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  1. Non-anarcho-capitalist anarchists is likely the result of an" unfortunate, situation ,of fundamental misinterpretation of anarcho-capitalism. " Bound asks," How
  2. And smaller craft, although this fleet was old and in poor condition,a, situation ,which would be blamed on Lord Sandwich, the First Lord of the Admiralty. During
  3. Because adding another axiom to an already inconsistent system cannot make the, situation ,worse. Because of independence, the decision whether to use of the axiom of
  4. All spoken Arabic varieties share a single written language. Indeed, a similar, situation ,exists with the Romance languages in the case of Italian. As spoken varieties
  5. Or 1° and 719° – each of which gives a different average. *Secondly, in this, situation , 0° (equivalently,360°) is geometrically a better average value: there is
  6. Regime a legitimate democratic election is impossible. Although the political, situation ,of the country began to stabilize, President Dos Santos has so far refused to
  7. Payment" to encourage Rear den to persevere in his increasingly difficult, situation , Danneskjöld is married to the actress Kay Ludo; their relationship is kept
  8. He devises a complicated and highly fanciful escape from an intolerable, situation , Thus, Dikaiopolis in The Albanians contrives a private peace treaty with the
  9. Infrastructure as well as many social institutions. The ongoing grave economic, situation ,largely prevents any government support for social institutions. Hospitals are
  10. In the second syllable (which was usually modified or lost later). " The, situation ,therefore is very close, e. g., to Germanic see Germanic umlaut or to the Nash
  11. Level of the speakers involved, and the level of formality of the speech, situation , Often it will vary within a single encounter,e.g. moving from nearly pure
  12. Of plagues, who was invoked during the plague years. Here we have an apotropaic, situation , where a god originally bringing the plague was invoked to end it. ACLU (the
  13. Written submissions to the trial court and not on any trial testimony. Another, situation ,is where appeal is by way of re-hearing. Certain jurisdictions permit certain
  14. States to encourage commerce and economic development, only aggravated a gloomy, situation , In 1786-87,Shays' Rebellion, an uprising of farmers in western Massachusetts
  15. On imports of grain from Egypt, the Romans took great interest in the political, situation ,in the country. Continued Egyptian revolts, ambitious politicians, and powerful
  16. Disagreed on, and then by searching and seizing Dutch merchant ships. The, situation ,escalated when the British seized a Dutch merchant convoy sailing under Dutch
  17. But merged with in eastern speech). Language and dialect The sociolinguistic, situation ,of Arabic in modern times provides a prime example of the linguistic phenomenon
  18. To produce, on occasion, imagery known to Alchemy and relevant to the person's, situation , Jung did not completely reject the material experiments of the alchemists, but
  19. Now settled around the capital, in the so called" Museums ", the general, situation ,for Angolans remains desperate. Politics Angola's motto is Virus Units
  20. Paris. He thinks only of his own personal happiness and the unfairness of the, situation ,in which he has been placed but gradually comes to recognize his membership in
  21. Fraudulent by UNITS, and the collapse of the Lusaka Protocol, created a split, situation , On the one hand, the new democratic institutions worked, notably the National
  22. The next day. Ginsberg travelled to Barger's home in Oakland to talk the, situation ,through. It is rumored that he offered Larger and other members of the Hell's
  23. But was checked at the first battle of Saratoga in September. Burgoyne's, situation ,was desperate, but he now hoped that help from Howe's army in New York City
  24. Seems unreal to him. He feels uneasy but does not realize the gravity of the, situation , Within a short while, he grasps what is at stake and warns the authorities
  25. Authorities, including the Prefect’M. Othón, are slow to accept that the, situation ,is serious and quibble over the appropriate action to take. Official notices
  26. And as the FNMA favored French over Portuguese. The dynamics of the language, situation , as described above, were additionally fostered by the massive migrations
  27. But the language used is optimistic and downplays the seriousness of the, situation , A" special ward" is opened at the hospital, but its 80 beds are filled
  28. Of the foreign land have paramount authority in their legal system. In such a, situation , it may be incumbent on the individual to abjure one of his citizenship to
  29. Element of the Cartesian product of the sets in X. This is not the most general, situation ,of a Cartesian product of a family of sets, where a same set can occur more
  30. Leave or permission requires the appellant to obtain leave to appeal; in such a, situation ,either or both of the lower court and the appellate court may have the
  31. In Italy, and taking the city would not have improved Attila's supply, situation , Therefore, it was more profitable for Attila to conclude peace and retreat
  32. Between the edited Chronicle and other documents, Wolters explained the, situation ,to Speer, who responded by suggesting to Walters that the relevant pages of the
  33. Of highly distinct, pre-industrial,often non-literate peoples, similar to the, situation ,in the Americas. On the other hand, Russia also participated to some degree in
  34. Perversion of his scheme" and" the ridiculousness of the proposal" create a, situation ,in which the reader has" to consider just what perverted values and
  35. Apparatuses, and of a pervasive corruption. The main beneficiary of this, situation ,is a social segment constituted since 1975,but mainly during the last decades
  36. And symbolized Z). This proved eventually to be the case. The experimental, situation ,improved dramatically after research by Henry Moseley in 1913. Moseley, after
  37. Cases that the disease is bubonic plague and is aware of the seriousness of the, situation , He labors hard to make an anti-plague serum, but as the epidemic continues, he
  38. Organization was undoubtedly to a great extent responsible for this, situation , The largest and most militant of these organizations was the Federation Opera
  39. Declare an open alliance. Grimaldi told Lee that" You have considered your own, situation , and not ours. The moment is not yet come for us. The war with Portugal —
  40. Project had inadvertently exposed corruption in his own production company (a, situation ,reminiscent of his own movie, The Bad Sleep Well). His very sanity had been
  41. Other African country. There are three intertwined historical reasons for this, situation , #In the Portuguese“ bridgeheads” Luanda and Benguela, which existed on the
  42. Axiom of choice, but this seems to have gone unnoticed until Carmelo. Not every, situation ,requires the axiom of choice. For finite sets X, the axiom of choice follows
  43. Afghan citizens feel about the 2001–present US-led war, the current political, situation , as well as the economic and social issues affecting their daily lives. One was
  44. Narrow and Dr. Room to help fight the epidemic. Part three In mid-August,the, situation ,continues to worsen. People try to escape the town, but some are shot by armed
  45. Revolts, ambitious politicians, and powerful Syrian opponents made this, situation ,unstable, leading Rome to send forces to secure the country as a province of
  46. To help prevent major fraud in future elections and improve the security, situation , Political divisions Afghanistan is administratively divided into 34 provinces
  47. Heights. Since the artillery now overlooked the British positions,Howe's, situation ,was untenable, and the British fled on March 17, 1776,sailing to their naval
  48. British generals in America received their orders from London, the military, situation ,had usually changed. Suppressing a rebellion in America also posed other
  49. Force). According to this argument, the free market is simply the natural, situation ,that would result from people being free from authority, and entails the
  50. Syllables when final case endings are pronounced, vs. the normal, situation ,where they are not pronounced, as in the above example of" library" in full

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