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  1. Went to his study to take a nap before preparing an important speech he was to, deliver ,the next day in the Congress. His wife went to wake him at 23:00 as he had
  2. 1 GHz range. Yields on the new process exceeded expectations, permitting AMD to, deliver ,high speed chips in volume in March 2000. General architecture Internally, the
  3. Tickets and supermarket receipts. Any place an" identified" sponsor pays to, deliver ,their message through a medium is advertising. Digital advertising; Television
  4. Leaders, and judge the worthiness of members for service. The bishop does not, deliver ,sermons at every service (generally asking members to do so),but is expected
  5. Vessels from Spain and France. There are talks with the German government to, deliver ,some 12 navy fast speed vessels for sea border protection. The Air Force /Air
  6. Ground bursts because they deliver a greater proportion of useful fragments and, deliver ,them into terrain where a prone soldier would be protected from ground bursts.
  7. Teams were African-Americans, many more were Latin Americans from nations that, deliver ,some of the greatest talents that make up the major league rosters of today.
  8. Spears's audition that" It's very rare to hear someone that age who can, deliver ,emotional content and commercial appeal. ... For any artist, the motivation—the
  9. Biomolecules and synthetic devices (for example emptied viral caps ids that can, deliver ,gene therapy or drug molecules). Badminton is a racquet sport played by either
  10. Of these could arrive in the 15-second window. *burst fire, a rate of fire to, deliver ,three rounds from each gun within 10 or 15 seconds, this reduces the number of
  11. Velocities and shorter barrels than equivalent guns. All this means they can, deliver ,fire with a steep angle of descent. Because of their multi-charge capability
  12. Mission or tactical avionics Military aircraft have been designed either to, deliver ,a weapon or to be the eyes and ears of other weapon systems. The vast array of
  13. Complete blindness around the age of 30. The study used a common cold virus to, deliver ,a normal version of the gene called RPE65 directly into the eyes of affected
  14. Routed through the tactical and technical fire control elements to, deliver ,firing data to the gun's laying system and the gun automatically laid. As
  15. Targetable Reentry Vehicle (MIRV) system, allowing a single ICBM to, deliver ,as many as ten separate warheads at a time. This way, any ABM defense system
  16. In Sweden),a 155 mm howitzer on a wheeled chassis claiming to be able to, deliver ,up to 7 shells on target simultaneously from the same gun. The 120 mm twin
  17. Ministers (also known as chalice bearers) and lay Eucharistic visitors (who, deliver ,consecrated bread and wine to" shut-ins" or members of the parish who are
  18. Which is among the longest AC-cables in Europe. This cable is capable to, deliver ,all power consumed on Bornholm. However, Bornholm also generates its own power
  19. The contract (previously agreed between sponsor and manufacturer),and, deliver ,final payment. User acceptance testing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a
  20. Times of flight. Smaller caliber guns, such as 105 mm, have always been able to, deliver ,three rounds in 15 seconds, larger calibers firing fixed rounds could also do
  21. Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,Sweden, in 2002; invited in 2003 to, deliver ,the keynote address of the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Institute of Technology
  22. 5 is, as a part of Ariane rocket family, an expendable launch system used to, deliver ,payloads into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) or low Earth orbit (LEO).
  23. Textured 3D renderings, but processing was slow, and Atari's failure to, deliver ,a machine with a math coprocessor had Hudson and Most looking towards the PC as
  24. Year Apple would be attending the Mac world Expo, and that Phil Schiller would, deliver ,the 2009 keynote in lieu of the expected Jobs. Almost exactly one month later
  25. Of three lakhs of rupees and ninety elephants. Besides, the king had to, deliver ,his only child and daughter Reimann Aboard, as well as his niece, the daughter
  26. S attack. With the French flanks busy, Marlborough could cross the Rebel and, deliver ,the fatal blow to the French at their center. However, Marlborough would have
  27. Vast supplies of munitions, as well as railroads (and telegraph lines) to, deliver ,the goods. The war demonstrated how integral the industries were to American
  28. Daughter to worship at a Presbyterian church. He also prepared (but did not, deliver ,) an address to St. Andrews in which he professed a belief in" an Infinite and
  29. Ability to reach specific audiences. In the past, the most efficient way to, deliver ,a message was to blanket the largest mass market audience possible. However
  30. The navy acquired new boats from Spain and France in the 1990s. Germany will, deliver ,Fast Attack Craft for border protection from 2011. ** Hershey class torpedo
  31. Rowdy noises made off-stage (alarms or alarms) while actors walk on-stage, deliver ,their lines, and exit. To build anticipation for the duel, Shakespeare requests
  32. Ha-Kanah, the literal rendering of which is“ O God, with thy mighty right hand, deliver ,the unhappy people,” forming from the initial and final letters of the words
  33. AAIB for 10 Durham, then Abu Bakr said to 'AAIB," Tell your son the Barry to, deliver ,that beast. " Then 'AAIB said," No, until you tell us about your journey with
  34. Are much more lethal against personnel than ground bursts because they, deliver ,a greater proportion of useful fragments and deliver them into terrain where a
  35. Severe losses due to sharp disfavor with the administration over its failure to, deliver ,a speedy end to the war, as well as rising inflation, new high taxes, rumors of
  36. 1985,the delay gave Atari, with its many former Commodore engineers, time to, deliver ,the first Atari ST units in June 1985. In March 1987,the two companies settled
  37. To attack and allot fire units to the attack; *Production of firing data – to, deliver ,fire from a fire unit onto its target; *Fire units: guns, launchers or mortars
  38. Germany). They were joined by the Spanish CASA in 1971. Each company would, deliver ,its sections as fully equipped, ready-to-fly items. In 1972 the A300 made its
  39. Therefore, to practice aikido with their partner, students must learn to, deliver ,various types of attacks. Although attacks are not studied as thoroughly as in
  40. The police, admits that she hopes for one miracle - for a hero who can come and, deliver ,the town from the madness (“ There Won't Be Trumpets” ). Cora arrives at the
  41. Due to the runner's own efforts, generally while the pitcher is preparing to, deliver ,or deliver ing the ball * Caught stealing: times tagged out while attempting to
  42. For this launch was. On 9 March 2008,the first Ariane 5 ES-ATV was launched to, deliver ,the first ATV called Jules Verne to the International Space Station. The ATV
  43. ANSI announced a product and services agreement with Citation Technologies to, deliver ,all ISO Standards on a web-based platform. Through the ANSI-Citation
  44. The improvements to the solid motor casing and an uprated Vulcan engine would, deliver ,to LEO. This would be developed for any lunar missions but the performance of
  45. Discovered the original Amiga contract, which required Amiga Corporation to, deliver ,the Lorraine chipset to Atari on June 30, 1984. Amiga Corp. had sought more
  46. Spears's audition that" It's very rare to hear someone that age who can, deliver ,emotional content and commercial appeal. ... For any artist, the motivation—the
  47. Missiles (a missile for missile defense). A ballistic missile is used to, deliver ,nuclear, chemical,biological or conventional warheads in a ballistic flight
  48. Festival * In June 2011,the BBC announced that Sung San Sub FYI was to, deliver ,the 2011 Reith Lectures. The BBC covertly recorded two lectures with Sung San
  49. By the Mayor, followed by three weeks of lectures and receptions. He went on to, deliver ,several lectures at Columbia University and Princeton University, and in
  50. Actors (a fourth actor, often the leader of the chorus, was permitted to, deliver ,short speeches). Songs and addresses to the audience by the Chorus gave the

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