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  1. To the principles that everyone should have access to university regardless of, gender , race or religious affiliations - a spirit which continues to guide the
  2. More reflexive, explicitly addressing the author's methodology, cultural, gender , and racial positioning, and their influence on his or her ethnographic analysis
  3. Marked for person (first, second or third),number (singular or plural), gender , ( masculine or feminine),tense (perfect or imperfect),mood (indicative
  4. Between arbitrary groups within a culture, perhaps defining status, gender , clan or guild affiliation, religious belief or cultural alliances. Variations
  5. Вуйчо 'uncle ', and others. The plural forms of the nouns do not express their, gender ,as clearly as the singular ones, but may also provide some clues to it: the
  6. To' ) if it is definite. Adjectives agree with their nouns in number and, gender ,but agree in state only if attributive. Predicative adjectives are in the
  7. Of consumption and exchange, material culture, technology,infrastructure, gender ,relations, ethnicity,childbearing and socialization, religion,myth, symbols
  8. And – те for plural. Adjective and numeral inflection Both groups agree in, gender ,and number with the noun they are appended to. They may also take the definite
  9. Councilors. Extra seats in both chambers can be added to ensure that ethnic and, gender ,quotas are met. Burundi has a multi-party system, with two or three strong
  10. Of prefixes (primarily encoding person) and suffixes (primarily encoding, gender ,and number) are used. The passive voice uses the same person/number/ gender
  11. Play, and to group players of similar interests, skill levels, age,or, gender , or combinations thereof. The most common game variants are rubber bridge and
  12. A complicated system of declining nouns, with six or seven noun cases but no, gender , In modern Armenian the use of auxiliary verbs to show tense (comparable to
  13. The longer form being reserved for grammatical subjects),– та for feminine, gender , – то for neuter gender , and – те for plural. Adjective and numeral inflection
  14. Nouns and adjectives Aramaic nouns and adjectives are inflected to show, gender , number and state. The latter somewhat akin to case in Indo-European languages.
  15. Or tannin). Adjectives in Literary Arabic are marked for case, number, gender , and state, as for nouns. However, the plural of all non-human nouns is always
  16. Also use completely different sets of affixes for indicating person, number and, gender ,: In the past, the person, number and gender are fused into a single suffix
  17. Bulgarian. In addition to that, past compound forms using participles vary in, gender ,(masculine, feminine,neuter) and voice (active and passive) as well as
  18. Are three grammatical gender s in Bulgarian: masculine, feminine and neuter. The, gender ,of the noun can largely be inferred from its ending: nouns ending in a
  19. Take the definite article as explained above. Pronouns may vary in, gender , number, definiteness and are the only parts of speech that have retained case
  20. In Bulgarian. Adjectives and adjectival pronouns agree with nouns in number and, gender , Pronouns have gender and number and retain (as in nearly all Indo-European
  21. Reserved for grammatical subjects),– та for feminine gender , – то for neuter, gender , and – те for plural. Adjective and numeral inflection Both groups agree in
  22. And adjectival pronouns agree with nouns in number and gender . Pronouns have, gender ,and number and retain (as in nearly all Indo-European languages) a more
  23. Basket' ) started in the Netherlands and is now played worldwide as a mixed, gender ,team ball game, similar to mixed netball and basketball * Netball (formerly
  24. Aspects. Verbs in forms using past participles also vary in voice and, gender , There is only one simple tense in the imperative mood – the present – and
  25. Verbs in Literary Arabic are marked for person (first, second,or third), gender , and number. They are conjugated in two major paradigms (past and non-past);
  26. Dengue. The literacy rate in Bangladesh rose to 56.5 % in 2009. There is some, gender ,disparity, though,as literacy rates are 62 % among men and 51 % among women
  27. As a midpoint in this transition. Noun Classical Armenian has no grammatical, gender , not even in the pronoun. The nominal inflection, however,preserves several
  28. And augmentative Diminutive Usually done by adding -че,-це or - (ч)ка. The, gender ,of the word is thus changed, usually to the neuter:: Affectionate Form
  29. World during the 20th century compelled the church to examine issues of, gender , sexuality and marriage. These changes led to Lambert Conference resolutions
  30. By no means an Athenian invention, but it has been claimed that in regard to, gender ,democracy generalized a harsher set of values derived, again,from the common
  31. I is partly determined by their ending in singular and partly influenced by, gender ,; in addition, irregular declension and alternative plural forms are common.
  32. Group. Nominal morphology Nouns and adjectives have the categories grammatical, gender , number, case (only vocative) and definiteness in Bulgarian. Adjectives and
  33. The white color signifies almost all of Apple’s products. The semiotics of, gender ,plays a key influence on the way in which signs are interpreted. When
  34. When postfixed to adjectives the definite articles are – ят/–я for masculine, gender ,(again, with the longer form being reserved for grammatical subjects),– та
  35. May increase the risk of depression. Psychiatric disorders differ depending on, gender , Women who have alcohol-use disorders often have a co-occurring psychiatric
  36. Forms, as it varies in person, number,voice, aspect,mood, tense and even, gender , Finite verbal forms Finite verbal forms are simple or compound and agree with
  37. As the village Along, along with a lower nobleman named Conrad of Allen. This, gender ,probably had its ancestral castle at a site south of today’s city center and
  38. Schools, and the remaining four are secular with one of these being a single, gender ,school and another a Montessori school. Also, within the private sector there
  39. Or /-at/ suffix. Pronouns in Literary Arabic are marked for person, number and, gender , There are two varieties, independent pronouns and enclitics. Enclitic pronouns
  40. May be formed if it is" based on differences in religion, language,race, gender , profession or region ". In addition, political campaigns must be exempt from
  41. And advocate the abolition of traditional conceptions of family, education and, gender ,roles. Green anarchism (or eco-anarchism) is a school of thought within
  42. Imperfect uses various preformatives that vary according to person, number and, gender , In both tenses the third-person singular masculine is the unmarked form from
  43. And is originally a Western Bulgarian form. The participles are inflected by, gender , number, and definiteness, and are coordinated with the subject when forming
  44. Liberation. In the Rights of Woman, Wollstonecraft does not make the claim for, gender ,equality using the same arguments or the same language that late 19th- and 20th
  45. Environment, stress,mental health, family history, age,ethnic group, and, gender , all influence the risk for the condition. Long-term alcohol abuse produces
  46. Ages of consent for heterosexual sexual activity that are based on the, gender ,of each person. In countries, where there are gender -age differentials, usually
  47. For indicating person, number and gender : In the past, the person, number and, gender ,are fused into a single suffix morpheme, while in the non-past, a combination
  48. Event in Belize has seven rider categories based on rider rating, age,and, gender , Action-packed and thrilling, this most interesting sporting event allows for
  49. Or" Anxious ", the suffix" -um" makes the name neuter, and the character's, gender ,is often mistaken throughout the piece) The chief slave in the house of Senex.
  50. A key influence on the way in which signs are interpreted. When considering, gender ,roles in advertising, individuals are influenced by three categories. Certain

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