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  1. In pairs before the leaves in early spring. Almonds begin bearing an economic, crop ,in the third year after planting. Trees reach full bearing after five to six
  2. Independently in the Far East, with rice, rather than wheat, as the primary, crop , Chinese and Indonesian farmers went on to domesticate taro and beans including
  3. Realm. The potato holds a very important role as an internally consumed staple, crop , Maize was also an important crop for these people. However, they were mainly
  4. Inevitable, and that pesticides simply replace good agronomic practices such as, crop ,rotation. Agriculture can both mitigate or worsen global warming. Some of the
  5. Selection and breeding have had enormous effects on the characteristics of, crop ,plants. Plant selection and breeding in the 1920s and 1930s improved pasture (
  6. Roles on western-hemisphere farms. The potato became an important staple, crop ,in Northern Europe. Since being introduced by Portuguese in the 16th century
  7. Now trained to see yellows where crop s are infested, shades of red indicating, crop ,health, black where flooding occurs, and brown where unwanted pesticides land
  8. The plateau. Rain-fed cultivation is widespread, with wheat being the principal, crop , Irrigated agriculture is restricted to the areas surrounding rivers and
  9. Widespread glyphosate usage to iron deficiencies in some crop s, which is both a, crop ,production and a nutritional quality concern, with potential economic and
  10. Then 6000 years ago. It gradually spread across North America and was the major, crop ,of Native Americans at the time of European exploration. Other Mesoamerican
  11. Traditional breeding techniques yielded a more sustainable variety of the same, crop , Electrical energy efficiency on farms Policy Agricultural policy focuses on
  12. Use has increased since 1950 to 2.5 million tons annually worldwide, yet, crop , loss from pests has remained relatively constant. The World Health Organization
  13. With mined rock phosphate, pesticides and mechanization, have greatly increased, crop ,yields in the early 20th century. Increased supply of grains has led to cheaper
  14. Nitrate which made the traditional practice of recycling nutrients with, crop ,rotation and animal manure less necessary. Synthetic nitrogen, along with mined
  15. Rocks. Many of the hollow agates of southwestern Brazil and Uruguay contain a, crop ,of amethyst crystals in the interior. Artists, Uruguay and neighboring
  16. U. S. Southwest. In the Andes region of South America the major domesticated, crop ,was potatoes, domesticated perhaps 5000 years ago. Large varieties of beans
  17. Independent groups (means),e.g. different levels of urea application in a, crop , Typically, however,the one-way ANOVA is used to test for differences among at
  18. Tolerance, eased harvest and improved the taste and nutritional value of, crop ,plants. Careful selection and breeding have had enormous effects on the
  19. As animals, including llamas, alpacas,and guinea pigs. Coca, still a major, crop , was also domesticated in the Andes. A minor center of domestication, the
  20. Seen in the Middle Ages. Although there is a vast and interesting history of, crop ,cultivation before the dawn of the 20th century, there is little question that
  21. May therefore be a promising supplement to other grains. Amaranth grain is a, crop ,of moderate importance in the Himalayas. Leaves, roots,and stems Amaranth
  22. Almonds valued at $1.08 billion in 2003,about 70 % of total California almond, crop , The top 7 almond production countries in 2009 according to FAO
  23. Can be sprayed with glyphosate to control weeds without harming the resistant, crop , Herbicide-tolerant crop s are used by farmers worldwide. Today,92 % of soybean
  24. Coca, despite eradication programs in some countries, remains an important, crop ,for legal local use in a mildly stimulating herbal tea, and,both
  25. A major nutrient source. This system is particularly important in areas where, crop ,production is not feasible because of climate or soil, representing 30-40
  26. Crop nutrient use may also be managed using cultural techniques such as, crop ,rotation or a fallow period. Manure is used either by holding livestock where
  27. Crops include hundreds of varieties of squash and beans. Cocoa was also a major, crop ,in domesticated Mexico and Central America. The turkey, one of the most
  28. Tillage),and cultural practices are used. Cultural practices include, crop ,rotation, culling,cover crop s, inter crop ping,composting, avoidance,and
  29. Low red blood cell count. It is also known among the Valentin as a drought, crop ,(checker). In Lin gala (spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and
  30. Or a fallow period. Manure is used either by holding livestock where the feed, crop ,is growing, such as in managed intensive rotational grazing, or by spreading
  31. As some major Protestant denominations provide help for the poor in the form of, crop ,seeds, farm animals, medical care and education. Health A 2007 survey concluded
  32. Development of new pesticides, yield-sensing technologies, simulation models of, crop ,growth, in-vitro cell culture techniques) * Transformation of primary products
  33. Role as an internally consumed staple crop . Maize was also an important, crop ,for these people. However, they were mainly used for the production of the
  34. Thousands of railcars to move the harvest. As a result, the year's wheat, crop ,from Minnesota never reaches the rest of the country, but instead rots in
  35. Systems rely upon feed from outside the farm, representing the declining of, crop ,and livestock production found more prevalent in OECD member countries. In
  36. Natural Resources in Africa. History Agricultural practices such as irrigation, crop ,rotation, fertilizers,and pesticides were developed long ago, but have made
  37. To insects. These crop s protect plants from damage by insects; one such, crop ,is Starlink. Another is cotton, which accounts for 63 % of US cotton acreage.
  38. Is irregular and occasionally may be less than, leading to severe reductions in, crop ,yields for both rain-fed and irrigated agriculture. Overgrazing has contributed
  39. Techniques are Norman Borlaug. His transformative work brought high-yield, crop ,varieties to developing countries and earned him an unofficial title as the
  40. Herbicide used to kill weeds. Roundup Ready seeds allow the farmer to grow a, crop ,that can be sprayed with glyphosate to control weeds without harming the
  41. And reservoirs. This combined with the invention of a three-field system of, crop ,rotation and the moldboard plow greatly improved agricultural efficiency. In
  42. Who work it. They also wanted village cooperatives to keep the profit from, crop ,sales in local hands, and credit institutions to underwrite needed improvements
  43. Countries. In a 1977 article in Science, amaranth was described as" the, crop ,of the future. " It has been proposed as an inexpensive native crop that could
  44. The island would have been mostly forest until the Neolithic people began, crop ,cultivation. Settlement increased during the Iron Age, and the dispersal of
  45. Reaches the rest of the country, but instead rots in storage; also, the soybean, crop ,is lost, having been reaped too early. *Dan Conway is the middle-aged president
  46. Diplomacy proved a failure as Europe had a surplus of cotton, while the 1860–62, crop , failures in Europe made the North's grain exports of critical importance. It
  47. As" the crop of the future. " It has been proposed as an inexpensive native, crop ,that could be cultivated by indigenous people in rural areas for several
  48. For synthesizing ammonium nitrate represented a major breakthrough and allowed, crop ,yields to overcome previous constraints. In the past century agriculture has
  49. State officials collected taxes, coordinated irrigation projects to improve, crop ,yield, drafted peasants to work on construction projects, and established a
  50. Resort. Nutrient management includes both the source of nutrient inputs for, crop ,and livestock production, and the method of utilization of manure produced by

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