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  1. Inmates would be granted return passage to the Indian mainland, or the right to, settle ,on the islands. The penal colony was eventually closed on August 15, 1947 when
  2. But Shalwar fled to the court of Nu rad-Din, who sent his general Shirk uh to, settle ,the dispute in 1164. In response Diagram sought help from Amalia, but Shirk uh
  3. Of a formal judicial trial. If unchallenged, these decisions have the power to, settle ,more minor legal disputes once and for all. If a party is dissatisfied with the
  4. 420 art galleries. Many young people and international artists continue to, settle ,in the city, and Berlin has established itself as a center of youth and popular
  5. Sarah to Abraham, then gave him sheep, oxen,and slaves, and invited him to, settle ,wherever he pleased in Abimelech’s lands. Further, Abimelech gave Abraham a
  6. First Germanic leader to take the city of Rome. Having originally desired to, settle ,his people in the Roman Empire, he finally sacked the city, marking the decline
  7. The soil has settle d into layers or remains in suspension. Heavier particles, settle ,out first, so gravel will be on the bottom, sand above, silt above that and
  8. Government, still operating under the Articles of Confederation, was able to, settle ,the issue of the western territories, which were ceded by the states to
  9. Carthaginian queen Dido (also known as Elissa),who proposed that the Trojans, settle ,in her land and that she and Aeneas reign jointly over their peoples. Once
  10. That people of the group related to the Common may have been one of the first to, settle ,North America. This theory is based largely on skeletal and cultural evidence
  11. And renew a five-year patent cross-licensing agreement as part of a deal to, settle ,all outstanding legal disputes between them. Events and publications Although
  12. Marcus Vilnius Agrippa instead. Octavian was left to decide where in Italy to, settle ,the tens of thousands of veterans of the Macedonian campaign whom the triumvirs
  13. The status and regulation of the sang ha, as Ashoka had in calling a conclave to, settle ,a number of contentious issues during his reign. This development ultimately
  14. A bid for autonomy. Little could ABD Brahman have known that as he set off to, settle ,matters in that northern city, his hopes of warring against Baghdad would be
  15. He arrived in the United States in May 2001,on a tourist visa, where he would, settle ,in Florida up until the attacks. On September 11, 2001,Name boarded United 93
  16. That he would avoid passing through Baluchistan and Airman and that he was to, settle ,peacefully in Mallet. Hasan Ali Shah was eventually forced to leave for
  17. Or of their children and grandchildren, returned to Angola, but mostly did not, settle ,in their original" habitat ", but in the cities—and again above all in Luanda.
  18. Strategy, she disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to, settle ,predicaments. The goddess only encouraged fighting for a reasonable cause or to
  19. Were expelled from the city of Kandahar and the Alkalis were allowed to, settle ,there instead. Commander in the Shared military Nader Shah favored Abdul not
  20. Part of my life's over; it's a chapter closed. I suppose I'll just have to, settle ,for being a respectable actor poncing around the West End and doing respectable
  21. By the Athenian strategy (general, and later historian) Thucydides had to, settle ,for securing Ion and could not retake Amphiboles, a failure for which
  22. And a campus pro-life to whom the USS denied funding to. The parties agreed to, settle ,the lawsuit by holding the case in abeyance in return for the USS temporarily
  23. Darya's flow split to the west and flowed into the Caspian. People began to, settle ,along the lower Amu Darya and the Boy in the 5th century A. D., establishing
  24. To be biased against the defendant. It also allows most private litigants to, settle ,their disputes in an amicable manner through discovery and pre-trial
  25. Restricted to Endingen and Legal until 7 May 1846,when they were allowed to, settle ,in any portion of the canton of Aargau. Ten years later (24 September 1856)
  26. Personal honor, for their tribe loyalty and for their readiness to use force to, settle ,disputes. As tribal warfare and internecine feuding has been one of their chief
  27. May have moved down the east side of the Rocky Mountains through Alberta to, settle ,the Americas. Alternatively they may have migrated down the coast of British
  28. In December 2006,AOL agreed to provide restitution to Florida consumers to, settle ,the case filed against them by the Florida Attorney General. Account
  29. Situated near the town of Vanadium) by storm. Its residents were removed to, settle ,on the Aventine Hill in Rome as new citizens, following the Roman traditions
  30. In all Greece for his justice and piety, and was frequently called upon to, settle ,disputes not only among men, but even among the gods themselves. He was such a
  31. Is bandwidth in Hz. Settling time and ringing The time taken for the output to, settle ,to within a certain percentage of the final value (for instance 0.1 %) is
  32. Of making the abolition of slavery practical by helping the freed slaves to, settle ,in Liberia in Africa. Congressman Lincoln From the early 1830s,Lincoln was a
  33. At one point Wesson made an unsuccessful attempt to, in his own words,", settle ,this once and for all and find out how tall he is" by using a tailor's tape
  34. Held a solidly winning position in Game 41,but again blundered and had to, settle ,for a draw. After Kasparov won Games 47 and 48,FIDE President Florencio
  35. Of these contingents was that of the Goths, who in 382,had been allowed to, settle ,within the imperial boundaries, keeping a large degree of autonomy. In 394
  36. In early 1787 with Shays' Rebellion in full force and the states refusing to, settle ,land disputes or contribute to the now six-year-old federal government. On
  37. The Neo-Babylonian period, Aramaeans, the native speakers of Aramaic, began to, settle ,in greater numbers in Upper Mesopotamia (modern-day northern Iraq, northeast
  38. In some species the larvae have large yolks, go to feed, and quickly, settle ,on a surface. Others produce larvae that have little yolk but swim and feed for
  39. And spent 700 million sentences in purchasing land for his soldiers to, settle ,upon. In 28 BC, he melted down 80 silver statues erected in his likeness and in
  40. When Turbofan was defeated, Adhemar organized a council in an attempt to, settle ,the leadership disputes, but he died on 1 August 1098,probably of typhus. The
  41. Of Settlement is an act of the Parliament of England that was passed in 1701 to, settle ,the succession to the English throne on the Electrons Sophia of Hanover (a
  42. Of philosophy. With him speculation passes from the colonies of Greece to, settle ,at Athens. By the theory of minute constituents of things, and his emphasis on
  43. And Lynch-Law, but also the only practicable plan whereby we may each one of us, settle ,down peaceably to mind his own business, to pursue his True Will, and to
  44. Prevented from following up his victory by trouble in Africa, which he had to, settle ,in person. When he returned to Iberia in 1090,it was avowedly for the purpose
  45. Unchanged since the 1972 SIMCA Agreement, which bound the two countries" to, settle ,their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations. " Some
  46. A committee, headed by B. N. Krishna, to guide the central government to, settle ,the issue of Telangana amicably. The committee submitted its report on 30
  47. Had become involved in an invasion of Gaul, which the German wished to, settle , Intending to take the strategic town of Lesotho, he concentrated his forces
  48. Then their children were citizens also. They were also given land and money to, settle ,in Rome. In the Late Roman Empire, these auxiliary troops, along with foreign
  49. Aeneas's arrival in Labium and his conflicts with local tribes as he tries to, settle ,his fellow Trojan refugees there. The most recent cinematic portrayal of Aeneas
  50. See in it a possible record of a formal invitation by the Byzantine state to, settle ,in northern Italy as federate, to help protect the region against the Franks

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