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  1. Other Amman, Swiss bridge engineer (d. 1965) *1881 – Gucci Gucci, founder, oh , The House of Gucci. (d. 1953) *1882 – Hermann Brecht, Swiss jurist (d. 1940
  2. Of the Prophet's tribe). The obsequious courtiers naturally replied" You, oh ,Commander of the Faithful! ", but the Caliph said no. Then they suggested
  3. Wee, Timmy! Leary/ Soars through the sky/ Upward and Upward/ Till he's, oh , so, high/ Since this rhyme's for kiddies/ How do we explain/ That Wee Timmy
  4. So that I had nothing outwardly to help me, nor could tell what to do, then, oh , then, I heard a voice which said," There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can
  5. He was later approached about it by another famous lyricist:" I thought, oh ,well, maybe nobody will notice it, but not at all. Two nights after it opened
  6. Yiddish and Hebrew," אוי" is an interjection used as English" oh , my ",", oh , dear ". It is used to express fear, surprise,pain, or exasperation. *In Greek
  7. Of the Chinese version of the hymn" Jerusalem" (" … Bling me my speak, oh ,crowds unfold, bling me my chariot of file … "). Cheese delivered his eulogy
  8. Master Zhang Hung in choosing his words well ... if only the dead could rise, oh ,I could then turn to him for a teacher! " Several things have been named after
  9. Always condescending towards Manuel, excusing his behavior to guests with,", oh , he's from Barcelona. " Basil often displays blatant snobbishness in order to
  10. Respectively. *In Finnish" oi" is used as an expression of reverence, like ", oh ," in English. (" Oh almighty God" ). *In Italian it is used a small variation
  11. There would be a rolling up of a great sermon and 'bow down on bended knees, oh ,Lord and Hail Mary' and it became very much like an opera. " Early career (
  12. To my sad song, For an unhappy mother, your charity. Take pity! And Butterfly –, oh , horrible destiny – will dance for you! And as she used to do, the Geisha will
  13. Varieties for the sake of convenience. In the internet age the use of the term, oh ,can cause certain inconveniences when one is referencing an email address
  14. Has just enough time to say, breathlessly," NO-body expects the Spa ..., oh , bugger. " Before the episode ends. Related sketches Cardinal Ximénez briefly
  15. In phonetics, a vowel is a sound in spoken language, such as English ah! Or, oh ,!, pronounced with an open vocal tract so that there is no build-up of air
  16. Such as Hanna,'they have ', vs. Anna,'year' ), in short interjections (, oh , hi),and in the digraphs ‹ ch › and ‹ GH ›. Some languages, including Czech
  17. Attention. *In Yiddish and Hebrew," אוי" is an interjection used as English ", oh , my "," oh , dear ". It is used to express fear, surprise,pain, or
  18. Scarcity of idiots. " (Use of Weapons) *: IMB:" Good grief yes, heck,yeah, oh ,it's my secular heaven … Yes, I would, absolutely … I haven't done a study
  19. This cake is perfect! ") **recent expressions, used mainly by teenagers:, oh ,Ellen! (" oh crazy" )," en deck relent" (" you've been tricked" ) or
  20. Really good! ") **recent expressions, used mainly by teenagers: oh Ellen! (", oh ,crazy" )," en deck relent" (" you've been tricked" ) or" case" (
  21. Word" OJ! " (or" one! ") is an interjection used as English" oh , my ",", oh , dear ". It is used to express fear, surprise or pain. *According to Nietzsche
  22. And Herr Sinckel-Winckel hard at it on universals and particulars. The latter, oh , So bright—but quell sufferance! Oh, God!! God! " If A loves B"—"There may be a
  23. Subject to frequent breakdowns, and devilishly difficult to repair — but, oh , so clever! " The Jargon File further includes kluge around" to avoid a bug or
  24. The dark side of the soul, the dehumanizing effect of power and dominion.: But, oh , That deep romantic chasm which slanted: Down the green hill athwart a cedar
  25. That Elvira is insane. (Quartet:" Non ti FIDA, o misery – Don't trust him, oh ,sad one" ). As Giovanni leaves, Anna suddenly recognizes him as her father's
