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  1. Painter Gong Xian, and Gong Nashua. 公 Gong (, rank 408 of china),is china, korea , surname. *Zhou Dynasty's Lu (state) clan has surname Gong (公). *china's a
  2. Unit, Zheng (state) ruler Zheng Wu Hi (武子) son has surnamed Huang FM (皇甫)., korea , *gorge Wang clan's some female use surname Hwang BO (皇甫) because be
  3. By Korean society as educators. 錢 Jean (錢) is unknown, maybe two kind be, korea , native,or from China, jeon (錢) clan history start in late gorge age (ad
  4. Is changeable from Sung (成),Song (松) in past be surnamed Song (訟) in the past, korea , Some Song (訟) clan change to surname Sung (成),they are Gangrene Sung (成
  5. Is Then, korea surname. 鎭 is Then, Tian, Jin (Korea) 貞 鎭 is Then, Jeong (, korea , ) 全, 田,錢 全 (Juan),田 (Than),錢 (Jean, Qian) is Jean in Korea. Jean Then
  6. Juan (眷) reading Won in Korea, but no being in Borden. 5. in Korea, some,Korea, native 2~3 kind use surname Juan (權). Some China Juan people live in modern
  7. 2005. External links * http://www. korea .net/ korea /html/C/01/cabinet_13.html, korea , Net profile *
  8. Plans to relocate California sea lions from the United States. Name ", korea , times " /> The South Korean Ministry of Environment supports the effort because
  9. Along (Korea) 全, 田,錢 全 (Juan),田 (Than),錢 (Jean, Qian) is Jean in, korea , Jean Then Turn. Zhen people other Mike Wilburn (born September 28, 1952 in
  10. Of Villa by history book" samguksaki ". Green (甄) reading Jin, Jeon in the past, korea , by history book" dongsakangmok" Jin 秦, ( Qin) Jin (秦) is korea 's native
  11. Their surnames to Juan. By indefiniteness unofficial history, ( maybe not),Korea, *Jean (全) from Bake native people Jean Stop (全聶) in bc 10 ~ ad 100. *Jean
  12. Kim (金) clan, he moves, from An dong to Jean at late gorge age. North, korea , 's master Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il, Kim Losing, Kim Hyŏng-jik is Jean Kim (
  13. In past Korea by history book" dongsakangmok" Jin 秦, ( Qin) Jin (秦) is, korea , 's native surname. At ad 400~600,Jin (秦) clan live in silla's area. Be
  14. The 2 times of championship trophy (1998,1999) in their history.2 time the, korea , cup and 2 time the Korea super cup Coaching career At the age of only 37
  15. 田) clan history start in gorge age (AD 1000~) *Jean Due Si (田得時) is, korea , native from South Ella Dam yang Jean clan *Jean Long HOI (田宗會) is Korea
  16. Jin Lin (陳璘) ) from Ming Dynasty, ad 1500. (FC- hangman) *etc., unknown a, korea , native Jin people, but maybe be? Jin 晉, ( Jin) unknown a Jin (晉) people. Jin
  17. 權). Some China Juan people live in modern time. Kwon people been 56 clan in, korea , at Jose age. People A hard candy, or boiled sweet, is a candy prepared from
  18. NL's send the document of South Korean who will help when North, korea , will take action. But, they didn't apologized or punished who did it. So,PD's
  19. Clan, some Mongol, Vietnam,United States, Africa people do naturalization to, korea , and has they's mother surname Jin (金). Some people do change a surname
  20. And north) use Korean, but their intonation and vocabulary are different from, korea , 's official Seoul language (Pyo-jun-eo) in several ways. Their language is
  21. Manchu Qing Dynasty, beginning in the late seventeenth century Japan @, korea , ordered all Japanese @ Korean citizens to adopt Manchurian hairstyles by
  22. Recantation of Jizi's legend The legend of Jimi had at late Jose on period in, korea , but Which are currently denied Because the evidence. One example, Gyeong (景)
  23. A male in the background on Enoshima-Isle, Japan File: File-Joro Spider 1 south, korea , JPG|Female spider eating a ladybug in South Korea. File: Refill cravat
  24. December 5,2010, after winning a game for 2-1,he became the Champion of South, korea , it was the first time in ten years for FC Seoul. FINIADA won K-League Cup
  25. 龔, 共,公, 鞏,功, 貢 ) is china, korea 's a few surnames. 共, 龔,鞏, 功,貢 disappear in, korea , 龔, 共 Gong (, rank 192 in China),aka King in Cantonese, is the 99th most
  26. Is Hi Gong (子貢). So he changes to surname Kong (貢) 孔 reading Gong, Kong in, korea , 1660 Wood (1953 GA) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on April 7,1953,by
  27. Surname I (奇) clan argued Jizi's descendants because same dialect in, korea , but nothing to fact in unofficial history, too. I (奇) is Lu (state) (鲁
  28. Id=2948 World Curling Federation profile Gong (龔, 共,公, 鞏,功, 貢 ) is china, korea , 's a few surnames. 共, 龔,鞏, 功,貢 disappear in Korea. 龔, 共 Gong (, rank 192 in
  29. Korean Federation for Environmental Movement * FEM, Friends of the earth, korea , is one of the national member of Friends of the Earth since 2002. WIKF (95.7
  30. And desires of others. " Huang FM (皇甫) is china surname. Hwang BO (皇甫) is, korea , 's surname. Huang FM (皇甫) were phased changes to Huang (皇). Origin china
  31. Green in modern time 眞 is Then, korea surname. 鎭 is Then, Tian, Jin (, korea , ) 貞 鎭 is Then, Jeong (Korea) 全, 田,錢 全 (Juan),田 (Than),錢 (Jean, Qian)
  32. Headquarter of Ambikapur Division which consists of 3 districts namely- Argued, korea , and Jasper. It was the capital of Princely state of Surgery before Indian
  33. Kim (金) from Boston gov. And, japanse soldier 10,000 people send north, korea , 's frontier because Manchu invasion of Jose, they have to surname Kim (金).
