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  1. Brand),a brand owned by the Kellogg Company *American Austin Car Company, short ,lived American automobile maker Vessels *USS Austin (1839),a sloop-of-war (
  2. Incorporated training movements with weapons, such as those for the spear (), short ,staff (), and perhaps the. However, aikido derives much of its technical
  3. Early years. The earliest surviving stop-motion advertising film was an English, short ,by Arthur Melbourne-Cooper called Matches: An Appeal (1899). Developed for
  4. Rarely, small asteroids passing close to Earth may be naked-eye visible for a, short ,time. Composition is calculated from three primary sources: albedo, surface
  5. It includes perennial herbaceous plants which are glamorous and have, short ,rhizomes with fibrous roots or are lipomatous with root tubers. The leaves
  6. A film must be feature-length, defined as a minimum of 40 minutes, except for, short ,subject awards, and it must exist either on a 35 mm or 70 mm film print or in
  7. By the anime industry. Other mediums are mostly limited to independently made, short ,films, examples of which are the silhouette and other cutout animation of
  8. A bi-quinary coded decimal system, obviously related to the Roman numerals. The, short ,grooves on the right may have been used for marking Roman ounces. Chinese
  9. Output of essays, Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published, short ,stories, poetry,travel writing, and film stories and scripts. Huxley spent the
  10. For passage. This first attempt at an amendment failed to pass, falling, short , of the required two-thirds majority on June 15, 1864,in the House of
  11. Some bacteria can metabolize some alkanes (especially those linear and, short ,), by oxidizing the terminal carbon atom. The product is an alcohol, that could
  12. The opera Boris Godunov in London, and directed a radio production of the, short ,story Turnabout by William Faulkner. He also wrote Sculpting In Time, a book on
  13. Of films. During his career he directed only seven feature films, and three, short ,films during his time at the film school. He also wrote several screenplays
  14. Use of the term" astronaut" in the modern sense was by Neil R. Jones in his, short ,story" The Death's Head Meteor" in 1930. The word itself had been known
  15. Of Anchorage, or on the Kenji Peninsula, about southwest of Anchorage. The, short ,100-day growing season limits the crops that can be grown, but the long sunny
  16. Alexander was not prepossessing. Even by Macedonian standards he was very, short , though stocky and tough. His beard was scanty, and he stood out against his
  17. Animal kingdom (A is for alligator, B is for butterfly, etc.) along with a, short ,poem utilizing the letter of the page for many of the words. The illustrations
  18. court's own website. The deadline for beginning an appeal can often be very, short ,: traditionally, it is measured in days, not months. This can vary from country
  19. Written after the preceding consonant rather than as diacritic marks. Although, short ,a way not written, as in the India Aquinas, one could argue that the linear
  20. TV transmission showed the mission's best video images of the earth, in a, short ,four minute broadcast. After two uneventful days the crew prepared for re-entry
  21. North during the summer into the Peace River valley where the season is, short ,but the working days are long for honeybees to produce honey from clover and
  22. 1914) and The Sinking of the Lusitania (1918). The production of animated, short ,films, typically referred to as" cartoons ", became an industry of its own
  23. Page and document layout and formatting. The original ASCII standard used only, short ,descriptive phrases for each control character. The ambiguity this caused was
  24. Nepohualtzintzin (364) completed a cycle and approximate a year (1 1/4 days, short ,). It is worth mentioning that the Nepohualtzintzin amounted to the rank from
  25. Beneficial traits. New research on woodland strawberry genome was found to be, short ,and easy to manipulate. Researchers now have tools to improve strawberry
  26. Non-uniform to make the orbit of the spacecraft unpredictable after a, short ,time. NASA estimated that the orbit had decayed within months and would have
  27. A dot below it, for example, ‹ ›. Vowels and consonants can be phonologically, short ,or long. Long (geminate) consonants are normally written doubled in Latin
  28. Vowels in MSA. ) Vowels Modern Standard Arabic has six pure vowels, with, short , and corresponding long vowels. There are also two diphthongs: and. As mentioned
  29. Chile 6–4,3–6,7–5. As a result, he was unseeded at the US Open. Agassi had a, short ,but dramatic run in his final US Open. Because of extreme back pain, Agassi was
  30. Influential film directors. In 1956,Tchaikovsky directed his first student, short ,film, The Killers, from a short story of Ernest Hemingway. The short film There
  31. System: the long spiral gut of the larva is being replaced by the typical, short ,gut of a predator. * An adaptation of the nervous system for stereoscopic
  32. By Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and west, while having a, short ,borderline with Turkey to the northwest. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
  33. The loss at Bennington and the need to garrison Ticonderoga, and he was running, short ,on supplies. Despite these setbacks, he determined to push on towards Albany.
  34. From 1780 to 1810; part of the independent Republic of West Florida for a, short ,time (90 days); annexed by the U. S. and added to the Territory of Orleans (
  35. North of Alaska is Arctic (Köppen ET) with long, very cold winters and, short , cool summers. Even in July, the average low temperature in Barrow is.
  36. The differences are less great than for the low vowels. The pronunciation of, short ,and tends towards and in many dialects. The definition of both" emphatic" and
  37. North, the The bans and Athenians rebelled once more. Alexander immediately cut, short ,his campaign and headed south with his army, but,while the other cities once
  38. In 333 BC. Alexander came from Gordon to Ankara and stayed in the city for a, short ,period. After his death at Babylon in 323 BC and the subsequent division of his
  39. Nevertheless, Blair and others were impressed by his use of words. For a, short ,while in 1918,he was employed acquiring provisions at the Air Ministry.
  40. Student short film, The Killers, from a short story of Ernest Hemingway. The, short ,film There Will Be No Leave Today and the screenplay Concentrate followed in
  41. Chase, Alvin Löffler, Robert A. Heinlein (Korzybski is mentioned in the 1940, short , story " Blowups Happen" and the 1949 novella Gulf),L. Ron Hubbard, A. E. van
  42. And perpetual Union" between the 13 states. The following list contains, short ,summaries of each of the 13 articles. # Establishes the name of the
  43. The fact, when necessary. (Because most case endings are noted using final, short ,vowels, which are normally left unwritten in the Arabic script, it is
  44. Each other ", where a long occurs before two identical consonants (a former, short ,vowel between the consonants has been lost). (In less formal pronunciations
  45. In actual pronunciation, doubled consonants are held twice as long as, short ,consonants. This consonant lengthening is phonemically contrastive:" he
  46. Southern Reconstruction. Discussions with his cabinet revealed Lincoln planned, short ,term military control over southern states, until readmission under the control
  47. Unless its combustion chamber was" coated" first. Burning the engine for a, short ,period would accomplish coating. This first correction burn was only 2.4
  48. In 1956,Tchaikovsky directed his first student short film, The Killers, from a, short ,story of Ernest Hemingway. The short film There Will Be No Leave Today and the
  49. Of technique. Weapons training in aikido traditionally includes the, short ,staff (Jo),wooden sword (broken),and knife (tango). Today, some schools
  50. College, had taken a train trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado,to teach a, short ,summer school session at Colorado College. Several of the sights on her trip

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