  26. Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard - well I think, oh ,bondage, up yours! ", the song could be interpreted as a premonition of the
  27. Secretary, George Costello,“ My wife, Cortelyou, be careful how you tell her, oh ,be careful. ” Czolgosz would have fired again, but he was struck by a bystander
  28. Lets her do that. " Elizabeth, however,did not mind this, commenting,", oh , it's so much easier when Margaret's there—everybody laughs at what Margaret
  29. And bid farewell (quintet: Sent, o Did, che quest paid è rest—"I feel, oh ,God, that my foot is reluctant" ). As the boat with the men sails off to sea
  30. In 2010 featured three new strips, Meebo and UK, Home Invasion, and Uh, oh ,Si Co!. Meet and UK, won with Home Invasion finishing as runner-up, though
  31. Shore as we drub them at sea, so cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing, oh ,soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king. (Chorus sung once ...) Harold
  32. When referring to the numeral 0,British people would normally use bought, oh , or zero, although nil is common in sports scores. Americans use the term zero
  33. Rendering the syllabic n as m before b, m,p, and Romanizing long o as any of, oh , OO or of (e.g. any of Sat oh , Satoo or Stop for 佐藤) is permitted. Details
  34. Delight; variation of an expression more commonly used by the French,", oh ,là! " Which means" yikes! " Or" uh- oh ! " The" Bowie" intent does exist
  35. When a phone or account number is being read aloud, is nearly always pronounced, oh ,in both language varieties for the sake of convenience. In the internet age the
  36. Not a ... (suddenly realizes the situation; slightly embarrassed) Oh ..., oh , sure. " Deforest Kelley himself parodied the phrase for a Trivial Pursuit
  37. Prepositions (all" to" ), conjunctions (key" and" ), interjections (ho ", oh ,"),numerals (Du" two" ), and pronouns (me" I"—The final -I found on
  38. And often theatrically lit.; tant mieux: so much the better.;:" too bad," ", oh ,well,that's tough. "; tense: orange-browm,'rust' color, not commonly used
  39. In triumph: EGL era to Fratelli! /" He was your brother. You are avenged, oh ,mother! " At the same time as Arena, the count screams in despair E Vito
  40. Alive oh - oh 7 7 9 8 7 9 8 7 -8 8 -8 7 Singing Cockles and Mussels alive, oh ,Regular notation Below the sheet music manuscript, there will be the number (
  41. Reduction? It's tempting, but then he's also tempted. And if you both squeal, oh , no,it's four and half years each. So perhaps you should cooperate – but wait
  42. Russian, the word" OJ! " (or" one! ") is an interjection used as English ", oh , my "," oh , dear ". It is used to express fear, surprise or pain. *According
  43. Last sentence first, so I always read your last sentence first. ’ And I said, ‘, oh , no,you're not supposed to do that. ’" *" Ted Seabrook, my wrestling coach
  44. Nil is common in sports scores. Americans use the term zero most frequently;, oh ,is also often used (though never when the quantity in question is nothing)
  45. The attention of the listener and to invite a supportive noise such as mm or, oh ,or okay. This usage is also common in Queensland, Australia. Other uses of eh –
  46. Beam! /" To you, we drink" and Errant pesos! /" Errant, so gloomy? Why, oh ,strong one, does care sit on your brow? "). Errant replies (Recitative: "
  47. Would react as if awoken by the elbow) to join him on the chorus:: :"Where, oh ,where, are you tonight?: :Why did you leave me here all alone?: :I searched the
  48. Just right by you. And then he'd come up and throw you a change of pace and, oh , man. " Puerto Rico: 1939–40 Paige arrived in Puerto Rico in late October, four
  49. Cried" I do prey, is the road:: Out to Gingham on here, by the Mead? ": An' ", oh , Ees," I Meade answer, an ' show'd:: Her the way it would turn an' would
  50. Use the terms double followed by the repeated number. Hence, 007 is double, oh ,seven. Exceptions are the emergency telephone number 999,which is always nine

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