  34. Is Korea native from South Ella Dam yang Jean clan *Jean Long HOI (田宗會) is, korea , native from South Ella Gyeongsang Jean clan *Gorge Wang clan's Wang King (
  35. Judo island, later change a surname to 高. EU Go (高) clan is majority in, korea , **some Gourmet soldier, general use surname Go (高),they not Gourmet royal
  36. Is Song Ben (松本),later change to surname Song (松). Song Yang (松讓) is, korea , native people in ad 100~200 age. Unknown a Song Yang (松讓) is offspring For the
  37. Back (秦伯),this name record at Villa king mun mu tombstone. Jin is Kim in the past, korea , state. **Shin, Kim is Gorging Maya surname, later join to Villa **Jin (秦)
  38. Bc 10 ~ ad 100). He is coworker of Onto of Bake. Population 150,000 in, korea , 田 Jean (田) clan history start in gorge age (AD 1000~) *Jean Due Si (田得時)
  39. Awards. * M2M was nominated for" best international artist" at M+net awards, korea , Hydrangea macrophyte is a species of Hydrangea native to Japan. Common names
  40. Montagne et DES environs de Loan de 1100 à 1300,1972 Gain, Kyun (甄, 堅 ) is, korea , 's surname. Gain 甄, Jian, Zhen 甄 reading Then, Jian (Jin) in China, Sun Juan
  41. Hyung Shin been new master of Villa after revolt with Villa king's death. In, korea , history academia, do be any theory, different opinion about ancestors of Kim
  42. Surname Bad (白). They have many people add *苩, 白 is Back, Paek, Paik, Baik in, korea , Change, from 苩 to 百, 白,later some again change, from 白 to BAE (裵). *Beak (
  43. He is naturalized as a Villa citizen. He also becomes a progenitor of Hwang in, korea , Furthermore, he graves GulMi-Bong (봉, 峰,peak),423-8 Benji, Wolsong-Ri, PyeongHae-Eub
  44. Preliminary Round (Group B): * Defeated Brazil (3-0): * Defeated PR, korea , ( 3-2): * Defeated United States (3-2) * Semi Finals: * Defeated Japan (3-2
  45. The boundary between Jong-un and Punching. It is one of the best mountains in, korea , And It is also famous for fall foliage more than 500 years. In 17 NOV 1971
  46. Then, Jeon in Villa, goryeo age. Reading Green in modern time 眞 is Then, korea , surname. 鎭 is Then, Tian, Jin (Korea) 貞 鎭 is Then, Jeong (Korea) 全, 田,錢
  47. Found surname among the ethnic Koreans in China because of this. Kim (金) of, korea , native Kim, Jin (金) *German Maya (金官伽倻, 本伽倻 ) surname Kim (金) of Time.
  48. Coo Zhu KE (崔珠克) clan change surname to Coo (崔) at Late Qing Dynasty age in, korea , *Silla's Saying tribe people, Sufaduri (蘇伐都利, sobuldori) is offspring use
  49. Highest amount of ships take the loads and goes to the countries like China, korea , and Japan. Usually the major amount of the raw-material exported form this port
  50. Trophy (1998,1999) in their history.2 time the Korea cup and 2 time the, korea , supercup Coaching career At the age of only 37,Polaroid managed some impressive

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