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  1. On the town, Grand joins the team of volunteers, acting as general secretary, recording ,all the statistics. Room regards him as" the true embodiment of the quiet
  2. Times (although Elvis Presley had success with it in the 1970s). Charles ', recording ,is very commonly played at major sporting and entertainment events, such as the
  3. Acoustics was used for detecting submarines in the first World War. Sound, recording ,and the telephone played important roles in a global transformation of society.
  4. To Schweitzer. Dr Schweitzer's recording s of organ-music, and his innovative, recording ,technique, are described separately below. One of his notable pupils was
  5. Including faster internal components, support for faster 3G speeds, video, recording , capability,and voice control. On June 7,2010,at WWDC 2010,the iPhone 4 was
  6. And Slaves toured together in May, while Gangsta toured on her own. Frequent, recording ,sessions brought the foursome closer together during the summer. Forming the
  7. Writings, letters and personal items, as well as an exhibition of photographs, recording ,important moments in his life and during the establishment of the Republic.
  8. India. Around the 5th century, Indian clerks were already finding new ways of, recording ,the contents of the Abacus. Hindu texts used the term Sonya (zero) to
  9. Filipino jurist and politician (b. 1891) *1954 – Billy Murray, American, recording , artist (b. 1877) *1962 – Peter Fighter, East German defector (b. 1944)
  10. Live from Stockholm) 11 December 1982. In January 1983,Fatso started, recording ,sessions for a solo album, as Frida had successfully released her album
  11. Was reported to be in charge and eventually asked the composer to leave the, recording ,studio. Then, a little later, Shilkret discovered there was no one to play the
  12. Never wrote a novel or short story featuring both Poirot and Miss Marple. In a, recording , recently rediscovered and released in 2008,Christie revealed the reason for
  13. Of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Gershwin was on hand to" supervise" the, recording ,; however, Shilkret was reported to be in charge and eventually asked the
  14. Areas solely for the purposes of statistical analysis and presentation. A, recording ,district is a mechanism for administration of the public record in Alaska. The
  15. The artwork remains an upper-class activity. " With the widespread use of DVD, recording ,technology in the early 2000s,artists, and the gallery system that derives its
  16. And dual cameras on the front and back. The back camera allows for HD video, recording ,at 720p. iPhone At the Mac world Conference & Expo in January 2007,Steve Jobs
  17. b. 1864) *1929 – Emile Berliner, German-born American telephone and, recording ,pioneer (b. 1851) * 1929 – Thor stein Veblen, American economist (b. 1857)
  18. Famous Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida with the assistance, among others, of, recording , engineer Tom Down. The album topped the charts across Europe and in Japan and
  19. The name of an aggressive opening move in chess),arguably to get out of their, recording ,contract. Arista's refusal to release the album had two known effects: the
  20. Married in 1971. Fatso and Slaves eventually were involved in each other's, recording ,sessions, and soon even Andersson and Gangsta added backing vocals to her
  21. Districts which are centrally administered under a State Recorder. All, recording ,districts use the same acceptance criteria, fee schedule, etc., for accepting
  22. And Slaves had songwriting sessions during the first months of 1981,and, recording ,sessions began in mid-March. At the end of April, the group recorded a TV
  23. A world record Test series aggregate. A modest Brahman can be heard in a 1930, recording , saying " I have always endeavored to do my best for the side, and the few
  24. Approved recommendations of the Secretary of Commerce regarding standards for, recording ,the Standard Code for Information Interchange on magnetic tapes and paper tapes
  25. First patent is issued to the inventor of a rust-proof paint. *1888 – An audio, recording ,of English composer Arthur Sullivan's" The Lost Chord ", one of the first
  26. Registered trademark. The first time the name is found written on paper is on a, recording ,session sheet from the Metronome Studio in Stockholm, dated 16 October 1973.
  27. Off" ), included in the EMI compilation Frida 1967-1972. The first prize was a, recording ,contract with EMI Sweden and to perform live on the most popular TV show in
  28. The tastes of Westerners to achieve or maintain that popularity. Joan Ellen, recording ,the violently negative reaction (in the 1970s) of the left-wing director
  29. Which hit the Top Ten on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Last, recording ,sessions In the spring of 1982,songwriting sessions had started and the group
  30. American in Paris has been frequently recorded over the years. The very first, recording ,was made for RCA Victor in 1929 with Nathaniel Children conducting the Victor
  31. But a new album was discussed and the prospect of a small tour suggested. The, recording ,sessions in May and June were a struggle, and only three songs were eventually
  32. Signal must be above or below some discrete threshold. For example, in sound, recording , fluctuations in air pressure (that is to say, sound ) strike the diaphragm of
  33. The solo; Gershwin said he could, and so he briefly participated in the actual, recording , The radio broadcast of the September 8,1937, Hollywood Bowl George Gershwin
  34. Original compositions sung by both men. Their spouses were often present in the, recording ,studio, and sometimes added backing vocals; Fatso even co-wrote a song with
  35. Closing on 21 January 1984. Gangsta was involved in this production as well, recording ," Belle" in English as" Time "; a duet with actor and singer B. A. Robertson:
  36. Lists more than 7,000 versions of the song as of September 2011. Its first, recording ,is an a cappella version from 1922 by the Sacred Harp Choir. It was included
  37. Conveyed by those same apparitions),instrumental trans-communication (, recording ,of paranormal voices on tape),and mediumship. Philosophy There is still the
  38. Possession of these same sacred talismans. It is because of this politicized, recording ,of their history that it is difficult to retrace the exact origins of these
  39. Hit" He, gamle man" (" Hello, Old Man" ); the first Bjorn and Benny, recording ,to feature all four. They also performed solo numbers from respective albums
  40. Was hiking the terrain of his native Wisconsin lands, and observing and, recording ,nature with an expert eye. Delete once wrote of his writing methods," I write
  41. Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. Dr. Shimmer also appears with Tom Waits in a, recording ,of the music of Kurt Weill (Lost in the Stars - A+M Records). Shimmer also
  42. For administration of the public record in Alaska. The state is divided into 34, recording , districts which are centrally administered under a State Recorder. All
  43. Series Television, documented this historical event, by filming the whole, recording ,process. The result became a one-hour TV documentary, including interviews with
  44. Soldiers stationed on the island. Andersson and Slaves were at this time, recording ,their first album together, Lycka, which was to be released in September 1970.
  45. The war. Though Turing demonstrated it to officials by encrypting/decrypting a, recording ,of a Winston Churchill speech, Delilah was not adopted for use. Turing also
  46. Jamming in the studios at Real World, musician Peter Gabriel's, recording ,facilities in Wiltshire, England,the diverse group of musicians recorded the
  47. October 1936. The Schweitzer Technique Dr. Schweitzer developed a technique for, recording ,the performances of Bach's music. Known as" The Schweitzer Technique ", it is
  48. Releases to be named The Singles: The First Ten Years. New songwriting and, recording ,sessions took place, and during October and November, they released the singles
  49. Featuring Inspector Narrator who also appeared in The Stanford Mystery; a, recording ,is in the British Library Sound Archive) * The Woman and the Ken ite (horror:
  50. By Miles Davis, the much acclaimed and highly influential best-selling jazz, recording ,of all time, is released. *1962 – East German border guards kill 18-year-old

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