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  1. Timing' Woman" on a wire recorder borrowed by a friend who worked in a music, shop , In 1952,he met Bob Montgomery at Hutchinson Junior High School. They shared
  2. Use the chassis+body model. First it allows the buyer and manufacturer both to, shop ,for the best deal for their needs, rather than having to settle on one fixed
  3. By William Temple, one of England's earliest banjo makers. He opened a, shop ,in London in 1846,and sold banjos with closed backs and up to 7 strings. He
  4. India, Andrée Joséphine Carbon (1898–1976). A co-owner of a dressmaking, shop ,in Paris, she became known as Princess Andrew Aga Khan. She did not convert to
  5. An experienced electrical designer and mechanic at the electrical machine, shop ,of Charles Williams, changed all that. With financial support from Sanders and
  6. And parallel park (a car),). Already existing English words—such as store, shop , dry goods, haberdashery,lumber—underwent shifts in meaning; some—such as, too
  7. To himself as" Your Humble Narrator. " (Having seduced two girls in a music, shop , Alex refers to himself as" Alexander the Large" while ravishing them; this
  8. Studying industrial mass production in their daily work. Heidi became a union, shop ,steward in the aluminum foundry where she worked. Alvin became a millwright and
  9. Played by Emily Firming, the daughter of illustrator Peter Firming),who owned a, shop , However, it did not sell anything: instead, Emily would find lost and broken
  10. Stage to a more commercial endeavor, he and his brother José set up, shop ,in a Santiago de Cuba distillery they bought in 1862; that distillery housed a
  11. Coffee cup that is distributed out of an office, café,or drive-through coffee, shop , This form of advertising was first popularized in Australia, and has begun
  12. They briefly meet an effeminate youth called Joel (in front of a shoemakers, shop ,) whose idea of Batman consists mainly of a fascination with the tight rubber
  13. The Arts: The Center includes galleries, art classes, art studios, and retail, shop , They sponsor the local street fair, The Octagon Arts Festival. Also have the
  14. Of focus, technique,instructors, and politics. For instance: the pottery, shop ,was discontinued when the school moved from Weimar to Essay, even though it
  15. In 1937,he designed and produced his first snowmobile in his small repair, shop ,in Val court, Quebec. Bombardier's technological breakthrough in the design of
  16. Used as cover for mail delivered to the employees of Bletchley Park. The gift, shop ,is a publisher of limited edition first day covers. Funding needs In May 2008
  17. Example" Charlie enters a health spa" or" Charlie works in a pawn, shop , " Chaplin then had sets constructed and worked with his stock company to
  18. Stein Gareth (aka 'Eponymous' ) of Mayhem opened an independent record, shop ,named Helmet (Norwegian for hell) in Oslo. Musicians from Mayhem, Burzum
  19. Advocate's Reference No 2 of 1992 where it was found that a" hold-up" in a, shop ,justified as a joke would still constitute an offense. It is a separate offense
  20. Make a wellness center out of Doyle's repossessed house and a health food/herb, shop ,out of the visitors' center. Meanwhile,Koresh's survivors nurse hopes of
  21. Part of the Museum of Canterbury),together with other characters and Emily's, shop ,window. Most of the stories and songs used in the series are based on folk
  22. A newspaper to be empty, Franklin worked as a typesetter in a printer's, shop ,in what is now the Church of St Bartholomew-the-Great in the Smithfield area of
  23. Of the Latin word Omnibus. The latter name is derived from a hatter's, shop ,which was situated in front of one of the first bus stations in Nantes, France
  24. Section of downtown Brooklyn. The father Gabriele worked at a nearby barber, shop ,at 29 Park Avenue. During this time, Capone was influenced by gangster Johnny
  25. Called Rare Breed, Osbourne having placed an advertisement in a local music, shop ,:" Ozzy Big Needs Gig – has own PA ". The new group was initially named The
  26. Six weeks after Oriole's birth, Tucker closed both Liberty and the book, shop ,and retired with his family to France. In 1913,he came out of retirement for
  27. Emily would find lost and broken things and display them in the window of the, shop , so their owners could one day come and collect them. She would leave the
  28. Of businesses owned or franchised by targeted corporations such as a large Nike, shop ,and many Starbucks windows. The mayor put the city under the municipal
  29. The team was decimated when the American League's new Boston entry set up, shop ,in 1901. Many of the Bean eaters' stars jumped to the new team, which offered
  30. The version with redesigned cards came a month or so later. Soon the little, shop ,became much too small, and they moved to a much larger factory building nearby (
  31. Impact resistance rating to the eyewear. This standard is commonly used for, shop ,glasses, shooting glasses, and many other examples of protective eyewear. Other
  32. And skin necrosis. The Brooklyn Historic Railway Associations (BRA), shop , trolley barn and offices are located in Red Hook, Brooklyn,New York, on the
  33. Progress of the work during construction. They typically review subcontractor, shop ,drawings and other submittals, prepare and issue site instructions, and provide
  34. Depot during the period, and it included a post office, a depot, a blacksmith, shop ,and stable, a couple of general stores, two saloons, a school, a Methodist
  35. Local" old-field" school. In 1781,he worked for a time in a saddle-maker's, shop , Later, he taught school and studied law in Salisbury, North Carolina. In 1787
  36. With his foreman, David Hall, which provided Franklin with half of the, shop ,'s profits for 18 years. This lucrative business arrangement provided leisure
  37. Cinematography, and more. This is not to say that the age of the" one-man, shop ," is gone, as this is still sometimes found in the casual gaming and handheld
  38. His name is probably a variation of Abraham. In Amsterdam, there is a coffee, shop ,named" Abraham. " In the East of Paris, Ricardo Bill built a housing project
  39. Wozniak liked repeating digits and because they originally sold it to a local, shop ,for $500 and added a one-third markup. About 200 units were produced. Unlike
  40. Has grown into a family of companies which offers a variety of products (bake, shop , mail order, creamery,coffee) and services (business education). Flint Ink
  41. Ran Stone Associates until 1957. One of the silversmiths in Arthur Stone's, shop ,was George Porter Blanchard, father of silversmith Porter Blanchard. For more
  42. With total capacity of 500 people, and space for exhibitions. There are 136, shop , spaces at Brasília Airport. The airport is located about from the central area
  43. Popular and oxyacetylene cutting is utilized in nearly every metal fabrication, shop , For use in welding and cutting, the working pressures must be controlled by a
  44. Remodeled to allow for the tenant family and Beatrix’s private studio and work, shop , At last her own person, Beatrix Heels settled into the partnerships that
  45. During this period, such as The Tale of Ginger and Pickles, about the local, shop ,in Near Sacra and The Tale of Mrs. Tittle mouse, a wood mouse, reflect her
  46. Firing the weapon indoors. Before calling the police, Aarseth went to a nearby, shop ,and bought a disposable camera to photograph the body, after re-arranging some
  47. Central one being Forum Aveiro with clothes stores, restaurant zone, a book, shop ,and a cinema. Tourism There are several attractions in the city of Aveiro
  48. Would mend the broken object. The newly mended thing would then be put in the, shop ,window, so that whoever had lost it would see it as they went past, and could
  49. Six weeks after Oriole's birth, Tucker closed both Liberty and the book, shop ,and moved his family to France. * 1913,age 59 — Tucker comes out of retirement
  50. In Atkinson v. HM Advocate wherein the accused was found guilty of assaulting a, shop ,assistant by simply jumping over a counter wearing a ski mask. The court said:

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