic move on the part of the king. The people, decide ,that the Daniels deserve protection, and they are allowed within the walls of
  41. If one is aggressing against another (see tort and contract law) in order to, decide ,if an act is right or wrong. However, Murray Rothbard, while also supporting a
  42. Suitable punishment" for Jackson, Adams wrote back," Spain must immediately, decide ,either to place a force in Florida adequate at once to the protection of her
  43. Panicked into embarking on the dangerous course of permitting the government to, decide ,what its citizens may say and hear ... The ability of American society to
  44. Although more frequent conferences are often held). These conferences, decide ,policy, and elect state or territory executives, a state or territory president
  45. The court will generally not change the arbitrator's findings of fact but will, decide ,only whether the arbitrator was guilty of malfeasance, or whether the
  46. The Alps. *1862 – Indian Wars: during an uprising in Minnesota, Lakota warriors, decide ,not to attack heavily-defended Fort Widely and instead turn to the settlement
  47. World Is Possible ". An International Council (IC) was set up to discuss and, decide ,major issues regarding the WSF, while the local organizing committee in the
  48. Supreme courts, have the power of discretionary review, meaning that they can, decide ,whether they will hear an appeal brought in a particular case. Arraignment is a
  49. Royal charters and deleted all references to the crown. The new states had to, decide ,not only what form of government to create, they first had to decide how to
  50. Where Troy was situated),the goddesses appeared to Paris, but Paris couldn't, decide , so they resorted to bribes. Hera tried to bribe Paris with control over all

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