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  1. Villages Towns and villages in each district:: Negate (Becomes a city on 4, january 2012): Togo: Kane: Their: Toshiba: GUI: Higashiura: Miami: Minamichita:
  2. Ourense, Morrazo and Deza-Tabeirós-Montes. The digital edition started in, january 1999. Notable Contributors * Rose Luis Méndez Ferris Piero Fornasetti (10
  3. E) with short, cool summers accompanied by very cold and dry winters. Average, january , temperature is about -20 °C,and July is about +13 °C. Noelle Choupay-Mogensen (
  4. Incorporated into an official version. Among the mule mods, MorphXT began in, january 2003 and is considered to be one of the earliest, and Extreme is one of the most
  5. Funky On Up WMIT1011. December 2008 * construct - Akustikelektrik WMIT1015., january 2009 Replenish is the debut album by rock band Reef released in 1995. Track
  6. To M-408 series with low-power engine MZMA-408 (50 hp) was introduced in, january 1976 and discontinued in 1982. * M-21381: version 4-door sedan with operational
  7. Salamanca),June 28th,1870 - Guido de Granada (CACEIS),España, january ,6th,1905) was a Spanish poet in Castilian and Extremaduran. He was a teacher
  8. Entrance. This Watermark is open from mid-November till beginning of, january , and features traditional Christmas gifts as well as seasonal food and beverages
  9. G; launched http://www.nikon-image.com/eng/news_release/2003/afsvr24-120ed.htm, january ,2003,supersedes the AF
  10. The Story of Percussion in the Orchestra (June 1992 – Nexus,1992) Voices (, january 1994 – Nexus,1994) The Mother of the Book (IRA,1994) with Gil Evans Music
  11. Its path and collided with two stationary vehicles, it has been repaired in, january 2010. *Area DEI Carabiner patrol vehicles are very dark blue with a red
  12. Eastwards to the village of Kleinmaischeid, Rhineland-Palatinate,Germany. On 1, january 2007 it shifted even further south-eastwards. *The tourist steam train line
  13. 1975 Secret of 23 November 1983 Secret of 17 December 1992 Secret of 12, january 2007 * (Ammerschwihr - Haut-Rhin) This is a
  14. Which has led to a sharp increase in murder rates in cities like Cali. Between, january , and march 2011 Cali saw 448 homicides, which is considered a 15 % increase
  15. November 2010 from a court ruling. Emmanuel Vaughan was declared winner of the, january 2011 and April 2011 elections. | title=THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR | publisher=Delta
  16. The latitude very mild due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. Average, january , temperature is about -8 °C,July is +16 °C. Transport The road infrastructure in
  17. Peacekeepers continue to work to find survivors after an earthquake (12, january 2010). JPG|Brazilian soldiers in the rescue of survivors 2010 Haiti Earthquake
  18. SWX Swiss Exchange (ticker: DUFF). Incorporation of Duffy South America In, january 2010 Duffy merged with Duffy South America (DSA),their subsidiary in South
  19. CZK (app. 5,769,000 EUR; 7,895,000 USD). This reconstruction should end in, january 2012. Photo gallery Image: Villa_Tugendhat_entrance. JPG | Entrance to the
  20. Toured with Baby shambles through 2004. After Gemma Clarke quit Baby shambles in, january 2005,The Suffrage' founders Killings and Clarke then regrouped with new
  21. Colombia worldwide single" IH" Island/2101/Universal Records 2012,January, and other songs Production/writing. * Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo of Geezer "
  22. France in fall 2010,Alan gave their annual New Year Irish concerts in early, january 2011 at the Soil Gheimhridh" Frankie Kennedy" in Garth Dob hair, Donegal
  23. MbH. Yes is an acronym for Young Engineers Sport scar. YES! Was founded in, january 2010. Manager and founder is Marco Run, he was the first YES! Turbo client in
  24. On 1 July 1924. At that time Toasted had a population of 2,187. At 1., january 2009 Torvastad-area (north-karmøy) had 3343 inhabitants, this includes:
  25. Sedan model with standard engine UZAM-412 (75 hp). M-2140 was introduced in, january 1976 and discontinued in July 1988. * M-2138 (export name Moskovitz 1360):
