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  1. Has been adequately tested and that which has not. Stephen Barrett, founder and, operator ,of Quack watch, argues that practices labeled" alternative" should be
  2. B:: C_o = \alpha_a C_a + (1 - \alpha_a) C_b The second assumption is that the, operator ,must respect the associative rule:: (a \dot b) \dot c = a \dot (b \dot c
  3. Pixels when their coverage is, conceptually,overlaid orthogonally: The over, operator ,is, in effect, the normal painting operation (see Painter's algorithm). The
  4. Of the bolt carrier and then pulls it forward and free. When cleaning,the, operator ,will pay special attention to the barrel, bolt face, and gas piston, then oil
  5. Expression containing two or more occurrences in a row of the same associative, operator , the order in which the operations are performed does not matter as long as the
  6. Still recommend short ones). Disassembly Dismantling the rifle involves the, operator ,depressing the magazine catch and removing the magazine. The charging handle is
  7. Easier to spot so that the results could be more easily separated by a computer, operator ,or clerk. ASCII art was also used in early e-mail when images could not be
  8. Left (1 - \franc\right) C_b It is also interesting to note that the \dot, operator ,fulfills all the requirements of a non-commutative conoid, where the identity
  9. While simultaneously lifting on the rear of the cover to remove it. The, operator ,then pushes the spring assembly forward and lifts it from its raceway
  10. Space V is a linear operator V → V. An automorphism is an invertible linear, operator ,on V. When the vector space is finite-dimensional, the automorphism group of V
  11. To normal arithmetic and logical operator s, AWK expressions include the tilde, operator , ~, which matches a regular expression against a string. As handy syntactic
  12. Current line number, starting at 1 for the first line of input. % is the modulo, operator , NR % 4 1 is true for the first, fifth,ninth, etc., lines of input. Likewise
  13. 1973 - introduced new elements including flexible arrays, slices,parallelism, operator ,identification, and various extensibility features. Nicklaus With based his own
  14. KLM has made the first commercial flight with biofuel in 2009. Call signs Each, operator ,of a scheduled or charter flight uses an airline call sign when communicating
  15. And the operator inspects the chamber to verify the weapon is unloaded. The, operator ,presses forward on the retainer button at the rear of the receiver cover while
  16. Hybrid electric buses to its fleet of 69 and is the first public transit, operator ,in the Midwest to state its intention to convert to all hybrid electric buses.
  17. Against a string. As handy syntactic sugar, /regexp/ without using the tilde, operator ,matches against the current record. AWK commands are the statement
  18. Of Communications & Information Technologies (MCIT),as well as being an, operator ,through its role in Telecom, is both a policy-maker and regulator. Public pay
  19. Fisher Aquila bicycle Organizations * Aquila Airways, a British flying boat, operator ,(1948–1958) * Aquila, Inc., a former electric and gas utility in Kansas City
  20. Personality (d. 2004) * 1938 – Bernard Mad off, American convict, Ponzi scheme, operator ,* 1938 – Klaus Doorman, German musician, artist,and record producer *1942 –
  21. In the case where the background is opaque (i.e. \alpha_b = 1),the over, operator ,represents the convex combination of a and b:: C_o = \alpha_a C_a + (1 -
  22. Group. * In linear algebra, an endomorphic of a vector space V is a linear, operator ,V → V. An automorphism is an invertible linear operator on V. When the vector
  23. We shall here use the shorthand notation a \dot b for representing the over, operator , The first assumption is that in the case where the background is opaque (i.
  24. In effect, the normal painting operation (see Painter's algorithm). The in, operator ,is the alpha compositing equivalent of clipping. As an example, the over
  25. Reduction" operator to the" addition" function. Applying the same reduction, operator ,to the" maximum" function (which returns the larger of two numbers) derives
  26. Analysis of the properties of AK and bk shows that one is the annihilation, operator ,for particles and the other for antiparticles. This is the case of a fermion.
  27. Vanderbilt University. Work Alain Cones is one of the leading specialists on, operator ,algebras. In his early work on von Neumann algebras in the 1970s,he succeeded
  28. The order of priorities against an enemy infantry unit is the enemy radio, operator ,(in the past identified by the whip aerial of the backpack radio unit such as
  29. It has more or fewer fields than surrounding lines. $ is actually a unary, operator ,with the highest operator precedence. (If the line has no fields then NF is 0
  30. Fields than surrounding lines. $ is actually a unary operator with the highest, operator ,precedence. (If the line has no fields then NF is 0,$0 is the whole line
  31. And removing the magazine. The charging handle is pulled to the rear and the, operator ,inspects the chamber to verify the weapon is unloaded. The operator presses
  32. It was not able to run entirely automatically through an entire problem. An, operator ,was needed to operate the control switches to set up its functions, much like
  33. Layers generally prefer this second approach. Analytical derivation of the over, operator ,Porter and Duff gave a geometric interpretation of the alpha compositing
  34. Low charge calls in the UK, these numbers are meant to be used as a sort of, operator ,that you go through in order to qualify for these cheap calls. However, if the
  35. Is the alpha compositing equivalent of clipping. As an example, the over, operator ,can be accomplished by applying the following formula to each pixel value:: C_o
  36. Carrier assembly all the way to the rear, lift it, and then pull it away. The, operator ,removes the bolt by pushing it to the rear of the bolt carrier; rotating the
  37. Tray" ), is typically tall and comes in various widths depending on the, operator , It usually has more than seven rods. There are two beads on each rod in the
  38. Of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company employed Carnegie as a secretary/telegraph, operator ,at a salary of $4.00 per week. At age 18,the youth began a rapid advancement
  39. FILENAME contains the current filename. Awk has no explicit concatenation, operator ,; two adjacent strings concatenate them. $0 expands to the original unchanged
  40. For example the" sum" function is derived by applying the" reduction ", operator ,to the" addition" function. Applying the same reduction operator to the "
  41. Intelligence arm Business * Aeropuertos y Services Auxiliary, Mexican airport, operator ,* The International Civil Aviation Organization's code for Alaska Airlines *
  42. Structure; see, for example: group homomorphism, ring homomorphism, and linear, operator ,). The identity morphism (identity mapping) is called the trivial
  43. By ear, without having to write them down and within a year was promoted as an, operator , Carnegie's education and passion for reading was given a great boost by
  44. String is to coerce from a number to a string,e.g. s" ". Note,there's no, operator ,to concatenate strings,they're just placed adjacently. ) With the coercion
  45. Eternal Therein DeLorean),or Thermal Bus Company, is the main, operator ,of buses in Athens. Its network consists of about 300 bus lines which span the
  46. And thus follows that b \dot c is opaque, so in the above equation, each \dot, operator ,can be written as a convex combination:: \begin \alpha_o C_o + (1 - \alpha_o)
  47. Single symbol or a combination of a few symbols),it does not have function or, operator ,precedence. Early APL implementations did not have control structures (do or
  48. A real scalar field, then one finds that there is only one kind of annihilation, operator ,; therefore, real scalar fields describe neutral bosons. Since complex scalar
  49. Classification of injective factors. Following this he made contributions in, operator ,K-theory and index theory, which culminated in the Baum-Connes conjecture. He
  50. From its raceway, withdrawing it out of the bolt carrier and to the rear. The, operator ,must then pull the carrier assembly all the way to the rear, lift it, and then

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