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  1. Was some concern that warm northern European currents were slowing down, but no, scientific ,consensus formed from that evidence. On June 7,2006,Florida's wildlife
  2. Of Azerbaijanis have obtained some form of higher education, most notably in, scientific ,and technical subjects. In the Soviet era, literacy and average education
  3. Society. The first known formal use of the term astronautics in the, scientific ,community was the establishment of the annual International Astronautical
  4. The works of Henri Poincaré, Ernst Mach, and David Hume, which influenced his, scientific ,and philosophical outlook. Academic career In 1901,Einstein had a paper on the
  5. And added the use of observations, experimentation,and conclusions in making, scientific ,evaluations. Grossest also did much work to bridge Platonic and Aristotelian
  6. As given, which held back science in this epoch. However,Aristotle's, scientific ,shortcomings should not mislead one into forgetting his great advances in the
  7. Race" to develop the bomb, drawing on its" immense material, financial,and, scientific ,resources" to initiate the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to
  8. Found in it, mainly with portable telescopes and binoculars. Even though, scientific ,research is not their main goal, many amateur astronomers make a contribution
  9. Works of this period included important novels on the dehumanizing aspects of, scientific ,progress, most famously Brave New World, and on pacifist themes (for example
  10. Known as" Weber" in Europe) introduced a new approach to alchemy, based on, scientific ,methodology and controlled experimentation in the laboratory, in contrast to
  11. Devices, like clocks and thermometers. His writings provide an account of many, scientific ,observations, a mixture of precocious accuracy and curious errors. For example
  12. For the sciences and the arts to free themselves for the discovery of modern, scientific ,laws and empirical methods. The medieval English poet Chaucer describes his
  13. Better known for his studies of gases (cf. Boyle's law) pioneered the, scientific ,method in chemical investigations. He assumed nothing in his experiments and
  14. Of the term science carries a different meaning than that covered by the term ", scientific ,method ". For Aristotle," all science (Diana) is either practical
  15. Should not mislead one into forgetting his great advances in the many, scientific ,fields. For instance, he founded logic as a formal science and created
  16. Such as the Odin force, but his research did not enter the mainstream of, scientific ,discussion. In the nineteenth century revival of alchemy, the two most seminal
  17. Light spectrum emitted from astronomical objects, which can yield high-quality, scientific ,data if the measurements are performed with due care. A relatively recent role
  18. Produce higher-quality products with a reduced environmental impact. Intensive, scientific ,research and robust investment in modern agriculture during the past 50 years
  19. Different forms and serve many purposes. Although the application of, scientific ,knowledge to derive a new scientific theory involves skill and results in the "
  20. New Jersey, until his death in 1955. Einstein published more than 300, scientific , papers along with over 150 non- scientific works. His great intelligence and
  21. And Christianity. Aquinas also did a great deal of work in developing the, scientific ,method. He even went as far as claiming that universals could be discovered
  22. Moon with sufficient resolution to see the descent stages of the lunar modules, scientific ,instruments, and foot trails made by the astronauts. Mission insignia The patch
  23. Then that which Aristotle used to support his laws. Aristotle also had some, scientific ,blind spots. He posited a geocentric cosmology that we may discern in
  24. Awards for significant contributions to astronomy by amateurs. The majority of, scientific ,contributions by amateur astronomers are in the area of data collection. In
  25. And philosopher Viscount Haldane in London, where he met several renowned, scientific , intellectual and political figures, and delivered a lecture at King's College.
  26. List a few. At the same time, anthropologists urge, as part of their quest for, scientific ,objectivity, cultural relativism, which has an influence on all the subfields
  27. The interpretive distortion on the part of the popular mind of his attempted, scientific ,explanation of pederasty as a personal advocacy of a phenomenon Schopenhauer
  28. Categorized under several large groups and a multitude of subgroups. The true, scientific ,research of the Azerbaijani carpet is connected with the name of Latin Period
  29. Of the universe' from simple observation and over-stretched reason. Today's, scientific ,method assumes that such thinking without sufficient facts is ineffective, and
  30. 1608),better known for his role as astrologer, cryptographer,and general ", scientific ,consultant" to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee was considered an authority on the works
  31. Tends to exclude empirical study of the natural world by means of the, scientific ,method. In contrast,Aristotle's philosophical endeavors encompassed virtually
  32. This article. A more complete list of his publications may be found at List of, scientific ,publications by Albert Einstein. * This annus mirabilis paper on the
  33. And E = mc2 that Albert Einstein published in the Annalena her Physic, scientific ,journal in 1905. These four works contributed substantially to the foundation
  34. Events, or eras. The social sciences have generally attempted to develop, scientific ,methods to understand social phenomena in a generalizable way, though usually
  35. Understanding in eighteenth century Germany. In the United States,a, scientific ,revolution in agriculture began with the Hatch Act of 1887,which used the term
  36. His times at the Academy and the Lyceum, Aristotle conducted most of the, scientific ,thinking and research for which he is renowned today. In fact, most of
  37. Or the MMR vaccine for causing autism. Although these theories lack convincing, scientific ,evidence and are biologically implausible, Mechanism Autism's symptoms result
  38. Disintegration to convert nitrogen into oxygen. From then on, this sort of, scientific ,transmutation is routinely performed in many nuclear physics-related
  39. Produced many fine Islamic architectural monuments as well as numerous, scientific ,and literary works. Ba bur, a descendant of both Timur and Genghis Khan, arrived
  40. US. ),642 in the check-list of Britain and Ireland, and so on, but lacking any, scientific ,basis or reliable sources, these numbers have no more credibility than the
  41. Main goal for many amateur astronomers, unlike professional astronomy. Work of, scientific ,merit is possible, however,and many amateurs successfully contribute to the
  42. Producer in the world) and olives. Science and technology Expenditure for, scientific ,research and Development in Albania does not exceed 0.18 % of GDP, which marks
  43. Censure of which alchemy was being subjected, academic writers during the, scientific ,Enlightenment attempted, for the sake of survival, to separate and divorce the
  44. Strengthening of democracy; preservation of the ethnic and religious tolerance;, scientific , educational and cultural policy and preservation of moral values; economic and
  45. Future scientist and philosopher in his debt through his contributions to the, scientific ,method. Despite these achievements, the influence of Aristotle's errors is
  46. Human anatomy, including gross human anatomy and histology, is primarily the, scientific ,study of the morphology of the adult human body. In line with modern teaching
  47. Contradictions. Robert Grossest (1170–1253) was a pioneer of the, scientific ,theory that would later be used and refined by the alchemists. He took Abelard
  48. Little question that the work of Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel created the, scientific ,foundation for plant breeding that led to its explosive impact over the past
  49. Of 1917 shifted agricultural education back to its vocational roots, but the, scientific ,foundation had been built. After 1906,public expenditures on agricultural
  50. Alternative therapies and interventions are available, few are supported by, scientific ,studies. Treatment approaches have little empirical support in quality-of-life

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