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  1. Of the element it was also recognized a member of" thorium series. " This, discovery ,was made by the Swiss chemist Walter Minder in 1940,and he chose the name "
  2. This has not received wide recognition, and he re-announced the, discovery ,in 1942,now with English scientist Alice Leigh-Smith, having chosen the name "
  3. Calf” ( ca. 1633–34,National Gallery London)—there is little else. The recent, discovery ,in 1991 of Pier Francesco Mold’s“ Aaron, Holy to the Lord” ( ca. 1650
  4. Authorship was finally attributed to the Ashoka of Buddhist legend after the, discovery ,of dynastic lists that gave the name used in the edicts (Priyadarsi – 'favored
  5. Nobel Prize in Physics" for his work on the scattering of light and for the, discovery ,of the effect named after him ". Other Asian Nobel Prize winners include
  6. He2+ ions. For more details of this early work, see Alpha particle#History of, discovery ,and use. By 1928,George Gamow had solved the theory of the alpha decay via
  7. Then the composition of the next generation ... These ideas foreshadowed the, discovery ,of evolution,Freud's concepts of the libido and the unconscious mind, and
  8. Word λιθoς (transliterated as lit hos, meaning " stone" ), to reflect its, discovery ,in a solid mineral, as opposed to potassium, which had been discovered in plant
  9. Principles for the sciences and the arts to free themselves for the, discovery ,of modern scientific laws and empirical methods. The medieval English poet
  10. Been ascribed to Isaac Newton, in the form of a practical method of physical, discovery ,(which he did not name or formally describe). Use in specific fields
  11. Disproved the effectiveness of Allison's device and the validity of this false, discovery , This erroneous discovery was followed by another" discovery ," claimed in
  12. Branching at 0.6 %, a figure that she later revised to 1 %. Before Perey's, discovery ,of francium, there were at least three erroneous and incomplete discoveries.
  13. For depression, exacerbated by her mother's death earlier that year and the, discovery ,of her husband's infidelity. Public reaction at the time was largely negative
  14. In potentially sparing thousands of lives, particularly in Anchorage. The 1968, discovery , of oil at Proudhon Bay and the 1977 completion of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline led
  15. The name" astronomical unit" appears first to have been used in 1903. The, discovery ,of the near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros and its passage near the Earth in 1900–1901
  16. Date to the Byzantine and Islamic periods in Egypt, but only in 1822,after the, discovery ,of the Rosetta Stone and years of research by Thomas Young and Jean-François
  17. Contributions to philosophy were her" theory of concepts, her ethics, and her, discovery ,in politics that evil—the violation of rights—consists of the initiation of
  18. Of Allison's device and the validity of this false discovery . This erroneous, discovery ,was followed by another" discovery ," claimed in 1937 the chemist Rajendra
  19. Amateur telescope making. Notable amateur astronomers * Thomas Bop, shared the, discovery ,of Comet Hale-Bopp in 1995 with unemployed PhD physicist Alan Hale. * Robert
  20. In 1818. Scholars have started to revise earlier views about Schopenhauer's, discovery ,of Buddhism. Proof of early interest and influence appears in Schopenhauer's
  21. Most widely-accepted explanation of atomic structure. Shortly after Thomson's, discovery , Han taro Nagoya, a Japanese physicist, predicted a different model for
  22. In the body. History André-Louis Debate, a French chemist, announced the, discovery ,of a new element in 1899. He separated it from pitchblende residues left by
  23. And alumnus * Dan Sherman, awarded 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for" the, discovery ,of quasi crystals "; Professor of Materials Science at Iowa State University (
  24. C. The Volta Laboratory became an experimental facility devoted to scientific, discovery , and the very next year invented a wax phonograph cylinder that was later used
  25. Particularly important in creating libraries of peptides for use in drug, discovery ,through high-throughput screening. Biosynthesis In plants, nitrogen is first
  26. As the muriatic (hydrochloric acid),sulfuric and nitric acids, and more. The, discovery ,that aqua Regina, a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids, could dissolve the
  27. Series," but no such series is known today. More than that, during the next ", discovery ," of the element it was also recognized a member of" thorium series. " This
  28. No other such complex molecules had ever before been found in space). This, discovery ,was considered as a controversial confirmation of a hypothesis that as nebulae
  29. In support of defending the Allied forces, but largely denounced using the new, discovery ,of nuclear fission as a weapon. Later, together with Bertrand Russell, Einstein
  30. Up until the 18th century. Medicine and pharmacology The book is known for the, discovery ,of contagious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, the introduction of
  31. The first purpose built radio telescope in the late 1930s to follow up on the, discovery ,of radio wavelength emissions from space by Karl Jan sky. Non-visual amateur
  32. Years ago, and was discovered in 1974 just 74 km (46 mi) away from Ardi's, discovery ,site. Researchers infer from the form of her pelvis and limbs and the presence
  33. Of this false discovery . This erroneous discovery was followed by another ", discovery ," claimed in 1937 the chemist Rajendra De. Working in Dhaka, British India
  34. The transgenic series, it was discovered fourth, after the heavier curium. The, discovery ,was kept secret and only released to the public in November 1945. Most
  35. In Physics" for his services to theoretical physics, and especially for his, discovery ,of the law of the photoelectric effect ". The latter was pivotal in
  36. Within a positively-charged jelly-like substance, and between the electron's, discovery ,and 1909,this" plum pudding model" was the most widely-accepted explanation
  37. To discover North America's Atlantic coast, including Vinland. The Norse, discovery ,was documented in the 13th century Icelandic Sagas and was corroborated by
  38. In 1899 and 1900. Whether Debate and Diesel should share the merit of, discovery ,or if Diesel alone should be credited is still under debate. The name actinium
  39. Army and all their supplies across the East River in one night without, discovery ,by the British or significant loss of men and material. After a failed peace
  40. Pentagon officials along with geologists from the United States announced the, discovery ,of $1–3 trillion worth untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan. Another US
  41. In a crown, leading to the famous bath-house shouting of" Eureka! " Upon the, discovery ,of Archimedes' principle. While the use of iron started to become more
  42. S name was retained because it had seniority. The stated history of the, discovery ,of actinium remained uncertain for decades. Articles published in the 1970s and
  43. In a periodic table. The true beginning of atomic physics is marked by the, discovery ,of spectral lines and attempts to describe the phenomenon, most notably by
  44. Received from Aragon, Laplace and Bit never gave me so much pleasure as the, discovery ,of a theoretic truth, or the confirmation of a calculation by experiment ". His
  45. 22.0 minutes. Cesium was also thought to have natural radioisotopes before the, discovery ,of francium, which made the group strange compared to the others. The alkali
  46. Behind the development of quantum mechanics. Early models With J. J. Thomson's, discovery ,of the electron in 1897,it became clear that atoms were not the smallest
  47. The role of sex in the reproduction of some higher plants, though this last, discovery ,was lost in later ages. Influence on Hellenistic medicine After Theophrastus
  48. 1300 BC, and remains of settlements date from 600 AD. The date of European, discovery ,is uncertain: some sources claim that Columbus sighted the island in 1493
  49. 17 hours, which was close to the presently accepted value of 16.02 h. After the, discovery ,of americium isotopes 241Am and 242Am,their production and compounds were
  50. A black solid. Its melting point is estimated about 300 °C, The first claimed, discovery ,occurred in 1931 at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University)

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