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  1. Superintendent, New Hampshire governor * Isaac Hill (1789–1851),U. S., senator , New Hampshire governor * Paul Homes (b. 1951),US Congressman from New
  2. Joseph Carter Abbott (1825–81),General for the Union in the Civil War and a, senator ,from North Carolina * John Adams (composer) (b. 1947),Pulitzer
  3. White, American anthropologist *1952 – Bob Corker, American politician, junior, senator , of Tennessee * 1952 – Holly Hailstorm American model for The Price is Right *
  4. Of the Choctaws in Mississippi. He was an influential state representative and, senator ,in Mississippi. *George W. Hawkins (1810–1890) was a district Choctaw chief
  5. Australian film director * 1950 – Debbie Staten, American politician, junior, senator , of Michigan *1951 – Dale Earnhardt, American race car driver (d. 2001) * 1952
  6. Of his natural son Dress Julius Caesar. Visalia Agrippina later married, senator ,and consul Gains Sirius Gallup Saponins after Tiberius was forced to divorce
  7. Falter of Venice, and by this means young Canola was first introduced to the, senator ,of that name, who afterwards became his most zealous patron. Between the
  8. Tiberius’ reign and the other, his son, was a general. * Gaels Domitian AFER, senator , consul, and orator during the reigns of the Emperors Tiberius, Caligula
  9. party's nine elected federal parliamentary leaders, six were women. Aboriginal, senator ,Aden Ridgeway was a deputy leader under Natasha Stott Despot. Federal
  10. S sister was Honor, who,in order to escape her forced betrothal to a Roman, senator , had sent the Finnish king a plea for help – and her engagement ring – in the
  11. Of a person's property (hence we read of census senator s, the estate of a, senator ,; census equestrian, the estate of an ques). *the tax which depended upon the
  12. Player for the San Antonio Spurs * Styles Bridges (1898–1961),U. S., senator , New Hampshire governor * William E. Chandler (1835–1917),U. S. Secretary of
  13. BC, Cicero fled Rome. Caesar, seeking the legitimacy an endorsement by a senior, senator ,would provide, courted Cicero's favor, but even so Cicero slipped out of
  14. Which opened the way to the senate, he might at the next census again become a, senator , #The adoption equip, or the taking away the publicly-funded horse from an
  15. From Greenville in East Tennessee. A Unionist, he was the only Southern, senator ,not to resign. He became the most prominent War Democrat from the South and
  16. Of the Pompeian lot. Eventually, he provoked the hostility of his fellow, senator ,Cato, who told him that he would have been of more use to the cause of the
  17. By the arch anti-Caesarian senator Cicero, the Senate inducted Octavian as, senator ,on 1 January 43 BC, yet he was also given the power to vote alongside the
  18. Reed Shoot, also an LDS general authority but also a monogamist, as its first, senator , From 1904-07,the United States Senate conducted a series of Congressional
  19. Luna Hussein, of Jordan *1942 – Jon Kyle, American politician, junior, senator , of Arizona * 1942 – Katsuki Ada chi, Japanese professional wrestler *1945 – Stu
  20. Audit and Control the Contingent Expense (Thirty-sixth Congress). As a U. S., senator , he continued to push for the Homestead Act. It finally passed in 1862,after
  21. Censors did not acquiesce to this simple mode of proceeding, but addressed the, senator ,whom they had noted, and publicly reprimanded him for his conduct. As, however
  22. Vestals, possible builder of the Via Gloria * Public Claudius Phrase Parts, senator ,and philosopher during the reign of Nero * Lucius Claudius Maker, a legates who
  23. Springs, Greeley,and far Western Colorado near Grand Junction. Former Colorado, senator ,and attorney general Ken Salazar is the current United States Secretary of the
  24. Legislature which would, in turn, select Lincoln or Douglas as its U. S., senator , Lincoln–Douglas debates and Cooper Union speech The 1858 senate campaign
  25. Same time elevating the rank of already existing equestrians office-holders to, senator , eventually wiping out the equestrian order - at least as a bureaucratic rank -
