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  1. Indicated by #include. This causes the preprocessor—the first tool to, examine ,source code as it is compiled—to substitute the line with the entire text of
  2. County in west of Ireland. The study draws together many strands to, examine ,current energy supply and demand within the area of study, and assesses these
  3. Such as the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw found Ibsen's willingness to, examine ,society without prejudice exhilarating. In Germany, the production's lead
  4. A mixture (quantitative analysis),and to break down chemical processes and, examine ,chemical reactions between elements of matter. For an example of its use
  5. The correct view of providence lies with Elite, who teaches Job that one must, examine ,his religion (). This view corresponds with the notion that" the only worthy
  6. The atmosphere. Many scientists are now involved in new fields of study that, examine ,interactions between biotic and abiotic factors in the biosphere, such as
  7. Part of the scientific literature on consciousness consists of studies that, examine ,the relationship between the experiences reported by subjects and the activity
  8. Simply because few people outside the parochial schools had the education to, examine ,the Arabic-derived works. Also, alchemy at this time was sanctioned by the
  9. Even if everything else about the artwork remains the same. Next, you might, examine ,how the materials in each artwork have become an arrangement of shapes, colors
  10. And working practices in the national and regional museums. * A commitment to, examine ,the potential for using Museum Accreditation as a more effective driver for
  11. Enjoyment of a beautiful view, as in the classic conception, but rather to, examine ,an instant of sublimity, a reunion with the spiritual self through the
  12. Of molecules (although much of the physics is identical) nor does it, examine ,atoms in a solid state as condensed matter. It is concerned with processes such
  13. Diagnosis. In order to determine which pattern is at hand, practitioners will, examine ,things like the color and shape of the tongue, the relative strength of
  14. The first edition of. During his time at Hartekamp, he had the opportunity to, examine ,several monkeys and noted similarities between them and man. He pointed out
  15. In the industrialized world during the 20th century compelled the church to, examine ,issues of gender, sexuality and marriage. These changes led to Lambert
  16. Advantage program meets the needs of students, faculty,and staff and to, examine ,how the role of technology in the postsecondary environment has changed at
  17. Sun has been precisely measured by satellites. Climate models have been used to, examine ,the role of the sun in recent climate change. Models are unable to reproduce
  18. Through laboratory protocols, sometimes used as a selectable marker to, examine ,the mechanisms of gene transfer or to identify individuals that absorbed a
  19. Medical Association in 1988. The second phase of the project continued to, examine ,and compare dioxin levels in various groups of Vietnam veterans, including Army
  20. Artworks. How would you proceed with your task? One way to begin is to, examine ,the materials each artist selected in making an object, image video, or event.
  21. Into place with more adobe. For a deeper understanding of adobe, one might, examine ,a cob building. Cob, a close cousin to adobe, contains proportioned amounts of
  22. By Marshall Sailing (again),who drew on Lévi-Strauss and Fernand Branded to, examine ,the relationship between social structure and individual agency. Also
  23. Enzyme inhibitors of ATP-dependent enzymes such as kinases are needed to, examine ,the binding sites and transition states involved in ATP-dependent reactions.
  24. Trees. Iteration Often, one wishes to visit each of the nodes in a tree and, examine ,the value there, a process called iteration or enumeration. There are several
  25. Over the past two decades. A different approach to brain function is to, examine ,the consequences of damage to specific brain areas. Even though it is protected
  26. One way to trace this decline of the continue and its figured chords is to, examine ,the decline of the term obbligato, meaning a mandatory instrumental part in a
  27. Famine in Egypt in 597 AH (1200 AD),he had the opportunity to observe and, examine ,many skeletons. This was one of the earliest examples of a
  28. Before decaying to boron-10. Thus,10Be and its daughter products are used to, examine ,natural soil erosion, soil formation and the development of lateritic soils
  29. Or locally injected chemicals to produce precise patterns of damage and then, examine ,the consequences for behavior. Computational neuroscience encompasses two
  30. Mine protected vehicle),a military vehicle that allows its operator to, examine ,land mines safely * Buffalo or Water Buffalo, British designation for Landing
  31. By family, friends or EMS. The Glasgow Coma Scale is a helpful system used to, examine ,and determine the depth of coma, track patients progress and predict outcome as
  32. Later writers, such as Aristotle, Cicero and Plutarch, would, examine , designs for government from a legal and historical standpoint. The Renaissance
  33. Bill Jenkinson's 2006 book, The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs, attempts to, examine ,each of Ruth's 714 career home runs, plus several hundred long inside-the-park
  34. Enjoyment of a beautiful view, as in the classic conception, but rather to, examine ,an instant of sublimity, a reunion with the spiritual self through the
  35. On the ground from Brussels, the inmates of which, alighting,proceeded to, examine ,the field ". Image: Denier QG Napoleon. JPG|Napoleon last H. Q. (Museum-)
  36. High Speed 2 project, establishing a company to produce a feasibility study to, examine ,route options and financing for a new high speed railway in the UK. This study
  37. By electrophoresis, and in immunohistochemistry or immunofluorescence to, examine ,protein expression in tissue sections or to locate proteins within cells with
  38. Machine code is usually easy to translate into assembly language and carefully, examine ,in this form, but very difficult to translate into a higher-level language.
  39. Whom),and Receiver. Wilbur Scram (1954) also indicated that we should also, examine ,the impact that a message has (both desired and undesired) on the target of
  40. By violating an agreement that would have allowed Navy engineers to, examine ,the effects of various munitions: Mitchell's airmen disregarded the rules, and
  41. Molecular dynamics (MD) uses Newton's laws of motion to, examine ,the time-dependent behavior of systems, including vibrations or Brownian motion
  42. Of the Windsor Report, Williams has recently established a working group to, examine ,the feasibility of an Anglican covenant which would articulate the conditions
  43. Them during his extensive surveys of British megalithic sites. Them wished to, examine ,whether prehistoric peoples used high-accuracy astronomy. He believed
  44. Took the four-roll Lanka Supra, handed it over to Hooke, and said:" When I, examine ,the land of China, it is clear that there is only this supra. If you rely on it
  45. Nazarene. In the first nine months he and his wife had about 2,000 patients to, examine , some travelling many days and hundreds of kilometers to reach him. In addition
  46. Canada. The Royal Commission on Transportation was formed December 29, 1948,to, examine ,transportation services to all areas of Canada to eliminate economic or
  47. Or singing the written text or play. Most early sources in the West that, examine ,the art of acting (, hypokrisis) discuss it as part of rhetoric. Definition
  48. That would become his favorite. He sometimes dismounted on the way to, examine ,a flower or rock and was particularly interested in mosses and lichens, the
  49. Types of molecules are present in high concentrations. It is also possible to, examine ,the microstructure of brain tissue using a microscope, and to trace the pattern
  50. As its right or left child, depending on the node's value. In other words, we, examine , the root and recursively insert the new node to the left subtree if the new

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