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  1. A collection of techniques used to make objects from 3D data, usually, layer , upon layer * Amplitude modulation, the technique used for AM radio broadcasting
  2. Remains on the label and the surface. This is cohesive failure. If, however,a, layer ,of paper remains stuck to the surface, the adhesive has not failed. Another
  3. Address Resolution Protocol AARP resolves Applejack addresses to physical, layer , usually MAC, addresses. It is functionally equivalent to ARP. AARP is a fairly
  4. Season lasted from June to September, depositing on the river's banks a, layer ,of mineral-rich silt ideal for growing crops. After the floodwaters had receded
  5. Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) systems use ATM as an intermediate, layer ,between the physical link layer and a Layer 2 protocol like PPP or Ethernet. At
  6. Atoms, but remains less than that of water. Hence, alkanes form the upper, layer ,in an alkane-water mixture. Molecular geometry The molecular structure of the
  7. Can be used to predict failure. In such models, the behavior of the adhesive, layer ,itself is neglected and only the adherents are considered. Failure will also
  8. Of fracture appears in the presence of tensile pre-stresses in the adhesive, layer , * Fracture can also occur in the adherent if the adhesive is tougher than the
  9. He commands his army wielding a huge shield made of seven cow-hides with a, layer ,of bronze. Most notably, Ajax is not wounded in any of the battles described in
  10. Because they were too rocky. The people covered the islands with a shallow, layer ,of seaweed and sand from the ocean. This made it arable. Today, crops are grown
  11. Said they were the remains of her mother-in-law's veil, casting a further, layer ,of doubt on the matter. However, during the tour of Australia in 2006/7,the
  12. Anisotropy; electrical conductivity in one direction (e.g. parallel to a, layer ,), is different from that in another (e.g. perpendicular to a layer ). This
  13. To a layer ),is different from that in another (e.g. perpendicular to a, layer ,). This property is used in the gas and oil exploration industry to identify
  14. Amount of mode I and mode II with a slight dependence on the ratio of the two, layer ,thicknesses. * End notch Fleur tests consist in two bonded beams built-in on
  15. Or Ethernet that use variable sized packets or frames. ATM provides data link, layer ,services that run over a wide range of OSI physical Layer links. ATM has
  16. Have relatively large dry seeds have a dark, crust-like (fructose) outer, layer ,containing the pigment phytomelan. However, some species with hairy seeds (e.
  17. Improved. Why virtual circuits? ATM operates as a channel-based transport, layer , using virtual circuits (VCs). This is encompassed in the concept of the
  18. Is defined as the latitude at which a subsurface salinity minimum or a thick, layer ,of unstratified Subantarctic Mode Water first appears. Still further south lies
  19. Drawn and extruded. Corrosion resistance can be excellent due to a thin surface, layer ,of aluminum oxide that forms when the metal is exposed to air, effectively
  20. And/or workability is more important than strength or hardness. A thin, layer ,of aluminum can be deposited onto a flat surface by physical vapor deposition
  21. Apple Computer's system profiler * Applejack Session Protocol, a session, layer ,protocol used by the Applejack suite of protocols * ASP Linux, Russian Fedora
  22. Climate change, endocrine-disrupting pollutants, destruction of the ozone, layer ,(ultraviolet radiation has shown to be especially damaging to the skin, eyes
  23. Leaves and damp pieces of cloth to ensure heat preservation. Next comes a, layer ,of plenty of soil, thus turning the whole arrangement into a genuine pressure
  24. Underlying IP (without the need for SAR at the data link level) since the OSI, layer ,on which IP operates must provide a maximum transmission unit (| MTU) of at
  25. Because of its fixed 48-byte cell payload, ATM is not suitable as a data link, layer ,directly underlying IP (without the need for SAR at the data link level)
  26. Trauma to the skin, the outer layer often splits or separates from the deeper, layer , or it can tear off completely. It rarely heals without disfiguring scars.
  27. Lay their eggs. Symbiosis with single celled algae that lives in the jelly-like, layer ,of the eggs has evolved several times. The larvae of frogs (tadpoles or
  28. Residents Atmosphere or Atmospheres most commonly refers to: * Atmosphere,a, layer ,of gases around a celestial body, such as: Science Sound Recording * Atmosphere
  29. AppleTalk's Data gram Delivery Protocol corresponds closely to the Network, layer ,of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) communication model. Design The
  30. 1st century BC, Horace refers to the wax abacus, a board covered with a thin, layer ,of black wax on which columns and figures were inscribed using a stylus. One
  31. Collection of techniques used to make objects from 3D data, usually layer upon, layer ,* Amplitude modulation, the technique used for AM radio broadcasting In
  32. Effectively shielded by a few centimeters of air, a piece of paper, or the thin, layer ,of dead skin cells. Even touching an alpha source is usually not harmful
  33. Western countries. The gel's effect is nearly immediate; it also applies a, layer ,over wounds that is said to reduce the chance of any infection. There have been
  34. ADSL) systems use ATM as an intermediate layer between the physical link, layer ,and a Layer 2 protocol like PPP or Ethernet. At these lower speeds, ATM
  35. These electrons. Diode anode In a semiconductor diode, the anode is the P-doped, layer ,which initially supplies holes to the junction. In the junction region, the
  36. Be covered by fractured adhesive. The crack may propagate in the center of the, layer ,or near an interface. For this last case, the cohesive fracture can be said to
  37. Holes to the depleted region, negative dope ions are left behind in the P-doped, layer ,('P' for positive charge-carrier ions). This creates a base negative charge
  38. Apparently in consequence of the removal of the original coating. The first, layer ,spread over the wall of the cavity has been called the" priming ", and upon
  39. Hoe-01. JPG|Abalone Hoe Decorative items The highly iridescent inner nacre, layer ,of the shell of abalone has traditionally been used as a decorative item, in
  40. When the horse is ridden under saddle or suffers trauma to the skin, the outer, layer ,often splits or separates from the deeper layer , or it can tear off completely.
  41. Supplied from the N-doped region, creating a depleted zone. As the P-doped, layer ,supplies holes to the depleted region, negative dope ions are left behind in
  42. Beam (TDCB) specimen. * Peel tests measure the fracture resistance of a thin, layer ,bonded on a thick substrate or of two layer s bonded together. They consist in
  43. Open respiratory pores in a row near the shell's outer edge. The thick inner, layer ,of the shell is composed of nacre or mother-of-pearl, which in many species is
  44. Together. They consist in measuring the force needed for tearing an adherent, layer ,from a substrate or for tearing two adherent layer s one from another. Whereas
  45. Elastic Pamela, which consists of smooth muscle and elastic matrix. The medial, layer ,of the aorta consist of concentric musculoelastic layer s (the elastic Pamela
  46. Then covered in a veneer of small sandstone pieces, which were pressed into a, layer ,of binding mud. These surfacing stones were often placed in distinctive
  47. Tone of the cut stones homogeneous. The fact that sometimes only a thin surface, layer ,of violet color is present in the stone, or that the color is not homogeneous
  48. Temperature throughout the year. Following each individual brick should be a, layer ,of adobe mortar, recommended to be at least an inch thick to make certain there
  49. Course is laid the whole length of the wall, overlapping at the corners on a, layer ,of adobe mortar. Adobe walls usually never rise above two stories because they
  50. It is usually a container format or an audio data format with defined storage, layer , Types of formats It is important to distinguish between a file format and an

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