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  1. But is often the result of many generations of change, and of a cosmological, relationship ,within the culture. " Most scholars who deal with rock paintings or objects
  2. And that of other anti-authoritarian religious traditions creating a complex, relationship ,regarding whether anarchism and religion are
  3. Commentators from the classical period to today have tended to interpret the, relationship ,through the lens of their own cultures. Thus, in 5th-century BC Athens, the
  4. Is it stated that Alexander had homosexual relationship s, or that Alexander's, relationship ,with Reflection was sexual. Abelian, however,writes of Alexander's visit to
  5. Or other work *Argument (linguistics),a phrase that appears in a syntactic, relationship ,with the verb in a clause *Oral argument, in US law, a spoken presentation to a
  6. Between immune disturbances and autism remains unclear and controversial. The, relationship ,of neurochemicals to autism is not well understood; several have been
  7. Weiss recorded rejecting him in her diary. Schopenhauer had a notably strained, relationship ,with his mother Johanna Schopenhauer. After his father's death, Arthur
  8. Desire to provide schooling for existing children, disruption of education, relationship ,problems with a husband or partner, the perception that she is too young, and
  9. Example, in which both plant and animal alkanes play a role, is the ecological, relationship ,between the sand bee (Andrea nigroaenea) and the early spider orchid (
  10. Into the spotlight. Gender and sexuality became popular topics, as did the, relationship ,between history and anthropology, influenced by Marshall Sailing (again),who
  11. Becomes a ruler of a Nation," while Bad Jinan said that as soon as" the, relationship ,between lord and subject is established, hearts become daily filled with evil
  12. Cast's sixth Goddess Summoning novel Warrior Rising. The novel centers on his, relationship ,with Pollen. Film The role of Achilles has been played by: * Derek Jacobi
  13. Rutledge, whom he met when he first moved to New Salem; by 1835,they were in a, relationship ,but not formally engaged. She died, however,on August 25,most likely of
  14. Are mere phenomena. Schopenhauer departed from Kant in his description of the, relationship ,between the phenomenon and the Simenon. According to Kant
  15. Annually, Andorra is not a member of the European Union, but enjoys a special, relationship ,with it, such as being treated as an EU member for trade in manufactured goods
  16. Serves to relate functions and variables using a common variable when such a, relationship ,would be difficult to explicate with an equation *An argument of a function
  17. As the Muse de l'Home founded by Paul Rivet, and anthropology had a close, relationship ,with studies of folklore. Above all, Claude Lévi-Strauss helped
  18. Through the lens of their own cultures. Thus, in 5th-century BC Athens,the, relationship ,was commonly interpreted as pederast. Contemporary readers may interpret the
  19. Different GI symptoms than usual; studies report conflicting results, and the, relationship ,between GI problems and ASD is unclear. Parents of children with ASD have
  20. Affair hidden from Rand. When she learned of it in 1968,though her romantic, relationship ,with Branden had already ended, Rand terminated her relationship with both
  21. Saudi Arabia, Iraq,Egypt, Japan,South Korea, and others. Afghanistan's, relationship ,with Pakistan has often fluctuated since 1947. They have security and economic
  22. Nineteen-year old opera singer, Caroline Richter (called Melon),and had a, relationship ,with her for several years. He discarded marriage plans, however,writing,"
  23. Beyond Khan, the king's cousin and brother-in-law. Beyond Khan sought a closer, relationship ,with the Soviet Union and a more distant one towards Pakistan. Afghanistan
  24. Are found in conditions other than ASD, and are not always present in ASD,the, relationship ,between immune disturbances and autism remains unclear and controversial. The
  25. Atlas Shrugged, as the manuscript pages were written. In 1954 Rand's close, relationship ,with the much younger Nathaniel Branden turned into a romantic affair, with the
  26. Married Elsa Orenthal (née Einstein) on 2 June 1919,after having had a, relationship ,with her since 1912. She was his first cousin maternally and his second cousin
  27. In Apollonian' Aeronautical. In some versions of the myth, Achilles has a, relationship ,with his captive Crisis. Achilles in Greek tragedy The Greek tragedian
  28. And Aaron Dolgopolsky. * Joseph Greenberg (2000–2002) did not reject a, relationship ,of Afroasiatic to these other languages, but he considered it more distantly
  29. Her romantic relationship with Branden had already ended, Rand terminated her, relationship ,with both Branden's, which led to the closure of FBI. Rand published an article
  30. In language across time and space, the social uses of language, and the, relationship ,between language and culture. It is the branch of anthropology that brings
  31. The time of Ananias in the 2nd century AD. Achilles and Patrols Achilles ', relationship ,with Patrols is a key aspect of his myth. Its exact nature has been a subject
  32. Laws, as the whole (i.e., macrostructure ) is the cause of its parts,a, relationship ,known as the whole-part causation. Plainly put the formal cause is the idea
  33. Relatives or close friends, as " war buddies ", as being in a teacher/student, relationship , or in love with each other as an egalitarian homosexual couple. Whichever the
  34. Which our current languages have descended; ethnolinguistics, the study of the, relationship ,between language and culture, and sociolinguistics, the study of the social
  35. It is not an official state religion, the constitution acknowledges a special, relationship ,with the Catholic Church, offering some special privileges to that group. The
  36. Concerns art can be taken for granted anymore: neither art itself, nor art in, relationship ,to the whole, nor even the right of art to exist. " Relativism was accepted as
  37. That one could have inspired the other, as there is some evidence of a trade, relationship ,between the Roman Empire and China. However, no direct connection can be
  38. Play. The first part of the Achilles trilogy, The Myrmidons, focused on the, relationship ,between Achilles and chorus, who represent the Achaean army and try to convince
  39. Mastered Sanskrit, unlike Schopenhauer, and the two developed a professional, relationship , It was from Krause that Schopenhauer learned meditation and received the
  40. Development of the negatives had ruined all the exterior shots. Tarkovsky's, relationship ,with cinematographer George Herbert deteriorated to the point where Tchaikovsky
  41. Weight, it should not be a surprise that the boiling point has almost a linear, relationship ,with the size (molecular weight) of the molecule. As a rule of thumb, the
  42. Sailing (again),who drew on Lévi-Strauss and Fernand Branded to examine the, relationship ,between social structure and individual agency. Also, influential in these
  43. Meaning and importance of the LSD drug experience, which may have caused the, relationship ,to cool, but Huxley continued to write articles for the Society's journal
  44. Helmsmen) but has no currency today. Miller made his proposal before the, relationship ,between the Semitic and the other Afroasiatic languages was observed. *
  45. Whereas disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and psychology analyze its, relationship ,with humans and generations. Traditionally, the term art was used to refer to
  46. Films, he aimed to give the viewers a sense of time passing, time lost, and the, relationship ,of one moment in time to another. Up to, and including, his film The Mirror
  47. Courted her for a time; however, they both had second thoughts about their, relationship , On August 16, 1837,Lincoln wrote Mary a letter suggesting he would not blame
  48. Difficult situation. Danneskjöld is married to the actress Kay Ludo; their, relationship ,is kept hidden from the outside world, which only knows of Ludo as a film
  49. As a marriage was in trouble in the Godfather Part II (1974) Kay knew the, relationship ,was over when she aborted" a son" in secret. On the abortion debate, an
  50. Lincoln wrote Mary a letter suggesting he would not blame her if she ended the, relationship , She never replied, and the courtship was over. In 1840,Lincoln became engaged

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