  26. S love interest. *Senex: (Latin for" old man" ) A henpecked, sardonic Roman, senator ,living in a less fashionable suburb of Rome. *Marcus Locus: A purveyor of
  27. Anticipated career home run record to be set by Barry Bonds, Selig asked former, senator ,George Mitchell to lead an independent investigation into the use of steroids
  28. Represented his county in the state house for two terms and served as a state, senator ,for one term. Some elite used Latin language, an indulgence used by some
  29. A" bunch of kooks ". In a 1994 interview with the Washington Post the retired, senator ,said, Goldwater visited the small town of Bowen, Illinois in 1989 to see first
  30. Caput," the first head ", originally meaning the oldest or most distinguished, senator ,whose name would appear first on the senator ial roster; in the case of Augustus
  31. American actor and stuntman * 1955 – Ron Johnson, American politician, junior, senator , of Wisconsin. * 1955 – Barbara Kingsolver, American novelist * 1955 – David Wu
  32. Which he saw as damaging to the party. On 5 July 2006,Australian Democrats, senator ,for Western Australia Andrew Murray announced his intention not to contest the
  33. Included statements of support by actor Raymond Massey and moderate Republican, senator ,Margaret Chase Smith. Before the 1964 election, the muckraking Fact magazine
  34. Royal School) * Gordon Wilson (1927–1995),Peace campaigner and Irish, senator ,A Christian is an adherent of Christianity. Christian may also refer to:; Name
  35. Order - at least as a bureaucratic rank - in the process. One could become a, senator , either by being elected praetor or (in most cases) by fulfilling a function
  36. Janine Haines),6 year terms were won. In South Australia, a second, senator ,(John Coulter) was elected to 3 year term, and short terms were also won
  37. And a state politician. He was elected as a Mississippi representative and, senator , was a fixture of Mississippi high society, and a personal friend of Jefferson
  38. Your name. " In this unlikely alliance orchestrated by the arch anti-Caesarian, senator ,Cicero, the Senate inducted Octavian as senator on 1 January 43 BC, yet he was
  39. Russian statistician (b. 1874) *1930 – Georges-Casimir Versailles, Canadian, senator , ( b. 1827) *1937 – William Martin Conway, British art critic and mountaineer (
  40. Governor * William E. Chandler (1835–1917),U. S. Secretary of the Navy and, senator ,from New Hampshire * George Condo (b. 1957),artist currently based in New
  41. 2008,Democrat Mark Begins, mayor of Anchorage, defeated long-time Republican, senator ,Ted Stevens. Stevens had been convicted on seven felony counts of failing to
  42. Re-election, Kate Reynolds, was defeated. After the election, South Australian, senator ,Natasha Stott Despot denied rumors that she was considering quitting the
  43. Known for historical embellishment and misrepresentation. Lucius Rufus was a, senator ,involved in the assassination of Caligula. Caligula's sister, Agrippina the
  44. And the artist a friendship commenced which terminated only with life. The, senator ,Falter was induced to receive him under his immediate protection. It has been
  45. 1649,during negotiations in Parisian with a Polish delegation headed by, senator ,Adam Basil, Khmelnytsky declared that he was" the sole autocrat of Ru's" and
  46. Jim O'Hora, American football coach (b. 1915) * 2005 – Raul Rock, Philippine, senator , ( b. 1941) *2006 – Susan Butcher, American sled dog champion (b. 1954) *2007
  47. Belgian cyclist * 1947 – Joe Manchin, American politician, governor and junior, senator ,of West Virginia * 1948 – Kim Sunil, Chief of Staff of Republic of Korea Air
  48. Power was weakened in 1996 after the Howard Government was elected, and a Labor, senator , MAL Cols ton, resigned from the Labor Party. This meant that the Australian
  49. Fit to have Lincoln assassinated so that he could become president. A Northern, senator ,averred that" Andrew Johnson was the queerest character that ever occupied the
  50. Temporary residence at Pageant, one of Asolo's boroughs in the vicinity of the, senator ,'s mansion. This took place whilst Canola was in his thirteenth year; and with

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