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  1. Of Hugh, I, Duke of Burgundy. Henry was made regent of Portugal during the, minority ,of his childish wife, a burdensome county south of Galicia, where Moorish
  2. Chain. A merger takes place in three steps: # Bonuses for majority and, minority ,shareholders. Each player counts his or her stock in the acquired chain. The
  3. In the world, for four months in 1904. Andrew Fisher then formed another, minority ,government 1908–09. At the 1910 federal election, Fisher and Labor became
  4. The dividing line between the two dialects. In the areas inhabited by the Greek, minority , a dialect of Greek that preserves features now lost in standard modern Greek
  5. With Andrew whom he appointed to govern the kingdom during his son's, minority , After his brother's death on 30 September/November 1204,Andrew took over the
  6. James Hansen concludes that:: Without NASA's adoption of this stubbornly held, minority ,opinion in 1962,the United States may still have reached the Moon, but almost
  7. Several times a week to pray the office in common. A small but enthusiastic, minority ,use the Anglican Breviary, or other translations and adaptations of the
  8. Least 15 churches on the island, several of architectural interest. Although a, minority ,on the island, it is an important location to followers of Rastafarian religion
  9. Due to take place in October, and will include questions on ethnicity. However, minority ,groups have sharply criticized Article 20 of the Census law, according to which
  10. Become more affordable. Most amateurs work at visible wavelengths, but a small, minority ,experiment with wavelengths outside the visible spectrum. An early pioneer of
  11. By its rapid growth and success at a national level, first forming a, minority ,government under Chris Watson, the first Labor Prime Minister in the world
  12. The Pacific side of the Americas. Supercontinent From the time of Herodotus a, minority ,of geographers have rejected the three-continent system (Europe, Africa,Asia
  13. Institute estimated that" most abortions in the United States are obtained by, minority ,women" because minority women" have much higher rates of unintended pregnancy
  14. Vietnam and Cambodia, respectively ). The rest of the languages are spoken by, minority ,groups. Ethnologue identifies 168 Austro-Asiatic languages. These are
  15. In the House of Representatives, were now facing a future as a perpetual, minority ,in the Senate and Electoral College against an increasingly powerful North.
  16. Are differences in the rules from state to state. In practice only a dedicated, minority ,regularly attend meetings. Many members only become active during election
  17. Or about 6 % of the population, while the CIA Facebook estimates the Greek, minority ,at 3 % of the total population and the US State Department uses 1.17 % for
  18. 0.1 % Jews,0.05 % Dins, other 0.2 %. Iranian Azerbaijanis are the largest, minority ,in Iran. The CIA World Factbook estimates Iranian Azerbaijanis as comprising
  19. Shareholder, and the player with the second-largest number of shares is the ", minority ," shareholder. If two players tie for majority, they will share both
  20. At the age of seven, inaugurated at Scone on 13 July 1249. The years of his, minority ,featured an embittered struggle for the control of affairs between two rival
  21. As population grew and shifted within the state. The result was a rural, minority ,that dominated state politics until a series of court cases required
  22. Sound was unique to their language. (In fact, it also exists in a few other, minority ,Semitic languages,e.g. Mehdi. ) # In many varieties, ( ) are actually
  23. Samuel Doe takes control of Liberia in a coup d'état, ending over 130 years of, minority ,Americo-Liberian rule over the country. * 1980 – Terry Fox begins his "
  24. On board. *1970 – During the Cambodian Civil War, massacres of the Vietnamese, minority ,results in 800 bodies flowing down the Mekong River into South Vietnam. *1979 –
  25. Most abortions in the United States are obtained by minority women" because, minority ,women" have much higher rates of unintended pregnancy. " Some abortions are
  26. The Russian Far East and Mongolia. Some researchers have speculated that this, minority ,of Haplogroup C3 carriers among the Ainu may reflect a certain degree of
  27. Heroism in combat and behind the lines, and the issues of democracy and, minority ,rights, as well as the notion of an" Empire of Liberty" influencing the world
  28. Was replaced in 1997—until then the government had stated there were no ethnic, minority ,groups. There are many small towns in the southeastern or Hid aka region where
  29. Are claiming even 300,000. Most Western sources put the size of the Greek, minority ,at around 200,000,or about 6 % of the population, while the CIA Facebook
  30. Sector. About 90 percent of Algerians live in the northern, coastal area; the, minority ,who inhabit the Sahara desert are mainly concentrated in oases, although some
  31. Notably in the United Kingdom (Antigua Britons),United States and Canada. A, minority ,of Antigua residents are immigrants from other countries, particularly from
  32. And psychological reasons for the appeal of alternative medicines among that, minority ,using them in lieu of conventional medicine. There are several sociocultural
  33. The center to the fringe of the mainstream, and it is currently a distinctly, minority ,position. By the mid-1930s,the mainstream had more or less absorbed what were
  34. Montenegrins, Serbs,Balkan Egyptians, Roma and Jews. The size of the Greek, minority ,is a contentious issue, with the Albanian government claiming it is only 60,000
  35. One-fourth of the populations of Calgary and Edmonton belong to a visible, minority ,group. Aboriginal Identity Peoples make up 5.8 % of the population, about half
  36. Their Spartan adversaries. The Athenian population remained very much in the, minority ,within the city. A rescue expedition led by the Athenian strategy (general
  37. It on a course toward extinction. The slave states, which had already become a, minority ,in the House of Representatives, were now facing a future as a perpetual
  38. Ideas and develop themes of citizenship. However, though many ethnic, minority ,youth in Germany find the these German identity themes appealing, others view
  39. Until 1931. His mother, Queen Maria Christina, was appointed regent during his, minority , In 1902,on attaining his 16th year, the King assumed control of the state.
  40. Immigrant notions of any real ethnic roots. Indeed, part of the Turkish ethnic, minority ,of Frankfurt views Advanced Chemistry's appeal to the German image as a "
  41. Of 141 seats were won by Labor candidates. In 1899,Anderson Dawson formed a, minority ,Labor government in Queensland, the first in the world, which lasted one week.
  42. Preceded by. 13 Before. 14 Starting et al. (2003) follow a, minority ,opinion (Join 1993) in interpreting the sound of the Middle Korean letter as
  43. Breadth of slave ownership also meant that the leisure of the rich (the small, minority ,who were actually free of the need to work) rested less than it would have on
  44. May have been" inspired by real warrior women ", though this remains a, minority ,opinion among classical historians. Evidence of high-ranking warrior women
  45. From 50,000 in 1960. Of the people that live in the Andaman Islands, a small, minority ,of about 1,000 are indigenous Advises of the Andaman's. The rest are mainly
  46. Style of governance and the beliefs on which it was based were in effect a, minority ,opinion. Those writing in later centuries generally had no direct experience of
  47. A major community in southeastern Anatolia, and are the largest ethnic, minority , Albanians, Arabs,Armenians, Assyrians,Bosnian's, Circassians, Georgians
  48. Vasi-vari, Tregami and Kalasha-ala),are used as native tongue by, minority ,groups across the country and have official status in the regions where they
  49. V was only six years old when he succeeded his father in 1438. During his, minority , Alfonso V was placed under the regency of his mother in accordance with a will
  50. Space Shuttle Enterprise. * 1977 – The Sri Lankan riots of 1977,targeting the, minority ,Sri Lankan Tamil people, begin,less than a month after the United National

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