  26. House *http://www.politis.fr/article1578.html Left french newspaper Politics, january 2006 *http://www.bpi.fr/ress.php? Id_c 32&id_r1 543&id_c2 32&id_rubrique1
  27. Peru in 1865 Image: Palaciodegobierno006. JPG|Government Palace of Peru on 17, january 1881 Image: PALACIODEGOBIERNO010. JPG|Government Palace of Peru in 1895's
  28. Orchestral Music of Takamatsu (February 1997 – Sony,1998) Garden of Sounds (, january 1999 – BIS,2000),with Richard Saltzman Lullaby (Nexus,2001) with Leigh
  29. 1 to 5 Vedavågen is a Norwegian village with 2728 inhabitants, by the 1. Of, january 2009 (source: http://www.karmoy.kommune.no/om-kommunen/demografi),living in
  30. Serge Richard and alibi, Procedural law, Paris,Allow editor,6th edition, january 2011. The Hanoi are a Hazard tribe of the Tarawa valley, Hazara region of
  31. Of 21 °C during the months of December and January, though during months like, january , and February temperatures can reach 12 degrees in higher zones. According to
  32. Of Beredskapstroppen and Forswears Spesialkommando. After decommissioning By, january 2011,94 % of its former personnel in Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen gave up their
  33. In The Clash's song" Spanish Bombs" from the album London Calling, in, january 2011 a motion was started in order to grant Strummed his own street. Marriages
  34. Divorce in November 2008. They have three children together: Stefano (born, january 1996),Area (born June 2001),and GIA (born April 2003). He was engaged
  35. Garth Dob hair, Donegal followed by a special 25th Anniversary Concert in late, january 2011 at the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. Alan then embarked in
  36. And 807 MPV. The EW12J4 is Euro IV only, and no longer for sale in Europe as of, january ,1,2011. DW8 The DW8
  37. That she was the attacking submarine She was lost almost certainly on 9, january 1942 en route from Cape So union to Piraeus, where she had a rendezvous with her
  38. Marine Corps forces throughout the continental United States (BONUS). In, january , and February 1997,the Wolfpack supported various units at the Mountain
  39. Chauhan and Mahendra Singh Chauhan. Jitendra Singh Chauhan was born in 7th, january 1962 while Mahendra Singh Chauhan was born on 3rd November 1963 and died on 16
  40. Tubes used in it's construction was invented by John Irwin and patented on, january ,12, 1868. The hot blast design collected hot (exhaust) air from above the
  41. Was elected President of the Sardinia Region of Italy in 2004. Delisting On 12, january 2001,WOL was deleted from the stock market because Fiscal owned all the
  42. Or SGDN) " General secretary for national defense" in 1962. On the 13th, january 2010,the SGDN reach his actual name. External links *
  43. 5 March 1941- 28 January 1942): Brigadier General R. A Woman (28, january 1942- 27 February 1944): Brigadier W. Murphy (27 February 1944 -) Karl
  44. Windsor for the Derby interview (, january 2001) for QRD The Special Olympics Great Britain (originally known as Special
  45. Ragga Notable managers: See also. Supporters **Delphine Pescara 1936 (9, january 1977,in Italy is the oldest twinning ever. ) This is a discography of the
  46. City sees 1900 mm of precipitation annually. The dry season spans from April to, january , the wet season spans the remainder of the year. Temperatures remain constant
  47. Level. All ENAC professors hold post-graduate degrees. Since the 1st of, january 2011,it is the biggest aeronautical university in Europe. Aeronautical Studies
  48. Was a privately owned college situated about south of Stranger in Norway. In, january 2006 the college moved to Candles 10 km south of Stranger. Later the same year
  49. Brackish has two of these: Beiersdorf and Bitterest. Religious problems In, january 2009,the Catholic Church tried to convert the pagan inhabitants of Brackish to
  50. Aftershock. Belt rum is also famous by the yearly organized survival run in, january , with hundreds of competitors. Band of the Hand is an American 1986 crime film

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