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  1. Its own right it can be the subject of intense study and analysis, and provides, insight ,into the relationship between God and Man beyond the world of Judaism and for
  2. To the rescue, restoration and study of historic pipe organs. With theological, insight , he interpreted the use of pictorial and symbolical representation in J. S.
  3. But the practice of these movements is not just for the purpose of giving, insight ,into the origin of techniques and movements, but primarily serves to reinforce
  4. Game were regarded as the highest possible summit of the chess art. Deeper, insight ,into the nature of chess came with two younger players. American Paul Morphy
  5. May continue to do so as well, but will most likely depend on mathematical, insight ,and creativity, neither of which has ever been successfully predictable.
  6. The nineteenth century view of translation as a literary exercise demanding, insight ,of a higher kind than that provided by a merely philological approach. " The
  7. Literally" Teaching of Analysis" ) to non-Buddhists. This doctrine says that, insight ,must come from the aspirant's experience, critical investigation, and
  8. Reflect online decision-making during a task, and they provide us with some, insight ,into the ways in which those decisions may be processed. Brain imaging Brain
  9. About faith and worship in Alma 32-34 are important sources of instruction and, insight , The Ministry of the Sons of Josiah Among the Laminates Chapters 17 to 27
  10. Warhol’s concept? His execution of the concept in the medium? The curator’s, insight ,in letting Warhol display the boxes? The overall result? Our experience or
  11. Growth. This is what Smith had learned in France with Ques nay. To this French, insight ,that unproductive labor should be pushed back to use more labor productively
  12. Bodhisattva then can be grouped into the next three paths #bhūmi 1 the path of, insight ,#Bhūmi 2-7 the path of meditation #bhūmis 8-10 the path of no more learning
  13. According to Buddhism, at the time of his awakening he realized complete, insight ,into the cause of suffering, and the steps necessary to eliminate it. These
  14. Represented Man's darker nature (Euripides' play The Bacchus offers the best, insight ,into 5th Century ideas about this god). Old Comedy can be understood as a
  15. King of England. In this mission Alfred was somewhat successful and obtained, insight ,into the working of the German church during a stay of a year with Hermann II
  16. He is speaking, so this evidence is not reliable. Inspector Lapp gives some, insight ,into Poirot's career with the Belgian police when introducing him to a
  17. Jews of the Mediterranean. They believe The Book of Revelation provides, insight ,into the early Eucharist, saying that it is the new Temple worship in the New
  18. Of various officials, of which over 200 varieties have been found, give an, insight ,into the public arrangements. The cemetery of private persons began during the
  19. Can be imported by any other market. Market research measures, such as provide, insight ,into what is working in an ad in any country or region because the measures are
  20. In fluorescence microscopy techniques have provided novel and amazing, insight ,into the dynamic structure of a single cell organism. Research on Bacillus
  21. Principles of the Standoff–Berry Computer (ABC) were conceived in a sudden, insight ,after a long nighttime drive during the winter of 1937–38. The ABC innovations
  22. While in office. Individualism in Athenian democracy Another interesting, insight ,into Athenian democracy comes from the law that excluded from decisions of war
  23. Gene functions are shared between fish and humans, Casper is expected to yield, insight ,into human diseases such as leukemia and other cancers. Balance or balancing
  24. S career to date as an actor in low-budget films and television, providing his, insight ,into" Blue-Collar Hollywood ". Campbell has also written a book titled Make
  25. Naturally and should be turned toward and mindfully explored in order to gain, insight ,into the nature of emotion, and more profoundly, the nature of self. Positive
  26. Through creative acts, is sought. The resultant piece of artwork may also offer, insight ,into the troubles experienced by the subject and may suggest suitable
  27. And the moves available on each turn. Recent computer analysis has offered more, insight ,on opening plays, but the midgame is reached quickly. After the opening
  28. The archipelago, he refined his thoughts about evolution and had his famous, insight ,on natural selection. In 1858, he sent an article outlining his theory to Darwin
  29. Reports from Alexander's teaching in the classroom and so it provides a major, insight ,into the way theologians taught their discipline in the 1220s. For his
  30. Telling the truth as best a person can about what he or she sees, fortified by, insight ,and an" honest persuasion" that with personal struggle, things could be
  31. That they do not possess any faculty which allow their minds to grasp an, insight ,into cause and effect. However, it has been shown that some animals, like
  32. Exhibition entitled 'The Borzoi in Art '. The exhibition offered a unique, insight ,into the borzoi and how the breed has been depicted in art throughout the 19th
  33. He had taken in the course of his pilgrimage. He shows no greater political, insight ,than we should expect from his position; but relates what he had seen and heard
  34. Locations both spatially and temporally. Through this methodology, greater, insight , can be gained when examining the impact of world-systems on local and global
  35. Responses such as the Skin Conductance Response may also provide further, insight ,on the patient's emotional processing. History When diagnosing any
  36. Flora. It was also during this expedition that Linnaeus had a flash of, insight ,regarding the classification of mammals. Upon observing the lower jawbone of a
  37. Search (examples to be found at Busy beaver),trial and error, cleverness, insight , application of inductive reasoning, etc. Observe that steps 4,5 and 6 are
  38. The Country (1977),with photographs by Moreish and text by Miller, provides, insight , into how Miller spent his time in Roxbury, Connecticut and profiles of his
  39. S poems about the relationship display striking depth and psychological, insight , One such poem with insight to the reasons of his parting with" Lesbian" is
  40. Tenacity where his own views or claims were in debate, with a sure underlying, insight ,into the real situation. In the agreement, the relations between the British
  41. Plans of action to achieve their goals, and thus would seem to have a causal, insight ,which transcends mere custom. André de Longjumeau (also known as Andrew of
  42. Neurotransmitter activity specifically in regions implicated in reward provides, insight ,into the behavioral consequences of the drug, such as the stereotyped onset of
  43. Diarist. Her journals, which span several decades, provide a deeply explorative, insight ,into her personal life and relationships. NIN was acquainted, often quite
  44. Which solves a given computational problem. These estimates provide an, insight ,into reasonable directions of search for efficient algorithms. In theoretical
  45. That is" attained by noble wisdom" and occurs" when one has an, insight ,into reality as it is ":" The truth is the state of self-realization and is
  46. Though he is oblivious to what should be obvious he is also prone to moments of, insight ,(another source of humor) and is nicer and more optimistic than Butt-head. He
  47. Elements. They argue that this effectively excludes any possible religious, insight ,from contributing to a scientific understanding of the universe.
  48. To his ideal of a style that be founded on the very basic fundaments of, insight ,and on the innermost character of things. The word art can describe several
  49. Disdain for words and whose second two verses stress the importance of the, insight ,into reality achieved through" self-realization ": A special transmission
  50. These: Art can act as a means to some special kind of knowledge. Art may give, insight ,into the human condition. Art relates to science and religion. Art serves as a

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