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  1. The average age of sexually assaulted victims is 16 years old. In four out of, five ,cases, the suspects were relatives, friends or acquaintances. Culture Some of
  2. In Art Deco style holding a crusader's sword standing on a reel of film with, five ,spokes. The five spokes each represent the original branches of the Academy:
  3. Title. 2000 also saw Agassi reach the semifinals at Wimbledon, where he lost in, five ,sets to Rafter in a match considered by many to be one of the best ever at
  4. another's territory. Gestation lasts between 90 and 110 days, producing one to, five ,cubs (most often two or three) during the rainy season, when termites are
  5. To the 2005–2007 American Community Survey,84.7 % of people over the age of, five ,speak only English at home. About 3.5 % speak Spanish at home. About 2.2 %
  6. Group Berber with Semitic and Chadic with Egyptian. They split up Cushitic into, five ,or more independent branches of Afroasiatic, viewing Cushitic as a Sprachbund
  7. Include Andrei Ruble, Solaris, The Mirror, and Stalker. He directed the first, five ,of his seven feature films in the Soviet Union; his last two films were
  8. Tens, and so on up to millions. The beads in the shorter grooves denote five s –, five ,units, five tens etc., essentially in a bi-quinary coded decimal system
  9. Be as small, but it actually consists of 18 letters, including the Molina and, five ,long vowels. ) While Rotors has a small alphabet because it has few phonemes
  10. All else. For Dick Hummer, during the 1940s,Huxley went to the first of a, five ,meetings' session to elaborate the script of Alice in Wonderland but never
  11. With Jair. His original system consisted of seven elements, which included the, five ,classical elements (either, air,earth, fire and water),in addition to two
  12. Of school age in Nepal now attend primary school, compared to just one in, five ,40 years ago. Though small communities exist in other countries, such as the
  13. Has more than seven rods. There are two beads on each rod in the upper deck and, five ,beads each in the bottom for both decimal and hexadecimal computation. The
  14. Keys, or multifunctional keys, such us the special keyboard Pitch, with only, five ,big rounded keys, which is used with a special software for writing * Large
  15. A sensibility that insists there are realities beyond the generally accepted ", five ,senses" and that there is genuine meaning for humans beyond both sensual
  16. Studies in preparation for a future book. At home in Sweden again, five ,years after Peter's death, in 1730 on Strahlenberg published a new atlas
  17. And Calhoun) with a population of over 100,000 have Democratic sheriffs and, five ,Alabama counties with a population of under 75,000 have Republican sheriffs (
  18. Two pharmacy schools (Auburn University and Stamford University),and, five ,law schools (University of Alabama School of Law, Birmingham School of Law
  19. Members of the assembly. They are in turn elected on universal suffrage every, five ,years. The" Walk" ( Prefect or governor) directs each province. This person
  20. Householders. In other words, the house-holders are encouraged to practice the, five ,cardinal principles of non-violence, truthfulness,non-stealing, celibacy and
  21. Of motion. A 5,000-year-old earthen bowl found in Iran in Shari Sophia has, five ,images of a goat painted along the sides. This has been claimed to be an
  22. Beach Express Bridge in Foley. In March 2011,Alabama ranked among the top, five ," Worst" states on the American State Litter Scorecard, for overall poor
  23. Institute (USA SI). The present name was adopted in 1969. Prior to 1918,these, five ,founding engineering societies: *American Institute of Electrical Engineers (
  24. On up to millions. The beads in the shorter grooves denote five s – five units, five ,tens etc., essentially in a bi-quinary coded decimal system, obviously related
  25. The size of its workforce, agricultural production accounts for less than, five ,percent of the gross world product (an aggregate of all gross domestic
  26. However, the new gold atoms, being unstable isotopes, lasted for under, five ,seconds before they broke apart. More recently, reports of table-top element
  27. Methanol, ether,prop ionic acid and butyric acid, respectively. Alkanes with, five ,or more carbon atoms are named by adding the suffix -ANE to the appropriate
  28. Year ranked World No. 4. At age 33,he was the oldest player to rank in the top, five ,since Connors, at age 35,was World No. 4 in 1987. A major reason for Agassi
  29. Present life expectancy is 25 years longer than 1970s.; more than four of every, five ,children of school age in Nepal now attend primary school, compared to just one
  30. Sea, they fetch it in sacks on horse backs, and care the same three, four,or, five ,miles, and cast it on the land, which doth very much better the ground for
  31. While the NFL's Century Division became the AFC Central. Since the merger, five ,expansion teams have joined the AFC and two have left, thus making the current
  32. Have the lowest individual tax burden in the United States, and be one of only, five ,states with no state sales tax, one of seven states that do not levy an
  33. He had an early loss in the second round to ATP player Tommy Haas. He won, five ,titles in ten finals and was runner-up at the Masters Series tournament in Key
  34. Then to crawl along the sea bottom. These amphibians were as much as one to, five ,meters in length. However, amphibians never developed the ability to live their
  35. Extent in Fairbanks, where the cost of living has dropped somewhat in the past, five ,years. Federal government employees, particularly United States Postal Service
  36. Prince, the youngest of King Priam's (or sometimes Apollo) and Hecuba's, five ,legitimate sons. Despite his youth, he was one of the main Trojan war leaders.
  37. Are only a quarter of the global average, but water consumption is more that, five ,times this amount. As a result, supplies are declining and more than 400 cities
  38. And 8 hydrogen: butane,C4H10 - four carbon and 10 hydrogen: pentane,C5H12 -, five ,carbon and 12 hydrogen: humane,C6H14 - six carbon and 14 hydrogen These names
  39. Noises, and absorbs the French atmosphere. " The piece is structured into, five ,sections, which culminate in a loose ABA format. Gershwin's first A episode
  40. Dates to the 1st century AD. It has eight long grooves containing up to, five ,beads in each and eight shorter grooves having either one or no beads in each.
  41. Orleans with stops at Anniston, Birmingham,and Tuscaloosa. Roads Alabama has, five ,major interstate roads that cross the state: I-65 runs north–south roughly
  42. Such changes can provide useful knowledge of underlying constants. Physics The, five ,elements Aristotle proposed a fifth element, aether, in addition to the four
  43. Of the abaci may be coincidental, both ultimately arising from counting with, five ,fingers per hand. Where the Roman model (like most modern Japanese) has 4
  44. Commander v. d. Scatter Olivier. The island's economy has been dominated by, five ,main industries: gold mining, phosphate mining (The Aruba Phosphate
  45. Chamber, the Council Of Nation, with 144 members. The APN is elected every, five ,years. Under the 1976 constitution (as modified 1979,and amended in 1988
  46. Standards programs. History ANSI was originally formed in 1918,when, five ,engineering societies and three government agencies founded the American
  47. And poorer sibling relationships as adults. Classification Autism is one of the, five ,pervasive developmental disorders (PDD),which are characterized by
  48. Arrived at Troy with 50 ships, each carrying 50 Myrmidons. Achilles appointed, five ,leaders (each leader commanding 500 Myrmidons) who were: Menesthius, Eudorus
  49. In part as international standards. Standard panels The Institute administers, five ,standards panels: *The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel *The
  50. Holding a crusader's sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes. The, five ,spokes each represent the original branches of the Academy: Actors, Writers

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